Launch the global campaign to promote next September

Amr El-Kady, CEO of the Tourism Promotion Authority, said the Russian-Ukrainian war did not affect indicators of tourism movement in Egypt, noting that the tourism sector, although it may be affected by global crises, may achieve fast positive results, unlike other sectors.

In an interview with Al-Dustour, Al-Qadi added that there is a solid plan to revive Egyptian tourism because the sector is associated with 5 million Egyptian citizens, stressing that a campaign to promote Egyptian tourism will start early. next September, at a cost of milionë 90 million, and will last for a 3-year period.Years.

■ First, has Egyptian tourism recovered from the consequences of the spread of the Corona virus?

– Yes, the tourism sector was able to recover from the consequences of the spread of the Corona virus and Egyptian tourism achieved very good results during October and November, then the tourism movement fell by a small percentage from December to February 2022., then the Russo-Ukrainian war took place. Despite the emergence of this political crisis, the pace of tourist movement did not slow down, thanks to the arrival of tourists from Germany and we would have reached higher rates in March last year, had it not been for the war in April. reached great pace due to the end-of-year holidays.

■ How was the tourist movement from Russia and Ukraine affected by the war?

– The tourist movement from Ukraine stopped completely as soon as the crisis occurred and the Ukrainian market became unbelievable, as the Ukrainian citizen is no longer preoccupied with travel and entertainment. Tourist traffic from Russia has also been temporarily halted, due to sanctions imposed on it, there are airports in the south that are completely closed, and there are planes that do not carry the necessary travel documents for travel, as insurance companies refused to provide. those necessary documents because the owners of those companies are western. Therefore, it has become difficult for any Russian aircraft to fly abroad.

■ How did flights between Russia and Egypt continue to operate?

– Egypt relied on the government’s guarantee, so it guarantees itself the planes that travel to Russia and currently operate four flights a day from “EgyptAir”, departing specifically for Moscow.

These trips, although few in number, are used by Russians who want to travel to Egypt to enjoy them, and there are many Russian companies that send requests to Egypt for the purpose of sending tourist groups, but the global crisis prevents this. . Coordination is taking place between the ministers of Tourism, Antiquities and Civil Aviation, to increase the number of flights between Egypt and Russia, to attract more Russian tourists.

■ How did you see the visit of world football stars Ronaldinho and Totti Egypt?

– I consider the two visits a great gain for Egypt, because the two stars will shed light on the archeology and the beautiful nature of the state. The two stars, Ronaldinho and Totti, came at the invitation of private companies and we are pleased with the participation of every private company in promoting Egyptian tourism and we are trying to offer all possible logistical support to these companies, such as facilitating entrance to archeological sites and museums. The visit of celebrities to Egypt makes the world pay attention to the monuments and beaches of Egypt and those who follow the official accounts of these stars on social networks are interested in visiting Egypt as their favorite stars.

■ When will the international campaign for tourism promotion start?

The campaign will launch in early September and aims to promote Egyptian tourism over a 3-year period, at a cost of milionë 90 million. The campaign strategy has been prepared by an Anglo-Canadian alliance. We received 8 bids from international companies that wanted to implement the campaign, before the Russo-Ukrainian war took place, and we turned down most of the bids at the time and stopped for a while and started studying some bids. The campaign will shed light on the history of ancient Egypt and its beautiful beaches.

■ What are the results of electronic promotional campaigns?

– Electronic campaigns are very important and will not stop because they are considered as the future of tourism promotion.

The tourist before traveling seeks information about the place where he will travel, so it is necessary to continue with electronic promotional campaigns, because they specifically reach those who intend to travel to Egypt. These campaigns are considered as a guaranteed way to communicate with potential tourists and there are a large number of tourists who decide to visit Egypt after receiving these advertisements. For example, the authority’s “Egypt welcomes its guests” campaign launched last April on Facebook and Instagram to introduce new facilitation in the procedures for obtaining a tourist visa in Egypt – managed to reach nearly 60 millions of users. of these social networking sites, and has reached viewership rates of nearly 157 million views. The “Your Holidays with Us” campaign, which aims to use the most used social media sites in the Arab markets to promote the current summer season, is achieving positive results.

■ Tell us about the authority plan for the growth of tourists during the next period?

