Creativity and Knowledge Development Incubator in the Emirates of Plastic Arts

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The plastic arts traces of the Emirates throughout its history have presented an extraordinary model to keep pace with the development of knowledge through its interactive skills in handling many urgent artistic, cognitive and aesthetic variables, which formed a cultural movement for trends and the new techniques that opened the door to the recovery of classical plastic arts and its digital perspective, which paved an attractive path to acceptance by the recipient. competition, which has become part of the artistic composition of works oriented towards the future.

Creativity Incubator

Examining many Emirati works of plastic art and exhibitions during its cultural season in 2022, the audience, along with critics and specialists, touched on the vast amount of development and access to the contemporary spirit, based on tremendously creative approaches that keep pace with the world, where “Dubai Art Season” is an annual art festival that brings together under its umbrella creative activities in public places, outdoor art projects, interactive initiatives, seminars, exhibitions, discussion sessions and performing arts stimulate participation and make accessible culture and art. for everyone and everywhere, in addition to supporting and empowering promising talent, and growing Dubai’s position as a global hub for culture, an incubator for creativity and a forum for talent, and the global capital of the creative economy.

visual narrative

In light of the momentum of the scattered artistic currents emanating from it through an accelerated rhythm, many artistic methods that herald a creative, visual revolution with integrated pillars and digital technology play a key role in translating the artist’s aesthetics and techniques and He promised last April to present access to people, history and stories through a distinguished group of works of art first displayed together, and is a creative cultural platform that monitors the history of plastic arts in the UAE and growth their during half a century of development and transformation of Emirati artists.

Contemporary approach

On the other hand, the local education system witnessed many elements of integration and fusion focused on the globalization of society and its openness to cultures, from the founders of the art scene to the current generation of emerging artists, through quality works that confirm that art is formed through events that can be static and then return to motion, and increases the importance of relationships, countries of origin, and that the general public appreciates the ideas of the creators world through their activities, leading to the World Art Exhibition , which is being held in Dubai in its eighth edition for 2022, with the participation of more than 300 artists from more than 50 countries, and displays more than 4000 works of art, along with a 90% increase of the number. of participating artists compared to last year, in addition to the 60% increase in the number of participating galleries, which shows its continuous growth, in painting a picture of a diverse and polyphonic community formed through friendships and exchanges.

new media

The role of digital technology is considered a pioneer in the field of visual and plastic arts through the Sikka Art and Design Festival, which launched in its tenth edition the platform of the House of New Design and Media and includes an interactive installation by artist Jacques Bedouin. Titled “Sawaif from Modo”, designed by Emirati artist Omar Al Gurg, which presents an interactive space that redefines Emirati concepts, is a traditional Emirati house from the houses of the Historic Al Fahidi Quarter.

digital encoder

Art Dubai 2022 also received more than 100 galleries from 44 countries, in addition to taking in more than 30 new entrants for the first time, in the largest exhibition session since its inception, and the most distinguished art exhibition in globally, which included specially commissioned works by World Famous artists, a new innovative digital section that would connect digital coding and the art world, creative group art exhibitions, an ambitious multi-themed talk show, and the 15th edition of the Global Art Forum. .

Renewed culture

For the most important changes and features of development in artistic trends in the UAE, Khalil Abdul Wahed, Director of the Department of Fine Arts at the Culture and Arts Authority in Dubai, confirms that the plastic arts process in the UAE throughout the history of his work is underway tremendously, and the works on display monitored the nature of development and the differences in the content of painting between the past and the present, as well as the style, themes, and popular schools of art. Since the advent of the first signs of digital technology, many plastic artists have been quick to keep pace with this scientific breakthrough, so they have skillfully exploited the unlimited and endless possibilities of artificial intelligence enjoyed by the computer, and have used these supernatural digital skills in the service of their artistic creations.

Artist Aziza Al-Hassani shows the role of the history and heritage of the UAE and the uniqueness of its cultural production in the fine arts movement, especially in terms of creativity and the abundance of opportunities in addressing humanitarian and philosophical topics towards metaphysics. the search for truth and the like. Intellectual and technical maturity is what qualifies its owners to have a global presence, on the grounds that plastic art in the UAE is a procession, renewed and informed by the experiences of generations previous.

Aziza adds: The participation of Emirati artists in international exhibitions has contributed to the promotion of Emirati arts culture, as well as to the search for similarities or differences in multiethnic artistic experiences, which allows the field of local art to expand. experiences and gaining her own trace that is shaped by the civilized and human communication of peoples. On a personal level, she has participated in many international exhibitions in Europe, especially in London and Paris, through the painting “My past is gold”, e which tells of the history and rebirth of the UAE through various artistic techniques and a creative story that caught the attention of critics and the public.

monitor variables

Regarding the characteristics of creativity in the system of artistic experiences in the UAE, plastic artist Hind Rashid says: There are various elements and features that monitor and evaluate variables in the field of plastic and visual arts, where the most important is the expressive aspect. , which represents the ability of the classical or digital artist to use his idea and the consistency of the elements of his linear forms and colors in an automatic way and carries a poetic, descriptive or sometimes tragic theme, and comes as we proved through a style narrow and a popular plastic language easy and intentional, in relation to the formal aspect, which consists in the consistency of some elements emerging in used expressive forms and capable of the previous expressive aspect in a cohesion unit that will provide aesthetic and Artistic values ​​invite us to a side that branches off the element of movement and color along with the symbolic element, which falls under the expressive side in the distribution of their lines and symbols, the colors of forms and their political, social and psychological. connotations.


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