A love novel, torment, chapter 5, written by Asmaa Saleh

A novel about love is the torment written by Asmaa Saleh

A novel of love afflictions chapter 5

Promise with fear: You will see diligently or not in a dream.

Kinan: No, you do not dream, but you can calm down and listen to me a little

A terrifying promise: What did you see, I mean, I’m not blind ..

Kinan shouted: Will you be silent and listen to me or not?

She cried and put her hand over her mouth in fear, to hear him

And he told her about this lie in front of people

Promise: I mean, you really did have an accident

Kinan: Yes..and I realized at that time that my women had betrayed me with the person I hate the most in life.

I needed to act and know it was what caused the accident and she would do what I was sure had happened

Promise with surprise: I made you so easy

Kinani sarcastically: Yes of course … I have been working on the event for two weeks and I filed for divorce, I got divorced quickly and she is planning to take my company and my money.

Promise with curiosity: Your company … Ok, where is this?

Kinan: Adham directs it in front of people, but I am the one who hides

Promise: Okay, what are you going to do?

Kinani: I will try to keep her away from my company, which is trying to take her away from Adham and she is confident that I will not see her, so you can laugh at me as usual …

He promised that he would understand everything that happened to him: Ah .. She was silent for a few seconds and suddenly her eyes opened when she thought she was sleeping next to him and was sitting in the room dressed in short things.

Kinan wondered: Why is Malik so shocked?

He promised with his hand in his mouth shy: You were seeing me when I was

Kinan remembers: O pajamas you wore, I mean I saw nothing

The promise of an eclipse: I was relieved that you did not see me, my love

Kinani with a quarrelsome laugh: Haha do not worry that I am like your husband

A close promise: O peace … my love, be aware of this

She got out of bed angry and ashamed of Kinan and sat on the bed laughing with him …. and ran quickly to the toilet with an eclipse ..

She felt so ashamed and nervous about what she had worn in front of him and did not know he was seeing her while she was in those clothes.

I could not break my thoughts with this shyness as he smiled with love and felt a great attraction and love for Canaan …


To interrupt her thoughts, Canaan out: By the way, it’s too much for an hour

I want to take a shower..

Promise inside, she washed her face from thinking about him and went out to him and looked down with her head in an eclipse.

Kinan stood in front of her enjoying his eclipse and she could not look him in the eye.

She stood with her feet stuck on the ground in fear and embarrassment.

A promise to irritate him: okay, you will not be able to do anything for yourself

She bit her lips in an eclipse …

And she would leave, I stopped her and took her by the hand: Where are you going?

Promise nervously: I’m coming down to your mother, looking for something

Kenan: No I do not want … what is this I do not know what to say mom and see you

Promise: Present

Canaan: What?

Promise: You will be very happy in front of her

Kinan: No, of course, I’m close to doing what I love

Promise: Oh ok … I arrived in front of the door and almost opened it and left, but I remembered yesterday scene in the center ..

Promise: Kinan

He looks at him: Yes

Promise: Since you acted and that means

Kinan raised an eyebrow: Ah!

Promise: It was you who hit the boys who were in the center …

Look at the ceiling in amazement, my acting: I’m a boy, what …

He promised with a jealous smile to her: The guys who were fighting with me and you hit them right

Kinan approached the wall calmly: Kinan

Canaan: his eyes

Her eyes approached her face: I liked it..I can not see my wife that someone hands over and leaves her or what ..

Waad Sarhan: Oh well, I’m coming down, I’m a little aware

Kanan: Why?

Shameful promise: Ha!

Kinani gently: Why ?!

You know from the first time I saw you and lost you in your eyes

It fascinates me.

She was silent, looking into his eyes with a smile, took advantage of his sarcasm, pulled him away from her, quickly opened the door and fled.

Kinan laughed at her with her reaction and what she did, and he continued to play with his hair out of shame because of her eclipse, her closeness to him, and his disorientation with her eyes that snatched her heart.

Waad stood in the middle of the stairs, laughing silently without anyone hearing her, her heart leaping with joy and feeling a strange feeling she did not know before …

In the middle of the night …

She entered the kitchen and was preparing herself a cup of juice while buzzing with her warm voice and the joy of being with Kinan, feeling that she had fallen in love with him ..

And that prince hears him standing in the kitchen offering to pull

He stood behind her and hugged her lovingly … The first time he did this and wondered why he wanted to approach her, he could feel her love and confusion when she looked at him and he also fell into the nets of her and loved her

Waad was silent for a few seconds when Kinan was near her, burying her head in her neck.

Promise with tension: Canaan

Kenan: ….

Fearful promise: We were …. we are in the kitchen. Some of the servants see us

Kanan: ………

Promise: Ok, I do not know, I want to get this sugar

Kinan winked: By God you are the one who gets drunk

Waad laughed at her for the first time when she saw him laughing from the heart and he lost in her smile

Promise: Ok, go further, I want to get sugar

Kinan Bnrfza Zal: The hand of sugar … seriously, you split up

Promise to laugh: Ha-ha-ha-ha, okay, but bring the sugar too far away from me and place it at the bottom of the shelf, and since you are your master now, you can see it.

Kinan raised eyebrows: Like the rubric, ok, look, who’s left to answer?

Promise: No, no, there is no salvation and my life has come, forgive me

Kenan: Yes, that’s it

He reached out to get the sugar on the last shelf of the kitchen …

Come to those classy inside the kitchen and see a promise to pour water into glasses and Kanan to get a jar of sugar ….

Rakia was shocked by the shock: Kanaan.

Waad Bakhov and Kanan turned to him in shock: Mama ??.!

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