Accident News Two girls were killed in an accident in Old Cairo .. and a 3 6.3 million resting place was seized

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Accident News Two girls lost their lives in an accident in Old Cairo..Today, Friday, June 3, 2022, at 22:07.

In recent hours, the Incidents Department has published a series of important news and issues that topped the news coverage list, the most prominent of which are:

Two girls dead and one injured in motorcycle-truck collision in Old Cairo

Two girls in their thirties were killed and another injured in a car-motorcycle collision at the top of the road in the Old Cairo region.

“Omar – Barq – Auf” … Special metal plates enter the competition and prices start from 100 thousand pounds.

The competition for the sale with the highest price entered the distinguished metal plates and the prices start from 100 to 150 thousand pounds, while the offer is predicted to close in the following hours.

And the names “Omar – Barq – Auf” topped the list of paintings that entered the competition and included “A and 6666” worth 100,000 pounds, “Hea A 5555” worth 100,000 pounds, “Help 111″ worth 85,000 pounds, ” L and 6666 “” Br Q. 6666 “worth 145 thousand pounds,” Br Q. 1111 “worth 145 thousand pounds,” Am R 4441 “worth 95 thousand pounds,” AC 8888 “worth 100 thousand pounds,” NC “A 111” for 125 thousand pounds.

Six people were injured in a collision on the Cairo-Alexandria agricultural road in Qalyoub

Traffic was interrupted on the Cairo-Alexandria Agricultural Road in front of the Mit Halfa crossing in the city of Qalyub, due to the collision of a number of cars, resulting in the injury of 6 people and they were transferred to the Qalyub Specialist. Hospital for treatment and necessary actions.

Divine Providence saves Heliopolis from a petroleum machine blast

Divine Providence saved the people of Heliopolis from the explosion of a car with oil fuel in front of property no. 3 on Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq Street, near the beginning of the courthouse bridge, after the car tire caught fire, and civilian defense personnel managed to extinguish the fire.

Her mother was afraid of the scandal .. Revealing the mystery of finding a child in October

The General Administration of Investigation of Giza managed to unravel the mystery of finding a newborn baby inside a bag and thrown in front of a real estate in the city of October 6th. The detectives who tuned in.

The fall of a gang formation for forging official documents and imitating government stamps

A gang formation specializing in forging official documents and imitating government stamps and promoting them to their clients who want to buy them in exchange for cash fell into the control of Public Fund Investigations.

Prevent 4. 4.4 million drug promotion in Ismaili

The Interior Ministry has launched massive security campaigns targeting criminal elements based on drug trafficking in Ismailia province.

General Directorate of Narcotics Control in the Sector Against Drugs and Illegal Weapons and Ammunition, in coordination with the National Security Sectors – Public Security, and in partnership with the Central Security Sector, the Ismailia Security Directorate and the General Administration of Security and Guard of Exercise. The dogs at the Police Academy have followed the activity of a number of criminal elements, specialized in drug trafficking and the promotion of their Clients have been taken from the departments of commissariats and commissariats (second and third Ismailia – Abu Sweir – Qantara West – Ismailia) as a stage for the exercise of their illegal activity.

The arrest of the rest of Sohag, who seized 3 6.3 million from citizens

The Public Funds Investigation Department arrested a businessman in Sohag for seizing citizens’ money after he allegedly used and invested it in them.

Information and investigations by the General Department for Combating Public-Funded Crime in the Public-Funded and Organized Crime Sector confirmed that the owner of an investment company residing in the Governorate Sohag was engaging in fraudulent activities by taking money from citizens claiming that employed them in the field of real estate investments in exchange for their agreed benefit, which enabled them to seize sums of money in the amount (6,300,000 – six million three hundred thousand pounds) and stop the payment of assets of those amounts , as well as contracting profits, and seize all those sums for themselves and flee to different places and turn off cell phones.

The first photo of those accused of killing a farmer inside his barn in Al-Ayat

The General Administration of Investigation of Giza managed to unravel the mystery of finding the body of a farmer in his sixties, killed on a farm in the village of Kafr Shehata in the city of Al-Ayat, without the consent of the family and embarrassed them.

Giza security intensifies efforts to solve mystery of Sheikh Zayed student’s disappearance

The security services of the Giza Security Directorate are intensifying their efforts to solve the mystery of the disappearance of a first-year student at the Faculty of Social Work at Helwan University in Sheikh Zayed city.

The Sheikh Zayed Police Department received a report from a pension officer stating that his daughter, Minh, a first-year student at the Faculty of Social Work at Helwan University, had disappeared while heading to university to take exams.

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