Finally the camera enters the “Palace of Wonders” in which Donia Samir Ghanem lives, the life of princesses .. The kitchen will amaze you!

Actress Donia Samir Ghanem and her sister Amy have gone through a difficult period since the separation of their parents, artist Samir Ghanem and artist Dalal Abdel Aziz Al-Hayat in recent months; But gradually she began to overcome her pain.

As she has become present in the artistic activities of the recent period, but also in social networks, she is preparing to return to her artistic activity again, preparing for more than one new work.

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The artist, Donia Samir Ghanem, is one of the few artists who do not publish photos or videos of their home, except for a few, and who do not talk about their personal lives to maintain family privacy and stability away from media and social networks. .

Al-Jamila magazine, through some photos that the artist publishes on his personal account on the social network Instagram, has spotted some photos of the decorations inside her luxury house in Cairo, which illustrate the sophistication and luxury of this house.

Donia is characterized by sophistication and simplicity in choosing roles in terms of acting or song and enjoys the same high taste, precision and sophistication in choosing the decor of her home, which is characterized by luxury, sophistication and classicism; We will show you photos from inside Donia’s house, which is inspired and inspired by her spontaneous, likable and classy personality.


When you look at the house from the outside, we discover that it has a classic luxurious and elegant style that resembles palaces and includes a large garden that surrounds the entire house; The garden includes a separate seating area, combining red and dark brown, with a small wooden table in the middle, to enjoy nature, also includes a table and other wooden chairs.

The garden also features a small pool in size and depth that Dunya designated specifically for her daughter Kayla in order to enjoy with her and spend fun time inside the garden.

Eating room

The dining room is dominated by light gray in terms of elegant gray marble walls and floors, also includes a large white marble dining table with light gray fur chairs.

It is clear that the stucco decoration on the ceiling of the rooms, on which the lights hang, is a set of lamps that are repeated in more than one room of the house, especially in the dining room and kitchen.

Luxury house of Donia Samir Ghanem in Egyptian style, with photos |  beautiful magazine |  Farfash's Page - Donia Samir Ghanem tells Farfash her beer story!


The bedroom is luxurious, as Dunya combines black and white with tones; To weave an integrated painting inside the room; Where the walls of the room and the floors combined black and white; It includes a luxurious white bed surrounded by two thin brown wooden bedside tables and decorated with white lampshades.

As for the black color, it is used in the wallpaper that adorned the wall behind the bed; We also noticed the presence of luxurious white pillars inside the room and the presence of a wooden library lined with several books in one corner of the room.

living room

The living room at Donia Samir Ghanem villa is characterized by serenity and sophistication in terms of wall colors, furniture and decor; Where beige and brown colors dominated the walls and every corner was dedicated to the placement of a set of sofas, a dining table and other accessories; Dominated by earth colors, gray and white; Large metal accessories also dominate in the living rooms.

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