Boston Consulting Group appoints Pablo Martinez as Director of Middle East

Pablo Martinez will take over the business management of Boston Consulting Group after Jörg Hildebrandt, who has led the company’s business in the Middle East for the past eleven years, through which he was able to build in-depth local knowledge, improve expertise in all sectors, and develop the skills and competencies that Contribute to empowering the company’s customers and supporting them in making informed decisions and influencing their business, which has led to the consolidation of the company’s position in the field of leadership intellectual at the regional level. , and is considered among the most important contributors in supporting the development path in the Middle East markets.

Middle East: Boston Consulting Group (BCG) – one of the leading management consulting firms in the world – announced the appointment of Pablo Martinez as the company’s business manager in the Middle East, from May 2022.

Pablo will direct around 800 employees from 76 nationalities in four offices located in Riyadh, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha, making the company’s branches in the Middle East one of the most diverse. The company has also witnessed tremendous growth at the regional level, driven by the adoption of an increasingly digital transformation approach.more than ever.

Pablo is a global shareholder in the company, offering its services and support to a large group of clients throughout the Middle East and Europe, and since joining the company in the Iberian region in 2002, he has contributed to strengthening efforts to expand the company’s core customers from European customers and airlines, then nine years ago, he moved to the Middle East to use his expertise in customer matters, focusing on the areas of travel and tourism. Since then, Pablo has been able to build a solid division led by a distinguished team of highly qualified and experienced people, and to collaborate with various key public and private sector clients in the UAE, Saudi Arabia Saudi and Qatar.

Commenting on Pablo’s appointment, Matthias Tüber (Regional President, EMSA, BCG) said: “We recognize the importance of synchronizing efforts to foster value creation in the region with efforts to accelerate the achievement of climate goals – where BCG has a position enables the integration of different climate-related efforts at the level of different jobs, companies, sectors and economies, and we are distinguished by our combination of in-depth experiences and advanced artificial intelligence-supported applications for measure the level of emissions in an accurate and repetitive way, and the success of the artificial intelligence approach depends on adhering to the model (10-20-70), which states that the realization of value lies in the sharing of 10% of effort and resources.

Available to create new algorithms, 20% for the development and operation of key technology platforms, and 70% of which are in investments related to people development, process improvement and enterprise development – Pablo has extensive experience of the supply chain in the region, which will certainly contribute to catalyzing this change in an integrated way ”.

Commenting on his appointment to his new position, Pablo said: “This new phase in the leadership of Boston Consulting Group in the Middle East is a very important step and I look forward to running the company’s business in the region and I am satisfied to fulfill my commitments to our employees and customers, looking forward to a better future for the company. ” satisfactorily and consistently. ”

Climate issues are one of the priority topics in all sectors, functions and regions covered by Boston Consulting Group, where the company invests $ 400 million in this area, and the company has doubled the number of projects implemented for clients in the field of climate. and sustainability, and has launched many products The company has recently launched an artificial intelligence-based solution that provides the support needed for organizations to perform measurement and simulation processes, reduce environmental footprint, and track their levels of development in a large scale, in addition to cooperation. at the supply chain level.

Pablo also has in-depth experience working and collaborating with numerous clients in the travel and tourism sector on projects related to strategy, network development, fleet design, cost optimization, commercial development promotion, and program management offices. During the same period, he was able to address a range of strategic, operational, social and cultural challenges. In addition to his client-related tasks, Pablo has led the company’s office in the Middle East for the past five years, bringing his expertise to developing the basics of people’s strategies – including Leadership and culture aspects, capacity building , capacity building and human resources – with the aim of enabling companies to grow stronger, improve flexibility in their operations, improve their innovation capabilities and increase their ability to respond to challenges in an ever-changing environment.

Pablo will take over the leadership role after Jörg Hildebrandt, who has led the company’s office in the Middle East since 2011, and during his leadership was able to build in-depth local knowledge, improve global expertise in the sectors of and develop skills and abilities that contribute to empowering the company’s clients and supporting them in making informed decisions and influencing their work, which led to the consolidation of the company’s position in the field of intellectual leadership at the regional level and considering it as one of the most important. contributor to supporting the path of development in Middle Eastern markets.

Jörg, who is currently President of the Boston Consulting Group in the Middle East, commented: “I have been fortunate to work closely with Pablo for over a decade and have had the opportunity to demonstrate his leadership in leading development efforts, initiating and overseeing a range of unique initiatives in the public and private sector and at the county level, in addition to its contribution to promoting individual-related initiatives.

New levels of innovation, growth and increasing market share. ” He added, “What sets Pablo apart – for me – is his interest in supporting the company’s journey, his commitment to our employees, his ambition to empower the next generation, in addition to his integrity and determination.” .

Prior to joining Boston Consulting Group, Pablo worked as an aerospace engineer for SENER, where he worked on the development of advanced control systems in collaboration with one of the world’s leading manufacturers of aero engines and worked as a researcher at the Institute of Technology. in Massachusetts. , and Pablo holds a degree in aerospace engineering from the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

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