Joali Being Resort in Maldives is an invaluable treasure

4 days at Joali Being Resort in Maldives are enough to push its visitors to rethink their lifestyle from A to Z as it is more than clear blue waters and a charming white sandy island but rather a resort that was created to help its visitors. restore real contact with themselves, their bodies and their surroundings.

“Madam” has joined a 4-day press tour with JRN Consulting, Marketing and PR and is back with this report.

Flow is an open interactive dining space with 3 distinct restaurants

How did we get to Budufushi Island in Raa Atoll?

Joali Being Resort, part of Joali Maldives Resort, is located on the private island of Budufush in Raol Atoll. It takes 3 flights to get there. The first and second destinations were very comfortable via Gulf Air, which is rated as the main one. The five-star airline from APEX Its flights operate daily to and from the Maldives using Airbus 321neo aircraft. The first flight was from Dubai to Bahrain and from Bahrain to Male International Airport in the capital of the Republic of Maldives, where we enjoyed authentic Arabian Hospitality, and the third was with the Joali Being seaplane for 40 minutes. We arrived at the magical land of Joali Being. We were greeted by the resort staff at the main entrance, whose design combines architecture with outdoor design without compromising the jungle.

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The needs of visitors are first

AKTAR herbal concentrate

Each visitor is accompanied by an assistant named “Jadgwar” or a skilled wizard in the Dhivehi language and from 68 beach and water villas from 1 to 4 rooms, my part was in a villa with a direct view of the ocean with two rooms. Sunset, I was one of them lucky!

The resort greeted me with a pleasant gesture, after I found a bicycle waiting for me at the door of the villa with a sign with my name, which is intended for transport from the villas in the heart of the island where the forests are located, the recovery spaces. and places to eat, and since I had a cottage overlooking the ocean, I had to cross over a wooden bridge to reach the heart of the island, and here and on the beach concretely I saw small sharks up close.

Recovery of 4 pillars

Healing, achieving calm, and self-discovery are among Joali Peing’s basics, so his team is keen to communicate with visitors the day before their arrival, in order to identify the visitor’s health and mental state and identify the pillar that must be recovered: mind, microbiome, skin or energy, which are 4 pillars identified in collaboration with the professor from the University of Oxford. Once at the resort, we consult with integrated and in-depth nutrition consultants to learn about body composition and determine the most appropriate recovery program from a healthy eating style and personalized movement sessions by an integrated team of naturopaths, physiotherapists and movement therapists. In terms of cooking methods, the dishes are prepared according to the wishes of the guests from some international cuisines with nature cuisine directly on the table, offered from two spaces, the first is Mojo, which is ideal for lunch by the pool, and “Flow For breakfast and dinner. To understand the importance of healthy food preparation methods, we joined a dedicated cooking lesson with a professional chef, who taught us how to get the maximum nutritional benefit from all foods, for example, rice soaked for two hours forward. cooking and legumes are soaked overnight to facilitate nutrient absorption, while spices are initially fried to give healthy food a special flavor. The result was two delicious bowls of coconut vegetable curry and kebab with two types of grains!

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39 treatment rooms

Villa Grand Beach Pool

To achieve recovery, the resort is equipped with 39 treatment rooms scattered throughout the island to promote healing and regeneration within 5 spaces, “AREKA” is a center for useful scientific treatments, diagnostic services and educational programs, and is subjected to a Four Pillars. Massage, “essential” space for movement and fitness The modern hydrotherapy room “Kaashi”, where I experienced a 15-minute Turkish bath in an Aufguss sauna, followed by a relaxation session in a room with salt walls. , as well as a massage with mind therapy. Seda is the sound therapy room and there is also the sound detection path which is an oasis for outdoor voice therapy and I have visited it twice, the most beautiful of which has been the sunset moment. And finally, AKTAR, a center inspired by the healing power of plants, in which we joined a Herbology workshop, through which we learned about the power of plants and prepared perfumes at our fingertips.


Aquatic activities have the lion’s share in the resort, as they play a role in achieving balance in addition to strengthening the four pillars. If you are a snorkelist, you will not find a more beautiful place than the island “Bodufushi in Raa Atoll”. to see the most beautiful and strange sea creatures and I liked to experience a private lesson with a trainer Diving into the heart of the ocean, after 30 minutes of amazement and watching the sea creatures, I came out with a calm spirit and memories that will accompany me forever.
If you like to see fish without diving, Semi Submarine awaits you. There are also several options for marine activities, such as fishing, diving, yachting and sailing.

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I’m back with treasure

Turkish bath room

At the end of my journey, I was reminded again that my body is really about me. I learned to pay attention to every part of my life on a daily basis. Balancing my mind and my mind will lead me to happiness, but how do I achieve these results? First, because of the peace that pervades the resort with water, trees, sand, facilities and staff, and second, through food, a healthy digestive system implies a strong body and a balanced spirit. With the recovery consultant, I need to take two types of seeds from the first day to the 16th day of my menstrual cycle, and then switch to the other two types by the 28th day, and these seeds will save me from dietary supplements, will free me from the problem of thyroid inactivity within a few months and will balance my female hormones, thus, I will have smooth, smooth and healthy skin.
Most importantly, I passed on my experience to my acquaintances and this, if indicative, is the success of implementing the Joali Bee Resort core principle by transferring the foundations of recovery and healthy habits to visitors and their surroundings when they return home. . after choosing one of their schedules ranging from 5 to 28 days!

The four pillars

JOALI BEING uses four pillars to personalize each individual’s experience and to help them achieve peace, renewal and self-discovery.

  • Mind: Promote pleasure and peace of mind with sound therapy and mind and body exercises.
  • Microbioma: A better understanding of the relationship between body, mind and food, and the adoption of eating patterns based on the body’s circadian rhythm.
  • skin: Enhance skin radiance with rejuvenating treatments derived from timeless rituals and the world’s most advanced research.
  • energy: Rebalance the nervous system and improve energy flow through smart movements and restorative treatments.

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