A request to appeal the decision and various posts on Twitter. The Depp and Heard affair is not over yet

It has become difficult to pass posts through social media in the present time without encountering a post or at least a photo about the famous trial of American actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, which started last April 11th.

The case received widespread media attention around the world due to unknown details and circumstances in Western and Arab societies, as Depp presented himself as a victim of domestic violence and sought $ 50 million in financial compensation after suing his ex-wife. Heard for defamation. on an opinion article. I wrote it for the Washington Post in 2018.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

The role of the media

Social media platforms have played an active role in this issue, directly or indirectly. On the one hand, Depp fans claim that his life and career have been “destroyed” by false allegations of violence, considering him the “real victim” in history.

On the other hand, others attacked Heard throughout the trial, calling him a “liar” and “psychopath” and the hashtags “Justice for Johnny Depp” and “Amber Heard is a liar” circulated widely.

Even the eldest son of former US President Donald John Trump wrote on Twitter: “Trust all women except Amber Heard.”

Many also praised the aggressive questioning of Heard’s lawyer, Cammy Vasquez, who was seen as an anti-feminist.

Social relationships and psychiatrists say these things reflect the degree of risks associated with the emotional relationships that fans develop with celebrities and how these relationships can have material effects on the way we understand and treat violence.

Tag “me too”

This high-profile case has sparked serious debates about the situation of men against women and inequality in justice when the latter is the aggressor. A number of internet pioneers, especially women working in the entertainment industry, used the hashtag #MenToo to express and talk about the harassment they were subjected to.

This came after Amber Heard posted a Twitter post on her Twitter page, in which she expressed her disappointment with the decision despite the evidence she presented in court, stressing that what happened attacked women’s rights and freedom of expression.

Heard supporters were quick to approve of what she said, arguing that the result was a loss of freedom of expression by all accounts and that the public trial had turned into an open arena for misogyny where the victim was blamed.

Some believed that the resurgence of sexism, intense online harassment, and the threat of lawsuits were intended to force women to return in silence.

Others argue that this case will not reduce the size of the feminist “Me Too” movement, because it will highlight the fact that men can also be victims of domestic violence.

Jennifer Baker, legal director of Legal Momentum and a former attorney general for sexual crimes and child abuse in New York City, told the media, “The path of this public display will undoubtedly prevent victims from speaking openly and will further empower abusers to use the legal system to silence and harass their victims.

It is worth noting that the feminist movement “Me Too” has contributed to forcing many celebrities, including Hollywood stars and politicians, accused of sexual harassment, to resign from their posts after being exposed by the victims.

tick online

Videos available on all media have become a heavy tool used freely on social media, as users have started running after the trend and making “memes” and jokes through short clips on Tik Tok.

The pioneers of this platform, which mainly attracts teenagers and young people, expressed their happiness for the victory of Captain Jack Sparrow by circulating various phrases such as “Justice was achieved”, hoping that Depp will begin to restore his career and restore his reputation.

The media revealed that the hashtag #JusticeforJohnny had more than 19.8 billion views on TikTok, while the #JusticeforAmberHeard videos had only 81 million views.

Appeal request

Amber Heard’s lawyer in the defamation lawsuit against Johnny Depp, Amber Breedhoft, told US media after the ruling that Heard would appeal the jury’s decision in Depp’s favor, stressing that she “has some excellent reasons for doing so”.

“She is portrayed as a demon here,” Bridhoft added. “The jury was confused and we were not allowed to tell them about the UK decision.”

The court ruled that Heard should pay $ 15 million in damages to her ex-husband ($ 10 million in damages and $ 5 million in damages) after the jury ruled that she slandered and raped Depp.

The jury also ruled that Depp had slandered Heard while fighting the charges against her. Heard provided $ 2 million in compensation for her counterclaim.

In addition, in an interview with “Today”, lawyer Breedhoft noted that the harsh criticism received from her client on social media during the trial influenced the decision of the jury.

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