Bentley introduces the slim Bentayga

Dubai: “Bay”
Bentley has launched in the Middle East the new Bentayga S car that enhances the sporty agility present in the Bentayga family and has great design touches with unique details, especially since the Bentayga S is the latest version of the “Bentley” car. The Bentley luxury goes – everywhere the SUV is a landmark in its segment, designed and engineered in the UK and manufactured at Bentley’s carbon neutral plant in Crewe, England.
Version S reflects the abundant information received from a large number of customers who enjoy the dynamic performance of their Bentayga on the road. Based on the prestigious Bentley ‘S’ brand, the improved new Sport Bentayga offers a more attractive driving experience, with standard Bentley Dynamic Ride Active Roll Control technology and a chassis sport mode. A 15 percent increase in damping makes the chassis stiffer and provides a better adjustment platform for ESC in Sport mode.
What’s more, the Bentayga S features a revised visual look with the distinctive addition of black detail, combined with the sportier acoustic tone of the newly created free-flow exhaust system – both of which enhance the already compelling Bentayga’s presence.
The Bentayga S is distinguished by a number of distinctive exterior features, including the new unique 22-inch wheels with three finishes, the innovative ‘S’ badges mounted on the lower edge of the front doors and the Blackline Specification package as standard. The side profile has a more striking presence thanks to the larger rear spoiler, glossy black side sills and lower front and rear bumpers. The impressive exterior is complemented by dark colored lenses on the headlights and taillights, black door mirrors and black special discharge tips.
Inside the deluxe and luxurious cabin, the unique Bentayga S models are accentuated by the use of new seats, new stitching, a new color separation model and the use of premium Alcantara material to reflect the attractive exterior and additional dynamic capabilities. Several features contribute to giving the Bentayga S a bold and modern look, including color inserts for the dashboard, center console, door trim and seat backrests, as well as Alcantara accessories on the seat cushions, backrest inserts, steering wheel and the gearbox switch.
The market-leading luxury SUV that sets the standard in its segment from Bentley is available in four, five or seven seats.
High levels of power and performance
The Bentayga S is powered by Bentley’s famous 4.0-liter V8 petrol twin-turbocharged engine, which combines exceptional power and fuel economy. The latest generation of this engine produces 542 hp (550 PS) and 568 lb-ft of torque (770 Nm), with the ability to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.5 seconds (0-60 mph in 4.4 seconds) and a top speed of 290 km / h (180 mph). This class-leading performance is complemented by a distance of 654 km (406 miles), with CO2 emissions at 294 g / km. Off-road comprehensive capability remains available with a four-way Off-Road Specification option. To enable the most energy-efficient savings, the new model includes the Bentley Dynamic Ride, the world’s first active electric reel control technology that uses an unmatched 48-volt system. The Bentayga S offers additional capabilities through an improved Sport mode compared to the standard Bentayga. Or the recalibration of the Bentley Torque Vectoring by Brake system has made the Bentayga S more responsive to steering.
presence on the street
The robust and youthful exterior design of the new Bentayga S reflects a truly dynamic driving experience. The modern, sporty and purposeful nature of the Bentayga S is visible from every angle.
The Bentayga’s main road presence has been further enhanced by the ‘S’ model due to the black accents applied to all exterior fixtures, which match the black-painted door mirrors and side sills. These features are further accentuated by the dimming treatment of the oval headlights and taillights, as well as the new high-gloss black finish on the lower bumper grilles. The Bentayga S’s largest rear spoiler, which widens the roofline as part of the profile, provides more dynamic stability at high speeds. There are also unique new 22-inch wheels.
Three finishes are available, with silver being standard, while glossy black or glossy black and glossy black are premium options.
Unique interior – rich in luxury accessories
The ‘S’ model color division introduces the Alcantara premium in Bentayga’s V8 cab and appears on the seat cushions, center panels for the backrests, switches, steering wheel, top and roof lid, creating a performance interior in the center. luxury at the same time.
The presentation of the new, unique and modern design of the seats creates an even more sporty aesthetic. The new sewing design specifies the sewing method and is available to match the primary or secondary color of the interior decoration.
A unique and elegant logo adorns the front panel on the front of the passenger compartment, along with a Bentayga S-style side sill with similar lighting features. The Bentayga S shares a fully digital driver information panel with the Bentayga Speed ​​model, which can be customized according to driver requirements and features real-time lighting effects.

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