The Economist / Desalination General Corporation launches its intelligent systems at the end of its “Innovation Leads to Desalination” conference Saudi Press Agency

Jeddah 02 Dhul Ki’deh 1443 AH corresponding to June 1, 2022 AD
The Salt Water Conversion Corporation today launched, at the end of its conference, which it organized in partnership with the International Desalination Organization IDA, the artificial intelligence system “Innovation drives desalination”. It also launched a range of platforms and applications in the context of Corporate Strategy to utilize artificial intelligence techniques and solutions in its many operations, and to implement the principle of intelligent manufacturing and transportation systems, business sustainability and efficiency, keeping pace with the industrial revolution and enabling artificial intelligence.
Tahlia Corporation announced the most important of these applications and intelligent platforms, which included “integrated platform for intelligent security management and security SSS”, “integrated platform for intelligent operation and maintenance SOM”, “integrated platform for intelligent facilities SC “and” integrated intelligent platform for SWM warehouse management “Smart Project Platform (SPM), Integrated 3D Simulation Platform (VXP) and Integrated Drone Platform (DP).
The concluding session shed light on the role of integrated membrane systems in increasing desalination capacity in the UK and future desalination industry trends, stressing the importance of designing a clear roadmap for its development to ensure the sustainability and reliability of his, reviewing the role of integrated membrane systems in increasing desalination capacity.
The concluding day sessions focused on drafting a guide to innovation in the water desalination industry, preceded by presentations addressing the latest future trends and inspirational ideas in this regard, while the session “Future Trends in Desalination Technology” of water “discussed the latest trends. for the future development of this industry.
Participants discussed the “design philosophy of low energy and high reliability reverse osmosis technology”, and another session on “green water desalination” and the use of modern environmentally friendly technologies in the development of the desalination industry and taking advantage of its treasures. Closed-circuit reverse osmosis technology was also reviewed to improve extraction rate and energy reduction.
A number of seminars were also held on the sidelines of the sessions, including the Artificial Intelligence and Innovation in Water Decryption workshop led by the Head of the Artificial Intelligence Department at the Salt Water Conversion Corporation, Engineer Essam Al-Bishi.
While the Salt Water Conversion Corporation organized a special visit for the conference participants in the “Shuaiba Magnesium Production Unit”, which is the first commercial system in the world that uses nanotechnology to learn about this promising innovative technology and a next visit to Rabigh production. Phase 4 system sponsored by “ACWA Power Company”.
Over the past two days, the conference witnessed a series of sessions and seminars with the participation of international and Saudi experts, including a dialogue session on “World Innovation and the Vision of the Kingdom 2030”, in which the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture for Innovation, Dr. Hamad Al-Bateishan spoke about the importance of promoting research and innovation in development, meeting challenges and seizing opportunities to achieve this, explaining that one of the most important goals of Vision 2030 is to increase the ability to innovate and advance knowledge .
Vice President of KAUST for Innovation and Economic Development, Dr. Kevin Cullen, addressed the concept of innovation and its value in enriching solutions to meet the challenges facing humanity.
On his part, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology for Vision Planning and Realization, Dr. Ibrahim Ba Balli, touched on the importance of innovation as one of the goals of the Kingdom vision and a major economic, scientific driver. and technical progress Design and operation of innovative technologies.
The evening sessions addressed green desalination techniques and salt water management, while discussing “Concentration Management and Brine Mining”, the Sea4Value project to validate new technologies for the extraction of salts and minerals from sea water brine and the project “Innovative desalination technologies”.
A number of accompanying seminars were held, in particular “Study of the energy recovery device and its applications in brine solution for high pressure reverse osmosis technology (UHPRO”) and the seminar “Revolution of innovative water solutions”, while a experimental review was held distillation technology with many effects for seawater desalination and treatment with solutions. Al-Malhi, attended by the seminar “Innovation in Energy Reduction and Efficiency”. Participants representing more than 20 countries presented a range of innovations, initiatives and scientific ideas to develop the desalination industry during seminars and presentations aimed at reducing consumption, increasing efficiency, enabling artificial intelligence and clean energy.
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