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Beirut – Omar Habanjar

An unprecedented paradox, in the history of parliamentary life in Lebanon, presided over the session for the election of the Speaker of the Assembly, Speaker Nabih Berri, automatically the only candidate for this post, who is President Nabih Berri.

It has been proven “with a legitimate face” that President Nabih Berri deserved to be included in the “Guinness” record group, as he is the only parliamentarian, probably in the world, who has spent 30 consecutive years, without interruption, as Speaker of Parliament. Lebanese parliament.

Looking at the background of the transformation that took place yesterday in the House of Representatives, it is clear that the multidisciplinary opposition failed the test of unity, in the face of those who demanded their change, and the evidence is a simple calculation. Speaker Berri received a majority of 65 votes in the first session, compared to 40 letters carrying the call. On justice for the victims of the Beirut port bombing, Lokman Selim and 23 white papers.

Since the Democratic Parliamentary Assembly chaired by Taymour Jumblatt elected Berri with his nine representatives, without his presidential candidate, Elias Bou Saab, it has become necessary for the independent candidate to represent Parliament Speaker Ghassan Skaf to get the votes he deserves. stop Berrit. , which are 40 canceled ballots and 23 blank ballots, plus nine votes of the Democratic Rally bloc, for a total of 72.

There is another calculation that leads to the same result, which is the subtraction of 9 deputies (Democrats) from the result of Speaker Berri (65 deputies), the result is (56), and this should have happened to Bou Saab if the ranks of the sovereigns and the switches were joined.

It is a newcomer who played his part in keeping the parliamentary helm in control of the allied trio, as the Nidaa Al-Watan newspaper says a voice-sharing deal was struck between Barry and Bassil, who demanded a personal commitment from Barry to support the appeal that the movement will submit to the Constitutional Council, against the two parliamentary mandates and that Berri guaranteed, based on this commitment, that the two Shiite members of the Constitutional Council would accept the appeal, in order to increase the number of current MPs, surpassed the Lebanese Forces, and in parallel with Hezbollah’s insistence that the appeal include the place lost by Faisal Karami.

After the end of the legislative kitchen yesterday, with the election of Berri as president and Elias Bou Saab in the post of president, the time came for the next government to lead. The issue here is in the hands of the President of the Republic, who should take the initiative to consult with the new old Speaker of the House of Representatives on the issue of initiating mandatory consultations to elect a Sunni figure to form the government of re. At the forefront of those who play this rhythm are the young MPs, who are exchangers and sovereigns, and are against what they describe as Iranian hegemony, and among those who prefer to spend the remaining 4 months of President Michel Aoun’s term in duty, under the existing interim government.

However, there is a large party, represented by the Free Movement, that refuses to take over the government of Prime Minister Najib Mikati, who is in charge of government affairs, to also handle the affairs of the Presidency of the Republic. the event of a presidential contest, before choosing an alternative.This movement seeks to form a new government without the Mikati presidency, provided that among its members is also its president, Gibran Bassil, with heavy bags for his current , so that he. can manage the steering wheel in the event of a presidential vacuum, as he ran it when he was chief in the shadows.

There is a third proposal for the government’s fate line, and it is said that it is now in the flames of Hezbollah, and this proposal involves the navigation of the interim government led by Mikati, renewing confidence in it before the new parliament, on purpose. to regain its effectiveness for the next phase of the presidential term, to then return to office.

The reasons for this proposal are that the remaining period of the presidential term may be lost in consultations, consultations and quotas, without reaching a new government, whose lifespan in power will not exceed 4 months.

With this process the flotation continues the dominance of the trio of Hezbollah, Amal and the Free Movement over the government, far from renewals and sovereigns, continued even over the House of Representatives not uniting the new representatives in at least one position. on the Presidency of the Council, which led to the maintenance of the troika’s control over the legislative kitchen. .

According to al-Anbaa, the presidential team and Bassil refuse to sail, first because it keeps Bassil out of the government’s direct decision and second, which is more important because Bassil and possibly President Aoun’s relationship with President Mikati are not. well, and his last indication is that the Minister of the Interior, Bassam al-Mawlawi, refrained from signing the decrees of naturalization of more Arabs, Syrians and wealthy Iraqis at the request of Mikati.

Former Prime Minister Fouad Siniora saw that the most effective for the government stalemate is the holding of early presidential elections, 4 months before the end of President Aoun’s term, considering that this period is not long, given the precedent of electing the president the late Elias. Sarkis a few months before the end of the term of the late president Suleiman Franjieh (5 months).

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