An Italian airline reveals its new look .. What distinguishes it?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Since its launch in October last year, ITA Airlines, Italy’s new national carrier, has promised to bring the “100% Italian experience” to the skies.

And now, almost eight months later, the airline has unveiled its new look, including new uniforms and a menu created by famous Italian chefs.

The new suit was unveiled along with three new Airbus A350-900 long-range aircraft belonging to ETA – the aircraft she considers the “new ambassador”.

Chef Enrico Bartolini has added Papa al Pomodoro soup to his business class menu., Plain_textCredit: ITA Airways

True to its commitment to delivering an all-Italian experience, the interior of the A350 was executed by Walter De Silva, who served as the lead designer for German car brand Volkswagen.

De Silva explained in a press release that his design was inspired by an Italian song called “Il cielo in una stanza”, or “the sky in a room”.

That means adding a touch of blue inside the plane – but not the bright blue striped exterior of the ETA exterior, but rather a shade known as midnight blue, a darker shade of blue called according to the color of the sky on a moonlit night.

In economy class seats, this blue color becomes the base of the seat.

The colors have been changed for Comfort Economy Class seats, which provide plenty of legroom between rows and Business Class seats, and there is a hint of the Italian tricolor flag on the headrests as well.

An update of the classic look of the cabin crew..The new Italian national airplane reveals its new look
New stylish design for Economy Class, plain textCredit: ITA Airways

For longer flights, mood lighting will also be available depending on the flight phase (boarding time, departure time, mid-flight and meal times).

ETA plans to gradually upgrade its fleet from the current Alitalia aircraft to a fleet of new Airbus aircraft and expects that by the end of 2025, the fleet will have 75% of new generation aircraft that are less harmful to the environment.

An update of the classic look of the cabin crew..The new Italian national airplane reveals its new look
The new business class cabin of an ETA aircraft, plain_textCredit: ITA Airways

As for the crew uniform, designed by Italian luxury fashion label Bruno Cucinelli, it tends to be more casual, as flight attendants can wear white shirts with hats and sleeveless sweaters over them.

Another option for the crew is the traditional Alitalia dark blue uniform, as stewardesses can choose between a skirt or trousers, while the stewardess men’s uniforms are embellished with Alitalia navy suits with large gold buckles.

CNN style editor Fiona Sinclair-Scott sees the new uniform as an update to the classic cabin crew look.

“It was a time when air travel was synonymous with absolute luxury,” Scott said.

She continued: “The uniform and dress code for the hospitality staff, who were mostly women, were created to add charm and femininity, perhaps at the expense of comfort for those who served long hours.”

An update of the classic look of the cabin crew..The new Italian national airplane reveals its new look
A new uniform allows ETA cabin crew members to choose between skirts and pants, plain_textCredit: ITA Airways

She added, “Today, travel is more common, and hospitality staff are more gender balanced. The travel culture has changed and we obviously see this reflected in uniform.”

While the new designs retain some of the hallmarks of cabin crew clothing, they have been updated with a more casual style like shorts and the option to wear high-heeled boots for women.

As for the menu, from June 2, intercontinental flights will serve food designed by some of Italy’s best chefs, including Enrico Bartolini – the only chef in history to have received four Michelin stars in one year.

Bartolini’s first menu for business class includes Papa al Pomodoro soup, made with Tuscan tomatoes and bread, as well as a lemon-flavored Amalfi-like chicken dish.

While Economy Class will see a “completely renewable menu”, every food and drink on board will be an Italian brand or recipe.

Next, the focus on Italian culture will see coffee presented as a kind of “unique experience” of on-board well-being.

It is not yet clear whether this will include meditation sessions, as many airlines already have with their in-flight entertainment systems, or full-seat massages, which Virgin Atlantic Airways once did. hand it over.

It is planned to launch the airline “ETA”. Lines from Rome, Italy to Los Angeles, Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires this month.

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