Why do dogs bark at some people while others ignore them? .. You will be shocked when you know the reason !! (See)

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Sanaa – Misra Ismail – Dogs are always on alert when a new person comes on stage. However, sometimes they immediately start barking at some people but not at others.

This momentary mood can indicate aggression, defense or just a form of anxiety. But why do their reactions vary from person to person?

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Why do dogs bark at some people while others ignore them? .. You will be shocked when you know the reason !! (See)

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We answer this question and want to share some possible answers with you. Read to the end of the article to learn how to prevent this behavior.

1. It’s scary.

The most common reason your dog reacts badly to some people is that he is going through something new. If a dog is not socialized properly, any exposure to strangers – and with it a host of new smells, looks and behaviors – can seem threatening to the animal. Even if the dog is socialized, he will still find himself in a situation where he feels anxious and insecure about something unknown.

So a dog is more likely to bark at people with more unfamiliar traits, especially when it comes to smell and appearance.


2. Dogs perceive certain traits as more threatening.

People vary in size, features and the way they move, and all of this can seem daunting to a dog. Among the things that can be uncomfortable:

Accessories such as hats and sunglasses that block the dog’s look on someone’s face

Facial hair for the same reason

being tall

ze i thelle

Some body languages, especially direct eye contact or fixed gaze

Smells strong like smoke, but your dog may also hate the shampoo, perfume, deodorant or even the food you ate

Any combination of these things can make your dog feel stressed. Some dogs are generally more afraid of adult males because they have more “weird” features from the dog’s point of view: they are taller, have a deeper voice and – oh no – facial hair.

3. Created bad memories can be broken.

Dogs may notice something they have a negative connection to and become protective. Some people may look scary to some dogs because they associate a person’s smell or appearance with bad memories. If your dog has been traumatized or abused in the past, he may bark at people who remember those he abused. Dogs can develop a general distrust of certain gender-specific traits.

4. They try to protect their people – even if it is not necessary.

Dogs can be territorial and protective of their people, especially guard breeds like mastiffs, shepherd breeds and terriers. So they can react aggressively to anyone who “invades” their space or behaves in a way that can be seen as a threat to their family. Behaviors that may lead to your dog’s defensive reaction should not be aggressive: they may be merely unexpected or active actions.

In fact, dogs can see humans as scary if they make any unusual movements or noises, such as wearing a hat or opening an umbrella. Moreover, a dog can simply be jealous of its people and act possessive if it sees friendly interactions between its owner and other people.


5. They see the true nature of people.

Dogs are often good personality judges and some studies have shown that dogs can determine whether or not a person is trustworthy. Dogs constantly monitor social interactions and fear how others will treat their owners. They are more likely to show distrust and bark if they see people as uncooperative. They can even capture their owner’s general attitude towards a person.

Furthermore, dogs can smell fear – along with stress, agitation and anxiety – through our hormones in our body odor. Feeling these extreme emotions can make your dog feel uncomfortable and the end result is often barking.

How to avoid it

To prevent many of these problems later in your dog’s life, you need to treat him properly as a puppy. Try to introduce him to as many winds, noises and new people as possible, so that nothing surprises them as an adult. When exposed to different experiences, the puppy will become more resilient and more mentally stable.

If your dog really has a problem with people, teach him not to feel protected or protected by everything around him. Train him with the key commands to sit down or calm down. When there is a new person around, repeat the process until your dog knows what to do without even thinking about it. Remember to keep close to some favorite foods as a reward for good behavior.

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