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Today we talk about the problem of every home and family!
I apologize to our son, the great artist … Nabil Shuail, who borrowed the name of one of his beautiful songs, “Sikt Safar” … because the citizen is now in the middle of living with the long and hot summer months and between his wishes and dreams for a good trip that can only be solved with 3000 dinars for retirees!
And Abu Shuail was real in the song Sikkat Safar, as he says realistic vocabulary like the journeys of a lifetime, and I will return to the world of travel from the sieves of time!
May God help the citizen (henna of his family and his grandchildren) in a case we travel, or do we travel?
Where are you going?
This place is every nabih zen and sweet!
That place and what we Nabih Yaloa Aljbd!
I am not exaggerating and saying: Traveling with a Kuwaiti family is more than a necessity! … On the contrary, it enters the rule of a fard prayer!
People with abundant money have “learned and received” to travel here and there, and some in the summer each year discover amazing destinations!
Kuwaitis (Sinbad people) love to travel, discover, shop and enjoy!
And some, God does not analyze and does not forbid everything that is allowed, unfortunately!
Kuwait: a people (travel lover) who like sea beaches, shopping malls, resorts, forests, nature and eat different foods besides forbidden!
And some, God does not allow or forbid everything that is allowed for him, unfortunately?
Kuwait: A people who like to mingle with people and learn about customs and traditions, and they travel the world on the (blue plane) of Kuwait Airways, which we ask the Almighty to keep away from privatization!
Summer for (Kuwait) means travel (holiday season) choosing the destination to enjoy the blazing summer months and to spend days between hotels, restaurants, beaches, ancient and new markets, museums and tourist trips, is the world of travel and has everything new.
And there is a (wide category) of citizens who are satisfied with what we say, O sweet Kuwait, our sea, our facilities, our markets, and the period and the summer passes! .. God does not change us and those words, oe sweet, in its heat, rain, and dust.
But if you plan to stay in Kuwait, know that the temperature will not fall below (45-50) and this means that you should postpone the trip to the evening, when the temperatures will cool down a bit!
If you want to stay in Kuwait, your options are limited, but the situation is fine, such as: (shopping center – markets – science center and its facilities – towers – Al Shaheed Park – a trip to Failaka Island – Al Khairan Park – Houses for rent – Souk Al Mubarakiya – restaurants – cinemas and theaters – visits – Abdullah Al-Salem Cultural Center – Jaber Al-Ahmad Center.
* Shine:

Every son of Adam (Kuwaiti or non-Kuwaiti) inside him (Ibn Battuta and Sinbad) and he wants to live and dream of a pleasant journey in which the atmosphere and psychology change, and the obstacle is always: “Nauth” means money! Either “travel ban” or health or..or ..
And Kuwaiti Al-Katweel is the one who goes with one bag and comes back with three!
And who asks me who Al-Kutawil or Al-Ketawil is? .. I say they are young people from the “Al-Kadisiyah region” who work with the saying: “The best of them is for his family”?
* At last:

How beautiful is the poem of Imam Shafi’i – may Allaah have mercy on him – in which he says:
I saw the water on my feet break down
If he asks he is good, and if he does not run, he does not do well
And the lion, if it were not for the division of the land, I would not have caught it
And the arrow, if it were not for the splitting of the bow, would not have been struck
And the dust is like dust lying in its places
And udi in his land is a kind of firewood
Haxhi butter:

Every citizen has someone who can shake his head when traveling (i.e., push it)!
Every citizen carries the worries of his family and few people bear the worries of anyone because he is selfish and lives only for himself!
There are families who meet and discuss (travel) and come up with a unified mindset that leads to the reasonable suggestions of everyone in every city, entertainment schedule, land, sea and river travel, camping, shopping, famous places, museums, tourist. tours and most suitable for family members.
I like American tourist entertainment cities like Disneyland, and I visited them and found that they take into account (families) of different ages, and the weirdest thing is that even though we see thousands of tourists, (bathrooms are clean)!
It’s good when summer is approaching to think about a recreational or exploratory tourist trip, quest, adventure and shopping away from the healing or healing journey!
My colleague, Asaad Abdullah, editor-in-chief of Al-Moallem magazine, is a fan of sailing, and our number is growing and we are thinking of forming (Maritime Cruise Association)! His Highness Prince Tamim and his dancing people!
Remain a citizen and are traveling, and you remain Stcolon?
With the summer heat, the citizens and the inhabitants are warming up, the Ministry of Electricity and Water is not lacking. The climate is always working without interruption. How many of you travelers are in the protection and protection of God until you return safe and sound. railroad .. The money flew us and our pockets were told, Bushael, so what to do?
The journey remains as described by the Messenger, peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him: a piece of toil!
In the safety of God ..


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