Plastic Arts in the Emirates .. an Abundant Harvest and Spaces Embracing Artificial Intelligence

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Throughout its history, the plastic arts runways in the Emirates have presented an extraordinary model for keeping pace with the development of knowledge through its interactive capabilities in handling many urgent artistic, cognitive and aesthetic changes.

Which formed a cultural movement for new trends and technologies that opened the door to the recovery of classical plastic arts and its digital appearance, which made an attractive path towards acceptance by the recipient of the idea of ​​virtual exhibitions and their products related to panels NFT, irreplaceable symbols, in addition to the entry of artificial intelligence into the line of competition that has become part of the artistic formation For the future business.

creativity incubator

Examining the Emirati Emirates’ many works of art and plastic art during its 2022 cultural season, the audience, along with critics and specialists, touched on the vast amount of development and access to the contemporary spirit, based on exceptionally creative approaches that keep pace. with the world.

Where “Dubai Art Season” is an annual art festival that brings together creative events and activities in public places, outdoor art projects, interactive initiatives, seminars, exhibitions, discussion sessions and performing arts, stimulating participation and making culture and art accessible to all. and everywhere, in addition to support, promising talent is empowered and empowered, and Dubai is positioned as a global hub for culture, an incubator for creativity, a forum for talent, and a global capital of the creative economy.

visual narrative

In light of the momentum of the scattered artistic currents emanating from it at an accelerated pace, many artistic methods that herald a creative, visual revolution with integrated pillars and digital technology play a key role in translating the artist’s aesthetics and techniques and trace of his finger. And he promised ”, which was held last April, to present approaches to people, history and stories through a distinguished group of works of art on display.

On the other hand, the local education system witnessed many elements of integration and fusion focused on the globalization of society and its openness to cultures, from the founders of the art scene to the current generation of emerging artists, through quality works that confirm that art is formed through events that can be static and then return in motion.

The importance of relationships is reinforced by their countries of origin and that the public generally appreciates the ideas of the creators world through their activities, which leads to the World Art Exhibition in Dubai in its eighth edition for 2022, with the participation of most a lot. that 300 artists from more than 50 countries, and more than 4000 works of art have been displayed In addition to increasing the number of participating artists by 90% compared to last year.

Separate gallery

Art Dubai 2022 also received more than 100 galleries from 44 countries, in addition to taking in more than 30 new entrants for the first time, in the largest exhibition session since its inception, and the most distinguished art exhibition in globally, which included special works just commissioned by world-renowned artists.

Renewed culture

Regarding the most important changes and features of development in artistic trends in the UAE, Khalil Abdul Wahed, Director of the Department of Fine Arts at the Culture and Arts Authority in Dubai, confirms that the plastic arts process in the UAE throughout history his work is underway tremendously, and the works on display monitored the nature of the development and the differences in the content of the painting between the past and the present, as well as the style, themes, and popular schools of art.

Since the appearance of the first signs of digital technology, many good artists have been quick to keep pace with this scientific advancement and have skillfully exploited the unlimited and endless possibilities of artificial intelligence.

The artist, Aziza Al-Hassani, shows the role of the history and heritage of the UAE and the uniqueness of its cultural production in the fine arts movement, especially in the level of creativity and the abundance of opportunities in dealing with human and philosophical issues. issues towards metaphysics, the search for truth and the like.

There are many works that possess the intellectual and technical maturity that qualifies their owners to have a global presence, on the grounds that plastic art in the UAE is a procession, renovated and illuminated.

monitor variables

Regarding the characteristics of creativity in the system of artistic experiences in the UAE, plastic artist Hind Rashid says: There are various elements and features that monitor and evaluate variables in the field of plastic and visual arts, where the most important is the expressive aspect. , which represents the ability of the classical or digital artist to use his idea and the consistency of the elements of his linear shapes and colors in an automatic way.


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