– We are currently implementing the plan for the new fiscal year 2022/2023, which includes the new promotional campaign to which we referred, in addition to continuing the implementation of tactical campaigns we launch online, as well as continuing to participate in foreign exhibitions for tourism and tourism and travel, and we are working to make the participation in the exhibitions in a different way and a new vision in terms of the form of participation and the message that will be transmitted during the participation. It will also expand the reception of influential figures from European countries to tour various tourist destinations, shoot videos and share their experience on their social media platforms. The stars leave a huge impact on their followers. We also received a delegation from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and after this reception for the first time a direct flight was operated between Cairo and Bosnia.

And we look forward to hosting the annual conferences of the major tour companies and tour operators in the world, because these conferences are attended by the executives of more than 200 international tourism companies, and they are the controllers of the movement of international travel.

We will also expand the establishment of seminars between Egyptian companies and their counterparts from the markets that export tourism to Egypt to increase the tourist traffic coming from them, in addition to local activities in each country, such as road advertising and specialized newspapers in the tourism sector. . In addition, online tourism courses will be organized for small tourism companies abroad, such as selling tourism programs, providing them with all the necessary information, providing them with sales incentives, and awarding certificates of completion. of course.

Ka Are there new partnerships for authority?

Partnership contracts were signed with online booking organizations, such as the Expedia platform, which enjoys great trust among tourists in the West, in addition to the Wego platform widespread in the Arab world. In Egypt – 80% increase in Wego, compared to the period before partner with him. We will also establish partnerships with online booking sites, such as, and these partnerships include the introduction of various travel models.

■ How do you see the impact of archaeological events on the tourist movement?

– The number of visitors to Luxor has decreased over the last 10 years and the number has increased unprecedentedly after the announcement of new archaeological discoveries, such as the world view of the opening of the Sheep Road. We monitored an increase in the number of Arab visitors to Luxor due to tourist activities. The number of Egyptian, Arab and foreign visitors to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization also increased. The procession of royal mummies encouraged Egyptians to visit museums and learn the history of their country.

Janë What are the preparations for the opening of the Great Egyptian Museum and the “COP27” conference on climate change?

– There are many offers to take over the task of holding the opening ceremony of the Great Egyptian Museum, but so far the date of the ceremony, which will be attended by presidents and kings, has not been set and will be a big celebration. party.

Regarding the climate change conference, which will be organized by the city of Sharm El-Sheikh, all interested authorities in the country will cooperate to bring the conference in the best possible way, because it will promote in particular Sharm El-Sheikh and all tourist destinations in general. The number of people who will attend the ceremony varies from 30 to 35,000 guests of different nationalities and the focus will be on green tourism and tackling climate change and we will promote the conference so that tourists can come and go. follow the changes that are taking place. in Sharm El Sheikh.

■ Are there any new tourism models to be promoted?

In collaboration with the Moral Affairs Department of the Armed Forces, we are preparing a documentary on yacht tourism, which provides a detailed explanation of all services provided by Egyptian ports, as well as technical information. needed by the yacht captain.

We are also preparing a short promotional film for yacht owners, during which we will address the yacht owner in the language he wants and participate in yacht tourism exhibitions, in addition to advertising.

We organized a small yacht race in El Gouna and are consulting with a foreign party to launch a big yacht race. We hope yacht owners spend one or two nights in each resort town .. Because this tourist is the one who spends more than the others.

■ What about the developments in the path of the Holy Family?

No one can go through all the points of the Holy Family road and their number reaches about 25 points, because this work requires a lot of time, not to mention the costs, but there are points equipped for the reception of tourists, as p .sh. , Wadi al-Natrun Monastery on the lake and monasteries in Samanoud opened.

I think what is more important than promoting the points as a whole is promoting the history of the Holy Family and her escape to Egypt and her shelter with the Egyptians for 3 years. This is a message to all tourists that Egypt is a land of peace, tolerance and security.

Ka Are there any initiatives to encourage local tourism?

– We are trying to encourage Egyptians to make tourist trips with promotional campaigns on social networks, which aim to introduce Egyptians to their country and various tourist destinations in all governments. We seek to preserve domestic tourism because it is the safety valve in the absence of foreign tourists. I assure you that the Egyptians have created a state of great popularity in the tourist cities over the last period and there has been a decrease in the navigation of the Nile. between Luxor and Aswan, this is why the number of Egyptians wanting to try it has increased .. but no We can force hotels to offer discounts.

What are your expectations for the current summer season?

– There are many requests to visit Egypt during the current summer season, especially from Italy and Germany, and there are many international companies communicating with Egyptian hotel and tourism companies, and many bookings for different destinations have been confirmed. I expect high fees. of tourist traffic during this season.

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