Mitacon announces the second hearing in December

The event returns in December 2022 after the tremendous success of its first session

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Metacon, the first exhibition in the region dedicated to entertainment culture, which aims to transform the world of metaphysics into reality, announced its return for the second edition in December this year, organized by OneChain Esports and Domain Entertainment. The two organizers are looking to maintain the strong momentum achieved by the exhibition in its first session, which attracted over two days around 1000 guests from the UAE and around the world. The second session will continue to discuss the latest technologies specialized in the fields of technology and blockchain games, esports, non-interchangeable tokens (NFT), Web3 technology, arts, music, entertainment and many more.

Commenting on this topic, Kyle Chase, co-founder of Metacon said: “The exhibition was very well received, where everyone expressed their support and interest to cooperate with us for its development. We are very grateful for this opportunity to valid, which has proven the great importance of meeting effectively and the ability to communicate directly and share experiences with like-minded peers as we seek to explore more of the metavers world, despite all developments and innovations in the digital world.

The exhibition, which lasted two days, was divided into four main themes, including MetaStage, the event dedicated to stimulus sessions and dialogues on some of the most popular topics in the field of Metaverse technology; MetaConnect, which includes a series of interactive workshops focused on providing useful practical advice on how to start your journey in the blockchain world; and MetaArena, which celebrated the victories of Hungary-based Crypto Academia Gaming at Spider Tanks, and Ampvers from Singapore at Titan Arena and Axis Infinity, following a series of esports tournaments with a total cash prize of $ 50,000, in addition to the MetaSpace MetaSpaces event, which includes BAPES as a communication space, NFT Artists Gallery and NFT Gallery, as well as game booths and other exhibitor shows. Fans of the comics also had the opportunity to learn about the superhero character Slam Girl, created in 2000 by Marvel animator Stan Lee and Will Mineo, and first discovered by former Marvel publisher Sheryl Rhodes in a group of special of 10,000 characters. Separate Technician (NFT).

Somaya Suriyadirdja, Managing Director of Domain Entertainment, co-organizer of Metacon said: “We would like to thank all members of the Metaverse community for their trust in us and our future plans for Metacon. We are honored to offer our services to all, especially people who have just started their journey to explore the world of Metaverse.Through this exhibition, we also affirm our full commitment to learn and develop with the help of all, and work hard to achieve the great dream and goal of view of consolidating the position of the exhibition as the most prominent integrated event for the transfer of entertainment culture on the Web 3. ”

Marwan Al Zarooni, member of the Global Crypto Future Council of the World Economic Forum and CEO of the Dubai Blockchain Center, said: “I am proud to launch the Metacon exhibition for several reasons, including expanding our discussions to include more sectors from blockchain games to music, arts and entertainment and high demand From the participants, especially the youth segment, which shows that our efforts to build a stronger public awareness in order to strengthen the position of the UAE as one of the most The world’s progress in the field of Blockchain is bearing fruit, although we are still at the beginning of our journey in this field. ”

The exhibition activities included a unique competition to showcase the pioneering ideas of young innovators called the Metavator Challenge, organized by One & Only and supported by the Dubai Youth Council. Supervised by Reem Al Mosbeh, Co-Founder of Unipronor; Mohamed Mokhtar, co-founder of One & Only International, introduced the winners, Richap Java with his creation of Paisa in the college student category and Lazarus Pinterides with Come Together in the Startup category. Winners received cash prizes, a range of non-tradable tokens (NFTs), support services, guidance, investor communication and more.

For his part, Abdul Rahman Mohammed, Co-Founder of Metacon, said: “At all Metacon events, we affirm our full commitment to the overall vision of the UAE to consolidate its position as a developed country in We are very grateful for the support provided by the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority and the Dubai Center. We will continue to work and follow the path of these bodies and their directives and will do our best to develop and “Develop society, raise awareness of equality, appreciate the importance of the world of metaphysics, and encourage others to participate in this trend. We look forward to welcoming everyone to the next edition of the exhibition.”

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