Designer Aya Ahmed: There is a huge variety of jewelry in the Arab world

Fyne Jewelery is a company founded by Aya Ahmed, the third generation girl in a family that specializes in diamonds, so her love for jewelry is real. This paved the way for her since she was young and she was the first woman to learn the tools of the trade from her family. Aya decided to break with tradition and started working in the male-dominated rough diamond trade, making her one of the first women in the world to do so and the only woman to visit diamond tenders. Motivated by the desire to continue the conscious life she led as a child in Belgium, she began looking for ways to advance the profession. From redesigning her old jewelry, then redesigning engagement rings for friends later, I noticed a gap in the market for affordable, durable and ethical diamonds. Learn more about Aya Ahmed in the following interview.

Designed by Aya Ahmed

How did you start the jewelry world?

I am from the third generation of a diamond family and I started my career in Antwerp, Belgium, getting raw diamonds. I was the first woman in my family to work in the wholesale diamond market and one (if not the only one) who dealt with rough diamonds. While working, I started making engagement rings on request for my friends, as I had access to wholesale diamond prices. I have discovered that there is a huge demand for high quality and affordable jewelry. I also started exploring the world of design, reusing my old gold jewelry into a modern and simple design. It was here that I realized that there was an opportunity to offer something innovative to my generation: a generation that understands making sustainable and ethical choices, but also a generation that is more price sensitive, and that is what pushed me to create my brand. decided to launch Fyne in Dubai in November 2019.

What’s the essence of Fyne Jewelery?

Fyne is a durable jewelry brand that uses ethically sourced diamonds grown in the laboratory to create purposeful jewelry for the modern woman.

How do you see the fashion scene in the Arab world?

I like the variety and abundance of jewelry in the Arab world: since our childhood we have been adorned with gold jewelry inherited from our mothers and grandmothers, making it part of our culture and heritage. I think there is a lot of talent in the jewelry scene in the Middle East and it is clear to see many local Arab brands who have achieved success internationally.


Write us in the details of your latest group.

Our latest collection uses marquee and pear, two diamond shapes I have not used before in my previous collection. We also decided to work with larger diamonds, to highlight the jewelry and focus on the uniqueness and high quality of the diamonds cultivated in the laboratory we use.
The new collection consists of several parts:

  • Roya, meaning vision or dream, is a group of evil eyes created with gorgeous cut marquise diamonds to symbolize the eye.
  • We also have a necklace and ring in the shape of a wave inspired by movement, freedom and flow.
  • The finished pieces are so elegant and really inspired by Fyne’s wife, which is why we named the collection Gaia, which means ‘off the ground’. They contain a long necklace and asymmetrical dangling earrings that have a strong look when combined together.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I am inspired by nature, architecture and geometric shapes. I’m quite detail-oriented, so unique shapes usually stand out to me, and I think that forms the basis for most of my designs. I like to keep a feminine touch, but a little tense in all my parts.

Are you inspired by travel?

Traveling definitely inspires me, I believe that when you travel and explore new destinations, your senses grow and you feel more inspired, creative and more relaxed. Because the best ideas come when your mind is clear and calm.

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Designed by Aya Ahmed

Who is your icon?

I do not know if I really have an icon, I try not to be influenced by famous or influential characters. I think we are all human and have our flaws and weaknesses. It is important to look inward and focus on our personal growth rather than trying to be like everyone else with more fame, money or talent.

Who is your favorite jewelry stylist?

I love Anita Ko and Suzanne Kalan, both stylists use different diamond shapes to emphasize their cuts and I think they have a very feminine design aesthetic but also bold.

what is your favorite book

The Power of the Now, by Eckhart Tolle. I remember reading it in my late teens and it changed my outlook on life and the importance of living in the moment.

Designed by Aya Ahmed

What is your favorite jewelry?

The Dahlia Collection is the first collection I have designed and created. She combines contemporary floral patterns with traditional Islamic motifs, to create a bold collection that evokes a sense of modernity and individuality. It will always be my favorite because it has a special meaning to me. Two years after the launch of the brand, it is still one of our best-selling collections.

What is the gemstone you like to deal with?

I am from the third generation of a family specializing in diamonds, so I inherited my love for diamonds. But lately, lab-grown colored diamonds like blue, pink and yellow have become more available in the market, so I’m excited to use them in some of my pieces.

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independent and courageous

Designed by Aya Ahmed

Who is Fyne Jewelery wife?

Independent, sophisticated and unassuming, Fyne’s wife is thoughtful and courageous, which makes her not afraid to talk about what she believes.

As an Arab brand, how do you reflect the taste of oriental women through your designs?

Arab women are more confident and bold in their jewelry, loving intricate pieces with lots of detail. Growing up in Europe, my style has become much simpler. I really like to mix aesthetics together to reflect my personality in bold and unique forms, redefining what it means to be an Arab woman.

Do you rely on social media to market your brand?

Social media, specifically Instagram, are definitely the main methods I use to market my brand and reach my ideal customers. We also use Whatsapp to talk directly with our clients and work with them on personalized parts or engagement rings. I like to be in close contact with my clients and be the first source where they return.

Where do you sell in the Middle East?

Fyne is basically an online store, shipped worldwide, so we ship to our customers across the Middle East. We have an office in Dubai Diamond Tower where our clients can visit on time if they are working with us on custom made engagement rings. Recently, we launched our first collection in store in Tryano, Abu Dhabi. Inspired by Arabic calligraphy, this collection was created to celebrate the 50th National Day of the United Arab Emirates.

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the future

Designed by Aya Ahmed

Being a sustainable brand, we use lab-grown, ethically sourced diamonds to deliver purposeful jewelry to the modern woman.

Arab women are more confident and bold in their jewelry, they like intricate parts with lots of details.

What are your plans for the future?

We are working on a partnership with third parties to launch a new category for our products, which we hope to launch in the summer. We are also creating a range of ready-to-wear engagement rings, made entirely from lab-grown diamonds. In the future, we envision Fyne as an interactive online brand, with virtual design and consulting, digital exhibitions, parts traceability and improved transparency for our product life cycle.

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