Calison RTKL launches annual sustainability report to encourage sustainable design and support visions for carbon neutrality in the region

CALLison RTKL vows to have all projects ready to operate in an environmentally friendly way between 2030 and 2040

Dubai, United Arab Emirates : Calison RTKL, the global architectural planning and design consultancy, has published its Annual Sustainability Report, in which it expresses its commitment to having all of its projects environmentally friendly between 2030 and 2040.

Calison RTKL has been committed to implementing a climate-neutral approach since 2020. The company continues to strengthen this commitment each year by monitoring and reducing its carbon footprint, as well as compensating for carbon emissions.

One of the most difficult challenges in the climate change crisis is the current urban environment, where construction accounts for 40% of greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, recognizing the importance of this aspect and consolidating its leadership position, Callison RTKL was one of the first signatories of the American Association of Architects 2030 commitment, and has reported in this direction since its inception in 2009 and has taken steps large in reducing carbon emissions.

Commenting on this topic, he said: Received Mughali, Associate Director, Callison RTKL“At Calison RTKL, we make sustainability a top priority during the design phase and are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in buildings through innovative technologies. Our commitment to carbon neutrality since 2020 ensures that we can maintain our carbon footprint below the minimum.We continue to improve performance on our various projects.We work to reduce our dependence on carbon offsets each year, while developing current trends in the sustainability sector.We focus on design concepts that have a positive impact on plans aimed at promoting change that will reduce carbon emissions in the Middle East. “

Regional overviews

Calison RTKL is committed to leading the way in reducing carbon emissions in buildings and supporting future zero carbon targets in the Middle East. With a people-centered approach, the company is working to address complex challenges and deliver positive climate operations by 2030, in line with the UAE’s promise to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 and Arabia Saudi until 2060.

With Egypt hosting the COP27 Conference in 2022, and the UAE for the next edition of the Conference in 2023, climate change issues have become of paramount importance in the region, as countries in the Middle East move towards developing government visions. aimed at protecting the planet and taking positive steps to build a carbon-neutral future. Callison RTKL is focused on developing sustainability-focused projects to ensure carbon emission reduction, supporting long-term goals and achieving carbon management.

Positive Climate Impact Practices

Callison RTKL is committed that 50% of its projects will simulate the performance of buildings by the end of the year to gain a deeper understanding of sustainable project results. Significant performance parameters will be gathered using a digital panel and compared to the company’s goals to track progress and strive for better results.

The construction of 360 Mall in the city of Kuwait, Kuwait’s main shopping destination, is a perfect example of sustainable design in the region, with 260 retail stores, 300 guest rooms, 17 tennis courts, 15 cinema screens and 13 main halls. . The unique shopping center with its modern technology and circular design includes a 420-meter interior wall that houses retail stores, sports and entertainment centers in a luxurious setting. This mall embodies the sure evolution towards the sustainability of retail areas and ways to integrate them with the day-to-day activities of the surrounding community to provide unique experiences that enhance the experiences of visitors and buyers.

A focused approach to the planet, positive design and the human element

Callison RTKL takes a forward-looking approach through advanced search and data-driven digital design technologies. Through its people-centered approach, it is committed to achieving a sustainable future through environmentally inspired projects designed to give its users a healthier life, with a commitment to reduce its carbon footprint to a minimum.

Goal setting

The results so far include a 46% improvement over the base energy intensity for projects registered in 2020 under the AAA 2030 commitment. In 2021, Calison RTKL projects performed 48.3% better than RTKL projects. base level, reaching the target for that year. The aim now is to apply design capabilities to flatten the emission curve by achieving a significant reduction in carbon emissions by achieving the target of reducing global temperature rise to 1.5 ° C, as agreed by the signatories of the Paris Agreement.

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