I started my story with the “smart robot” from scratch

The experience of Emirates Latifa Al Hammadi, who has a Bachelor’s degree in “Network Security” and a Master’s degree in “Information Technology”, does not seem at all normal, as she managed with pure individual efforts to realize her dream of learning. and the invention of a robot that uses artificial intelligence to make people’s lives easier and smarter for institutions, which it introduced three years later. From work, staying in her dream to promote and develop her project.

A unique story of attachment, which connected Latifa Al Hammadi from childhood with the world of computers and technology, as she describes it, saying: “I have always had the idea of ​​discovering electronic devices and their intertwined details, until the point he had at an early stage of prep school, a computer I completely dismantled to uncover his secrets, “added Emirates Today.” As time went on and I progressed in my studies, I continued to improve my knowledge. to reach the university stage, in which I was able to raise my level in computer science, as I specialized at that time in network security near it, until I had the opportunity for a job and teaching design and technology, at the time.I had a greater opportunity not only to work with students on simple robotic projects related to school competitions, which pushed me to stay on the field and I dived deeper. ”

The innovator, Latifa Al Hammadi, seems satisfied with the experience gained in this field, up to the programming stage, which she confirmed that she would not require much time considering her knowledge, describing this step as a milestone in. her life: “The idea of ​​making a robot that uses artificial intelligence was initially one of my biggest ambitions, and by artificial intelligence I mean systems or devices that simulate human intelligence and are characterized by their ability. perform very similar to humans, and which can be improved based on information they gather from the environment or from people they know and respond to effectively. Artificial intelligence is manifested in a variety of applied uses, such as the use of robots to more quickly understand customer problems, to provide more efficient responses, to analyze important information, to perform various public services, and to provide intelligent assistance to people, and other forms of uses that improve people’s lives. individuals. “


Regarding the details of the difficult path she chose to take alone in her approach to learning and her biggest challenges, the teacher, who has been teaching “design and technology” for years to fourth graders in the Al Dhafra region of Abu Dhabi, shows. “When I started in the field of robot manufacturing, I had no knowledge of the issue and no tools. Not even an experience in using a 3D printer, so I headed to learn and research resources online. After completing the process extensive research and to evaluate my ability to complete this experiment, I started printing small parts of the robot using the school printer and over time, I managed to buy a special printer to facilitate my project work from in However, I was surprised at the time that some of the tools needed to make the robot were not available, which forced me to order it on foreign sites and wait for the submission process, which took long days, which that disrupts the workflow. ”

Latifa continues: “I discovered from my lack of experience, after finishing the robot’s upper parts (head, hands and chest), the print filling of these parts weakened, so I had to blow up all the work. , and start printing all the finished pieces again, as it was not easy for me. Installation of robot hardware internal disks, which reach 28 motors for the hands, head and shoulders, as well as eye cameras, amplifiers, and a set of sensors that enable the machine to recognize people and measure the environment around it. all the mistakes of the beginning and the lack of regret, because I was caught up in continuing the journey and overcoming all the challenges until my efforts were crowned after three years with the success and completion of my project once and for all. ”


The Emirati innovator expressed her pride in the achievement she has made for Emirati women, despite her claim that she is still in the process of learning and experimenting, and her emphasis on the value of diligence and hard work to achieve goals. She adds: “There is no way to achieve ambition other than starting to implement it and working hard to learn and develop knowledge,” noting that she was not familiar with, before engaging in this experience , in the field of engineering or electricity. , and her rapid success in overcoming roadblocks, which in her opinion, inspires everyone who has talent, to start immediately on the path of achievement.

Latifa Al Hammadi:

• “When I started making robots, I had no knowledge of it, no tools, not even a background in 3D printing.”

• “There is no way to achieve ambition, except starting the project implementation, and hard work in teaching and developing knowledge, especially for those who have talent.”

Responsibility and ambition

• Latifa Al Hammadi has taken care of all the production costs of the new robot based on her monthly salary she receives from her job as a teacher, provided that she is programmed and put to the attention of institutions and companies interested in the adoption and implementation of the project in the UAE, to help facilitate its various public services and to bring them closer to others by introducing them and guiding them in a way that ensures the effectiveness and performance of expressing her hope that the project will receive the attention it deserves, and that it will enjoy the support and development of experts and specialists in the country, noting its ambition to professionalize the field to serve the country. its, United Arab Emirates. She stated that she will complete her doctorate in robotics and artificial intelligence at Khalifa University.

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