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Kazem Jamassi

It was never an ordinary day and, the night before and until this morning, the same bump that followed, after the trouble, came to a dead end whenever I could not find a proper end to the story I was writing. .. And when we began to eat breakfast, the last handful of lentils, my wife and I And we had scarcely swallowed his first spoons, until the doorbell rang, I opened it and behold, with the same grim face of the usurer of old. , the owner of the palace, foaming and thundering, asked me to pay the rent of the apartment, which was delayed only two days. Convinced with difficulty, I promised to pay it in an hour, the only way to get to the MasterCard point to get my pension.
I left the apartment in a hurry and when I arrived at the port, I realized that it was not open yet, it was early, I sat on the sidewalk waiting, I remembered some of what I had left in my memory from the events. of yesterday’s movie “The Shawshank Redemption”, where he digs, with a little grandfather’s pickaxe, the hero “Tim Robbins” The innocent prisoner has the fortified wall of his cell, behind the old woman, Rita Hewright, as she lies wings. , waiting for the sea on the poster he had hung on the cell wall, and for years he digs, with amazing patience and wisdom, and with a strong plan and a strong will, to extract his revenge from his guards and his. the oppressive world and get away from the prison towards the space of freedom .. The prison here in the film is a certain dimensional place. In desperation I said: How can I escape, when I am defenseless, from my boundless prison in this life?
The office door opened and I entered first, the cashier told me that the company had stopped paying until it was realized, as an annual procedure, that its customers were still alive .. Leave the phone number and they will call you.
What a bad day this is. I came back disappointed, I told the building janitor and its owner’s agent and went up to my apartment, the hours of the day crawling like the bags of an old, dilapidated tank, held by infidel hunger, grinding our bones and kissing. our souls .. Before sunset, I was at the nearby market, sold the antique wall clock of our apartment, which I had inherited, the great-grandfather of the owner of an old shop, bought food, coffee and tobacco for her money.
It seems our day was not only unusual, but our night seemed like this as we watched heartbreaking television news to watch crowded motorcades on the Ukrainian-Polish border, including women, the elderly and children, and snowflakes that covered them. faces and bodies, fleeing from the hell of war, suddenly our ears were silent. Pouring into our backyard and on the stairs, accompanied by the cries of women and the wailing of children, we were terrified, so we fell to the ground. , for fear that a crazy stray bullet would penetrate us .. An hour passed like this, between screaming, wailing, noise and falling galloping feet, and we lay face down on the ground, my wife and I facing each other.Our gaze just asks : What is work? why?
Then a dubious silence fell, I took courage and got up, helped my wife and barely got up, her legs were not to help her, I dragged her to bed and asked her to sleep, it was past midnight, I came back and turned off the TV and closed the door of the apartment, then turned off all the lights and went to sleep .. He would never sleep .. Wild storms and crashing waves, ghosts and rebels with powerful bodies, big cups and giant godfathers, distorted creatures that all attack me, rumble, shout and shout, and I am in the midst of all this, completely deprived of power, including north and south, west and east, without strength and power ..
Dawn had not yet come. I woke up and found myself in a bed area I had never known before. It looked like a football field, my body occupied only an inch of it. If our bedroom were to be a giant’s bedroom. .
I went back to where my wife fell into a deep sleep, and she looked the size of a real elephant … What happened ?! I waited a few minutes .. I felt my limbs, I crossed my fingers over my stomach, face, nose .. mouth .. eyes .. I scratched my hair, I tightened my cheeks, I shouted “Uh”. It’s absolutely unbelievable, is the power of nightmare still dominant? To try to wake my wife, I punched her in the shoulder more than once .. in vain. I called: Salima .. Salima .. I shouted his name out loud .. to no avail .. I realized that there was no voice for me, so I did not hear any whisper or movement in the throat .. Have you become dumb?
Someone had to confirm to me what I had done, so I did not believe until now .. I said to take the tip of my nose to cheat, I did, but she hurried me with a finger, she threw. I left like an insect, and found me crushed and unconscious on the doorstep of the locked room, all my limbs were complaining When I came out from under the door .. heading for the street, trying to explore the world with completely new eyes .. It was dusk and the city would not have woken up at this time, and the houses on either side of the road were high concrete castles, their dull facades armored with a frightening hostility, as if were prisons or police stations .. Only dogs and cats roam the streets, sidewalks or alleys. They look happy and soothing in the absence of anyone hurting or holding them back. They pass by me, give me charming glances, and move on. Meet a bunch of them heading towards a trash can. I follow him keeping a distance between me and him, lest he inadvertently step on my foot. turning the layers of garbage, taking out the breakfast food from them, scattering us, the herd and me, the Garden sides and we went in the morning with appetite, and while I was busy eating, from time to time, he sniffed me being approached Like a dog sticking out its tongue, it makes me feel comfortable with my existence, or a cat exchanging heartfelt glances at me as the meowling turns and caresses me with the intensity of its soft tail .. for a while , flocks of pigeons and birds shared with us the morning, what a beautiful combination of this and what a joy .. It was not long before they attacked us, like an iron being. My sheep, the garbage cart, so we scared we all ran. away, dogs, cats, pigeons, birds, and me, except for the ghost sheikh, whose legs did not help him get up and he remained crouched among the garbage, the cart did not quickly lift him up with a pile of garbage, depositing them in a tub
pistons …
How miserable how I hid, I put my head between my knees, among the dry grass that surrounded the trunk of a pet tree, which seemed even in the last generation … Like a film tape, passed all the many deaths that died. in front of me, blind shells, mine traps and bullets pouring like hell rain into wars Snake and scorpion bites, hunger and thirst in the dry deserts of the front line, interrogation rooms in security centers, where death is far away you arrogantly when you beg to humiliate, operating rooms, where you continue to look death face to face, then, barely breathing civilian life, trying to hit you with an explosive device here, And an explosive belt there, and among them an unidentified silencer. I raised my eyes a little and found next to me the body of a very small bird and some of its feathers were scattered embedded in the weeds, I took its feather and had an almost dried tuff fruit. , I squeezed his sticky liquid along the arm, then I glued the two feathers, I said to try, as Abbas bin Firnas or Icarus did .. He shot his arms once and a second and a third .. I got up a little. .. What a surprise .. I ran fast, I crashed with my wings .. I am flying .. I am flying .. Ha ha ha ha … I flew.
Up there, on a soft bed with white clouds, full of youth and with a clear and fiery mind, I asked myself: Is my story complete, the moment?

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