The designer, Nahj Al Seif, told Madam: “Corona has had a positive effect on me and I will go for abayas.

A creative stylist, she discovered her talent before her sister’s wedding, where she designed her bride’s wedding dress and gowns. She loves her profession very much, so she was able to overcome all the obstacles that stood in the way of realizing her dreams. She specializes in dress design and offers various models, suitable for young women and girls and is currently studying to enter the field of abaya. Nahj Al Seif, “Madam” met her and she talked about her career in the world of design, discovered the materials she uses, as well as gave advice to novice stylists.

Designed by Nahj Al Seif

First of all, introduce yourself, how did you get into the fashion industry?

Nahj Al-Saif is an oral and dental health specialist, and I love fashion design. I entered the field designing a variety of outfits for my sisters and family on family occasions, where the praise I received, in addition to my enjoyment of design. dresses, encouraged me to finish the trip and provide pieces that fit all tastes.
How did you discover your passion for design?

I discovered this after graduating from university, specifically before my sister’s wedding, where I liked to design her and my sisters’s wedding dress, and within eight months of preparing for this occasion, I was able to memorize the names of the fabrics, t ‘ i knew them. and distinguish the original and imitation ones in the market, and I have increased my experience by studying design academically, following the creations of many stylists and stylists, and seeing what is presented at international festivals. All of this contributed to my coming into a color and style of my own, and by the grace of God, I opened a number of groups and received several offers from photography, marketing and modeling teams. I also participated in a TV show during the month of Ramadan, in addition to exporting some parts to Gulf and Arab countries.
What message do you want to convey through your designs?

I want to say to every woman: be elegant and special and love yourself. In my models, I target women with unique and refined tastes.
What obstacles and challenges have you encountered during your career?

No obstacle can stop us from achieving our goal, but there are difficulties and thank God I was able to overcome them because of my connection to this profession, for example, I am a working mother and wife, but I was able to agree. my homework and work and achieve my goal by making a greater physical and mental effort.
From whom do you get your design inspiration?

I am inspired by colors and their impact, as I love harmonious and contrasting colors.
How would you describe the identity of your models and what is the secret of your difference?

My designs have a pure Gulf identity, and what sets me apart is the precision in the design, and the focus on detail in the installation of “melasma” and embroidery.
What is fashion for you?

The theme of fashion varies from stylist to stylist. For me, a stylist can create his own fashion by adding his touches and flair to his designs.
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Designed by Nahj Al Seif

What kind of fabrics, colors and tools do you prefer to use in your designs?

I prefer to use embroidered fabrics and adopt strong colors like red and gold.
What are the most important cuts and colors that characterize your new collection?

The cuts of the collection are characterized by Gulf character, with Turkish and Moroccan designs.
How do you choose the names of your groups?

Usually, each garment was given a unique name, inspired by a particular character, or culture, represented by that garment, such as folk, breast, gypsy, and Bedouin clothing.
Which do you like most about designing dresses for women or little girls?

Both, but little girls dresses, since their size is small, their designs are more beautiful and they usually do not wear much of this type of dress, so when you find a girl wearing a dress, her appearance it’s different, cute. and distinctive.
How do your models for girls differ from your models for women?

In the designs of little girls I try very hard to choose cool and soft fabrics because the girl is more sensitive, while in the designs of women she uses a variety of different fabrics.
Are you thinking of designing abaya?

Abaya design is an idea in study for me. I am currently designing dresses for myself and my family and this field has many challenges and its introduction requires a long study.
How is the impact of the Corona virus reflected on your designs?

Corona’s influence has been positive in my work, as I took advantage of the Stone Age to study fashion remotely and participated in specialized marketing courses, as well as launching the “Collection” during this period, which has achieved success. great.

Designed by Nahj Al Seif

In your opinion, what are the characteristics of a successful stylist?

She must love design and have a great talent in this field, as well as must trust her skills, know the basics of the profession and be able to make the right decisions as well as take risks.
What would you advise someone who is thinking of starting their own business?

I advise him to first study the field, understand the basics of fashion and design, then study the project well and not rush into starting it and start with a simple “collection”.
What do you say to any woman who cares about her elegance?

I say: You have to take into account the specifics of your body and know what suits it and highlight it in the right way when choosing a design and color, because what suits others does not necessarily suit you.
How would you describe your experience in the design world?

A beautiful experience, not without difficulty, but thank God at first, then with the support of my family, I overcame it all and now I have an integrated work team, managing the project, and that helped me reach a larger segment . of customers inside and outside Saudi Arabia, their number reached about one million in the next three months.
What are your future projects?

My next goal is to own a “boutique” in my name and open several branches for it in Saudi Arabia and abroad.
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