A Jordanian woman creates fashion designs that mimic the varieties and colors of roses in a modern spirit | OVERVIEW

Aman- The love for art and the passion to delve into its details pushed the young woman, Hanin Odeh, to move the “compass” in the path of her career, from engineering to fashion design.

Engineer and stylist Hanin decided to give up her job in the field of industrial engineering in a private company, and entered the world of fashion design, to innovate and introduce designs that mimic the beauty of outdoor roses, with their own types of different and colors, with her desire to pursue an “unconventional” style that suits the taste of modern girls.

Fashion designer Haneen Odeh wears some of her models that mimic the beauty of outdoor roses (Al Jazeera)

Childhood .. Barbie fashion design

Fashion designer Hanin, 31, says: “I have had a dream about fashion design since childhood. I am a lover of drawing, fashion and all crafts. I have always been keen to design clothes for my game (Barbie “, so sew them. in an elegant way, similar to the prevailing fashion at the time.”

Hanin discovered that her love of art remained within her, until the university stage, when she began designing handicrafts, including “special notebooks for graduates,” and decorated them with beautiful inscriptions and additions, which were approved by colleagues and colleagues. saj.

Haneen turned to another artistic skill in the jewelry industry and was interested in designing accessories made from pieces of glass and old magazine paper, recycling them and turning them into beautiful and stylish necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Hanin: It is summer now and the colors of the roses are refreshing, full of energy and joy (Al-Jazeera)

Challenges and self-development

Designer Hanin says: “Despite my work in designing accessories, the world of fashion design has fascinated me since I was young, so I decided to develop by enrolling in my own courses, in addition to joining specialized courses on how to plan. creating a project at a certain time and mechanism ”.

And it goes on, after taking a few courses, I devoted myself to developing my talent “by trying and experimenting over and over again”, until I managed to design some outfits that gained the admiration of followers through the page I created on Facebook and Instagram. .

She adds, “I felt that I was not fully committed to designing fashion according to my ambitions, and therefore the challenge was difficult to give up work and fixed income in the company where I work, but I did,” she said. se. the dream and connection to this field was greater and stronger.

The words of compliment that Haneen received from those around her and those who followed her designs encouraged her to continue and develop, and accordingly she began to design several modern fashion collections.

different ‘groups’

The designer, Haneen, seeks to include a “name” for each of her models, such as “Amman”, “kohl”, “Zumrodah”, “Mouj al-Bahr” and others.

And she confirms that she slows down and thinks well before implementing the group, in order to appear in a special and unconventional way, for example, when projecting the group “Amman”, he asked some individuals: “What distinguishes the Jordanian capital, Aman?? ”, And the answers were varied, but what they have in common is the proximity of the buildings to.

Emerald 2022 .. Female models

Hanin explains that the “Zumorodat 2022” collection is a variety of roses. Each design has a name for a flower, such as: lily, narcissus, elder, shelf, tulip, jihan, orchid, and others.

Hanin says: “The girls look like roses, so I decided to do these designs. Now we’re in the summer and the pink colors are refreshing and full of energy and joy.”

Hanin is inclined to choose fabrics very carefully and uses seamstresses capable of realizing her costumes, showing that successful work requires dedication and skill, and therefore she takes on the task of design and sews and implements it as needed. .

Models that suit the modern girl

Haneen designs clothes that fit the modern girl, whether she is a school or university student, employee or teacher, or has a social occasion.

In the implementation of the parts, it tends to be “practical”, with its choices of fabric types and design together, and it also tends that the parts designed for the veil be “complete and convenient, and that the set or dress is loose, wide and dark. “

And it turned out that the “Zumoroda 2022” collection was very much liked by the girls who follow its designs, as each girl chooses the part that suits her.

Hanin designs fashion that suits the modern girl, whether she is a student, employee, teacher or has a social event (Al-Jazeera)

Fashion in the middle of nature

Haneen shows off her designs in photo shoots in the middle of nature. The “model” holds one of the designs, has flowers next to her and stands on the green grass, so the scene looks like a “painting full of life”. . “

The designer also pays attention to the details of the girl’s appearance in an integrated way, so she chooses the bag, the scarf and the shoes, all to harmonize with the design of the dress, the abaya or the set.

She says: “I have implemented another line of designs, which specializes in holiday dresses. Every girl likes to appear on occasions with an extraordinary and special look, and this is what I want to achieve in every part. Thanks God, these models were sought locally and in some countries, such as Palestine and the United Arab Emirates, Canada and Britain.

Finally, stylist Hanin aspires to leave her mark in the fashion world, creating a private company for her designs and offering jobs to support girls at work, showing that her biggest concern is to be a person influential in society, and she does. do not hesitate to help any girl who aspires to develop her talent with art.Fashion design.

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