The kitchen will definitely impress you … Finally the cameras enter the “Palace of Wonders” in which Donia Abdel Aziz lives with her husband, the life of princesses!

A few days ago, artist Donia Abdel Aziz celebrated her wedding with eng. Mostafa Kamel in the city of Nuweiba, south of Sinai, and a number of stars attended the ceremony.

The bride, Donia Abdel Aziz, wore a silver wedding dress with embroidery designed by stylist Hani Al-Behairy.

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On this occasion we will take you around the house of the youngest bride in the artistic community, artist Donia Abdel Aziz, through some photos and videos that have been shared through her personal account on the social network Instagram.

Combine classic and modern

Artist Donia Abdel Aziz’s apartment is located in the Mohandessin area of ​​Cairo; The decor of the apartment is characterized by the combination of classic and modern; Where the apartment furniture is distinguished by sophistication and luxury and brown colors predominate, while in the living room large and metallic accessories dominate in abundance.

As for the modern character, it becomes clear from the entrance to the house, where there is a sofa upholstered in cowhide and the sofa rests on a wall on which is prepared a film reel containing black and white photos of world famous people of cinema. surrounded by low wooden tables.

living room

The living room enjoys a mix of light and dark earth tones, with light brown and beige; Where light beige or cream color dominated the walls and floors, and the room includes a luxurious living room in which the colors of the sofas vary between dark and light coffee, and in the middle of it is a small special wooden table in the shape of a chessboard decorated with various accessories; The room is also decorated with other accessories, whether hanging, such as. the big picture that Dunya places for herself on one of the walls, or the lighting units at the edges of the room or hanging from the ceiling.


Bride Donia Abdel Aziz’s kitchen is characterized by simplicity and its design is dominated by American style. The kitchen is characterized by the combination of marble and brown wood; Including a semicircular table that combines marble and wood with wooden chairs characterized by long backs; Also on a wall lies a wooden cupboard with kitchen utensils and its handles are characterized by the shape of cutlery such as spoons, knives and forks.

Eating room

The dining room overlooks the American-style kitchen which makes entertainment comfortable; Where the artist shares with her guests and friends preparing meals and enjoying the time, and the dining room includes a medium table that combines wood and glass, surrounded by chairs in which beige fabrics are combined with dark brown wood, and the floor is covered with a gray carpet.

It is surprising in the dining room that there is a black leather upholstered chair in one of the corners of the room.

The bride’s apartment, Donia Abdel Aziz, is distinguished by the presence of a set of special accessories such as an Oscar statue, a set of photos of world stars in the field of art and photos of equipment from the world of cinema. such as the director’s chair and the hand board.

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