The UAE is a pioneer in the trend towards vegetarian cuisine

Recently, the world is witnessing a growing demand for vegetarian diets and the UAE has been able to lead the region in this regard, as they host more than 300 restaurants serving vegetarian dishes, according to the chef of Upfield Company in the Middle. East and North Africa, Marwan Abu Dawood, “Emirates Today”, more restaurants in the UAE are expected to adopt this approach to meet the tastes of different segments of society and to retain their customers.

Abu Dawood stressed that human diets have an impact on climate change, as many studies have proven a link between plant-based diets and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, which come from animal feed production processes. The report of the International Panel on Sustainable Resource Management at the United Nations Environment Program showed that the emergence of a global trend towards plant-based diets is a key factor in protecting the world from the worst effects of climate change. A report from the World Watch Institute also showed that 51% of global greenhouse gas emissions can be attributed to livestock, such as cows, sheep, camels and other farm animals raised for their meat, so livestock has consequences in relation to with climate change. A study published in the International Journal of Food Research (February 2018) showed that eliminating meat from the diet can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 34%.

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Chef Abu Dawood explained that as a result of these studies, the world today is experiencing a race between the world’s most prominent names, such as Pizza Hot, Burger King and McDonald’s, to introduce vegetarian dishes and achieve this. the tendency to meet changing consumer demands and maintain the largest possible customer base, indicating that vegetarian diets focus on foods derived mainly from plants but not limited to fruits and vegetables, but also include nuts, seeds , oils, cereals. and legumes, as well as fish, poultry, eggs, and sometimes red meat. The trend towards dairy alternatives has grown, with consumers recognizing dietary restrictions, such as lactose intolerance, allowing chefs to rely on a single product to satisfy different diets without compromising taste.


Abudawood added: “As one of the world’s leading plant products companies with a history of more than 150 years in this field, we are constantly aware of the latest trends in this sector. Since our main office for the Middle East is located in Dubai, we can say with confidence that the UAE is at the forefront of this trend, as they host more than 300 restaurants serving vegetarian dishes, and we expect more restaurants adopt this trend. complement the tastes of different segments of society and retain their customers ”.

He called for awareness of the impact of individuals’ food choices on climate change, noting the importance of starting with schools to consolidate this culture, as some schools in Dubai have begun to adopt this approach and contract with vegetarian supply companies. and allergen-free foods.

Marwan Abu Dawood noted the desire of “Upfield”, a company specializing in vegetarian food, based in Amsterdam, to participate in the 2022 World Chefs Conference and Exhibition, which was organized by the capital of the United Arab Emirates, at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center on May 30, and ended its activities yesterday, and is considered to be the first event of its kind for chefs, explaining that during their participation they focused on raising awareness of chefs and the public that vegetarian cuisine now offers a wide range of options that are not limited to salads and snacks, but it is possible to prepare all your favorite meals, from pizza, pasta and others using completely vegetarian alternatives, and enjoy the same taste.

“Make It Planet”

• Marwan Abudawood said: “During the 2022 World Chefs Show in Abu Dhabi, we launched the #MakeItPlant campaign, which aims to support and encourage chefs around the world to adopt sustainable, milk-free alternatives by offering them vegetarian options. The tendency of more consumers to adopt semi-vegetarian options that are less harmful to the environment has resulted in a marked increase in plant-based alternatives.

Marwan Abu Daud:

• «Vegetarian cuisine now offers a wide selection of options that are not limited to salads and meals, but it is possible to prepare all your favorite meals, such as pizza, pasta and others, using completely vegetarian alternatives and enjoying the same taste. ».

“It is necessary to raise awareness of the importance of creating vegetarian role models, especially by schools, as some schools in Dubai have begun to adopt this approach and contract with companies to supply vegetarian and allergen-free foods.”


A restaurant in the UAE that serves vegetarian dishes.

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