How to get discounted airline tickets .. Get to know them

There are times when flight prices are very low and there are ways that some flight booking specialists use at special prices, to get the best price for the flight.

This means not turning to large companies to get the cheapest flight price, as the search often failed and tickets were not obtained at a reduced price, while medium-sized, less valued or modern companies are more inclined to offer promotions and offers. some discounted tickets for certain regions and different periods Throughout the year.

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Promotional offers notifications can be activated through the notifications that the company sends by e-mail by following the site itself to receive the offers and gifts offered by the company initially, to receive them in front of others and to enjoy the discount.

Booked long ago

Unexpected or fast travel forces its owner to accept any price and often airlines do not offer fast flight offers because the offers are expired and are picked up by people with early bookings, so it should be slow and slow in booking flights. , so that the traveler has the opportunity to request, request and receive the opportunity and the best price to book.

Flexibility in bookings

To get the best price, the traveler must have the flexibility and voluntarily change the interface slightly, ie. get off at an airport in another province or nearby city, or travel from a neighboring government because flights are restricted to a specific location. airport to another airport.

Search the incognito browser

This advice spreads to all the specialized sites for obtaining travel opportunities and flight booking tips, whether foreign or Arabic, where everyone claims that the hidden browser does not appear in the search results, which does not contribute to the increase of search results for the company. pages or flights, which in turn does not contribute to the increase of the ticket price.

Travel on normal days and stay away from official holidays

It is known that travel prices during holidays, public holidays and holidays are high prices due to the excessive acceptance of travel on these days, so it is advised not to travel on such days and to book on normal days from Monday to Thursday.

Use platforms that compare prices

There is no objection to using special platforms for price comparison to know only the best prices and offers and companies you can travel by entering the day and interface. The specialized site offers all the prices for the companies in this day and hour, but it is not preferable to book through them, as direct booking is much better.

Flexibility in time

Booking a specific day may not be the best thing and does not allow the traveler to get the best price, while leaving a space to determine the day by price is best, as there are some days in which companies offer unprecedented offers. such as the national days of the countries or the date of establishment of the company, so a space should be left on the day of booking according to the offers.

Eliminate direct flight

Travelers may notice that stopping or what is known as transit and traveling by some planes provides them with a lot. Some companies offer special and simple prices for countries and high prices for other countries. People with travel experience always know these tricks and use them. to get the best price for airline tickets.

Get the discount if you are a student

Most airlines offer special prices and big discounts for students under the age of twenty-six, so this discount can be obtained on most, if not all, flights and the discount rate can reach between twenty to thirty percent .

Look for tickets in other currencies

It is always advisable to look for airline tickets in weak currencies. If your country’s currency is strong, this may increase airline ticket prices. It is never recommended to look for tickets in US dollars or euros, but looking in weak currencies increases the chance

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