Saudi entrepreneur Fawzia Al-Kari: Contract is a new way of localizing the economy and profitable for women

Fawzia Al-Kari, a businesswoman, owner of the first commercial register of a woman who owns a successful contracting company in the Kingdom, was appointed to the Saudi Contracting Authority. It also owns a solar power company in the Eastern Province, and is an agent for companies specializing in the production of solar panels Contracting and solar energy, so in dialogue:

Who is Fawzia Al-Kari?

I am Fawzia Al-Kari, the first Saudi contractor in the Kingdom, I really liked the field of contracting and I have worked in it since 2006 until now, and in 2018 I started working in solar energy. Currently, I am a member of the Arab Energy Authority and agent for companies producing solar panels and agent for Oman factories for seals and several other projects I am working on.

Hold the stick in the middle

Is it easy for Saudi women to work in the field of contracting?

The field of contracting is never easy, on the contrary it is difficult and full of difficulties and dangers, but love of work, in addition to the policy of holding the stick in the middle are necessary to overcome difficulties. I have been very smart and diligent in my work and use the wisdom, which is required to set up any business.

How has your career been and who has supported you?

I was strong in my career from the beginning, and there was no one with me to support me, I relied on my idea, my strength and my determination to achieve my dream.

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dream come true

Does work interfere with your family responsibilities?

No, of course, there is time for home and time for work. As I prepare my session with my girls as one of the most beautiful times I have, I have given them most of my time and it does not detract that work is one of the things I am in, and as I try to achieve my dream, I also help my daughters achieve their desired goal, also prepare myself as a successful mother in my home, also love cooking and my daughters love my cooking for them, so that many years ago I published a cookbook called “Al Masah”.

From education to contracting, why this leap?

Education is a noble and important message for the community and I did my best, but I did not find myself in the field of education, but I found myself in the field of contracting more and this is my dream and it came true. .

Legal and Economic Empowerment

I advise every Saudi woman to do what she loves and take advantage of the opportunity to empower her to achieve her dreams

In your opinion, how did the state contribute to the empowerment of Saudi women?

Kingdom leadership seeks through Integrated Vision 2030 to achieve equality between women and men in wages and employment opportunities. She has also worked hard to legally safeguard the rights of Saudi women and empower them economically. It has also supported them with training programs and improved the work environment to accommodate them in all sectors to achieve their sustainable development.

What are the main difficulties you have encountered in the field of contracting?

Most prominent of these were the self-employed and the institutions that violated the regulations that housed these workers, and the corrective phase was represented in state decisions regarding documenting contracts on the Qiwa platform and regulating the number of recruitment visas for these workers and controlling with the percentages of repayment of required works and other decisions, which came to correct the situation of these companies. Now those working in the market are just classified companies and all violators have left the market and the situation in this sector has had many problems before the adoption of the Saudi building code, green buildings and the use of solar energy, but Adoption cured almost most of these difficulties, especially clearing the market. It is true that employment has dropped, but despite this, things are going well.

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I enjoyed the experience

Tell us about your experience at the Saudi Contractors Authority?

This is my first experience entering the Saudi Arabian Contracting Authority elections and I was appointed by the ministry to the jury and I liked it a lot, it was fruitful and it gave me a lot of benefits, it gave me a lot of experience and I am ready to enter again, and in it I knew to choose who is qualified for this or that position and it was a successful experience by all standards and she was personally honored by the minister.

In your opinion, has the Saudi Contracting Authority been able to solve all the problems of the sector?

Of course, the Contracting Authority is trying to find a solution to most, if not all, of the problems, especially in light of the Corona conditions, which have greatly affected the sector, and it is one of the most active organizations. in the Kingdom.

Has the implementation of the Saudi Construction Code contributed to reducing the problems of the construction sector?

The Saudi Building Code came to apply the highest standards for residential buildings in relation to new modifications, design, implementation and construction, specifying standard specifications for the materials used, achieving safety through the durability and durability of buildings, ensuring adequate lighting and ventilation, and taking into account the rationalization of water and energy, so that the homeowner relaxes during construction and gets his home in a modern way, is also in line with the Saudi Building Code.

Why did you recently return to work in the field of solar energy?

The use of renewable energy of all kinds, including solar energy, is the basis of Vision 2030 to achieve sustainable development, including our effort to benefit from the conversion of sunlight into electricity through the use of photovoltaic solar cells.

We took care of him; Because it is the most promising future in energy saving and helps solve global warming problems, reduce air pollution, reduce carbon emissions and reduce dependence on traditional organic fuels.

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Women are careful and punctual

Vision 2030 achieves equality between women and men in wages and employment opportunities

Where does the experience of the Saudi woman – the contractor – differ from the experience of the Arab woman?

I do not know a woman other than myself in the Kingdom who works in this field, but in the Arab world, women are far superior to men, especially since their nature is orderly and punctual in their work, besides the fact that they as their work to be perfect and to the maximum.

Compliance with state regulations

Have Fawzia Al-Kari’s ambitions been achieved in contracting?

Yes, I have achieved all my ambitions in this field and I love my job, as I find myself devoting all my time and I am very loyal to it, not to hear any criticism from anyone and I am interested that my work is in accordance with the state system and labor laws.

What is your advice for those who want to enter this field?

I advise every Saudi woman to love her job, do what she wants, take advantage of the opportunity to empower her and give her all her rights in full to achieve her dreams and consider enforcing the laws of her country on the right path, to diligence and work hard and cleverly until she achieves her goal.

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