Hoor Al Khaja: The tourism sector is attractive to national staff

The young woman from the Emirates, Hoor Al Khaja, Vice President Vice President for International Operations at the Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism, described working in the tourism sector as attractive to local staff, noting that the most distinctive feature of working in this sector is that the employee gains great experience in a short time.

In her dialogue with Vision, Hoor confirmed that the UAE has demonstrated its great ability to meet all the challenges posed by the pandemic, as it has launched a series of initiatives that have enabled it to maintain its global position. as a major and favorite destination. for millions of visitors.

She stressed that Dubai is taking rapid steps in the field of targeting new tourism markets, noting that the department has a working team whose main task is to inspect all sites and search engines used by the pioneers of the sites. social networks, as well as to follow up on the most requested activities by the segments and categories of pioneers of these countries, noting that the mission of this team is to intervene in time by displaying attractive keywords to increase the curiosity of those seeking new and unique tourist experiences and options to visit Dubai.

In her interview with “Vision”, she stressed her pride in working in a government department that plays an important role in promoting tourism in Dubai, through communication and managing relations with travel agencies and international trade, emphasizing that The UAE has given women and young people great support, which made them reach their position today..

I started working with the Department of Economy and Tourism in Dubai in 2013, how would you describe this experience? Is working in this sector attractive for young people from the Emirates?

At the outset I want to emphasize that work in any sector or area in which one has to face some challenges and difficulties, but must find a way and method to face them to overcome them, in order to be able. to achieve the desired goals of the work it occupies.

Often, we suggest ideas that support our projects and ideas to implement them and that senior management find acceptance, guidance and support for work management because they have enough experience and knowledge for similar experiences. a working team from all relevant departments, responsible for all relevant market marketing operations and specialized in providing a comprehensive view and vision of updated information on Dubai.

The 360 ​​project management system is considered as one of the most efficient systems we have seen its effectiveness in project management, especially marketing, as it is a guide and reference that documents all the complete data of the target destination, and here I mean. certainly marketing in Dubai with the best that can be offered to those seeking excellence, uniqueness and wonderful experiences..

I would also like to emphasize that working in the tourism sector is attractive to national staff, as the employee gains extensive experience, in a short time, especially, and that the department provides employees with the right environment and focuses on their skills. skills and strengths and helps them in their employment and development in an optimal way, which gives the employee the right opportunity and the job role he deserves, so I find myself an important part of this important sector for Dubai and its economy..

Here, I want to thank the senior management of the department for the continuous support to all its employees, as it encourages the presence of male and female national staff in the various jobs available to them and gives them the opportunity to learn, develop. and gain experience in an important sector of Dubai’s economy.

As a young woman from the Emirates who holds the post of Assistant to the President, within a government that values ​​women and believes in their unlimited potential and ambition, what do you tell us about this aspect?

Being a young woman from the UAE is a great honor and pride for me, and a motivation and motivation to always offer the best for my country, the UAE, especially since the people of the UAE are always in the spotlight of the world as a result. of the support given by our wise government to the women of the Emirates and their support to achieve their ambitions and dreams, especially in equality and equal opportunities between men and women to participate in the process of sustainable development.

Here, I would like to quote the words of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai: “Our mission is to provide an environment that unleashes the potential of women – an environment that protects their dignity. and femininity, and helps them find the necessary balance in their lives. ” Her talents and abilities are valued. If we manage to provide this environment, I am confident that the woman will do wonders.. “

How would you describe Dubai’s experience in dealing with the pandemic? And what steps have you taken, as Assistant to the President for International Operations, in communicating with foreign markets in light of pandemic restrictions?

Undoubtedly the pandemic affected various vital sectors in all countries of the world, but the UAE, and Dubai in particular, took a proactive and flexible approach and launched a series of initiatives that enabled it to maintain its global position as a major destination and favorite. for millions of visitors, through our placement in the International Operations Department and our Dubai Tourism foreign offices organized interactive virtual seminars and meetings, during which we managed to attract more than 60,000 participants from travel agents, tour operators, conferences and exhibitions, and participation of a wide range of strategic partners, especially Emirates Airlines and Expo 2020 Dubai, as well as the employment of visual communication technology to support promotional activities and the review of strict preventive measures that contributed to the recovery of various sectors in the country, the resumption of tourism activities , tourist reception preparations, business events and the various offers and experiences available..

Virtual seminars were also shown to be effective and were ideal alternatives to the programs we had planned, including visitation programs, information tours, and trade fairs that were prevented by the pandemic (Covid-19)..

What are the criteria for targeting markets?

Dubai is taking rapid steps in this area, as it has a team whose main task is to inspect all the sites and search engines used by the pioneers of social networking sites, as well as to follow the most requested activities by segments and categories. by the pioneers of these countries.

This team works to intervene in a timely manner and display appealing keywords to arouse curiosity in those seeking new experiences and options to learn more about the destination and purpose of the visit. For example, words are presented, medical tourism in Dubai, marine activities and sports, desert tours, family tourism, whatever. The purpose of the visit was, that here, our role begins to guide them and provide them with the necessary information and to start recommending the current visit to Dubai to get acquainted with it. and everything it offers for different categories of tourists, emphasizing that it suits all levels, as well as reviewing its competitive capabilities in the hospitality and hospitality sector.

We also offer a comprehensive overview of events and happenings held in Dubai throughout the year, as well as focus on highlighting the emirate’s tourism capabilities and various recreational facilities and destinations..

You have recently launched the My City Expert website to enhance the experiences of visitors and residents in Dubai, in collaboration with dnata. Tell us about it and what makes it special?

My City Expert website is one of the latest services launched by Dubai Economy and Tourism, in collaboration with one of our most important strategic partners represented by dnata Travel Group, to offer residents and visitors an access to cloud to know Dubai..

It was designed as a “travel companion” for users in Dubai, allowing real-time bookings for a group of over 1200 tours, attractions and unique experiences..

The theme enables users to communicate directly with experts residing in Dubai to get recommendations or to organize itineraries through the most important local attractions or to visit any of the hidden gems that meet their requirements, in addition to the concierge service in internet, where this service is available. to support cruise passengers with booking tours and attractions while anchoring in the city by offering kiosks in the port of Dubai.

As part of your work and reception from media delegations, tourism and travel agents, and commercial agencies, what do you offer them? What do you expect from their visit and their coverage of all the informative tours in Dubai ?!

Dubai is interested in many markets around the world and offers delegations or media professionals visiting Dubai all the facilities from the moment of their arrival until their departure, including accommodation, transportation, round trip and all tournaments and activities that the delegation wishes to do. participate and cover.

They are also provided with information about the city and the presentation of the latest destinations and newly opened accommodations. In return, the role of the delegation or the media is to cover his visit to Dubai and recommend Dubai as an ideal option to visit, stop, explored. and enjoy various tourism experiences, and publish it through social media managed by his employer, or publish it through his personal account as an influencer and has followers who are influenced by advice, recommendations and positive feedback..

On a personal level, where do you see yourself in the next ten years?

None of us can predict the future, but I, Hur, the daughter of the Emirates, who performs her duties to the maximum, will continue, the love for the homeland and work will remain the basis of development that everyone seeks at all times and country..

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