“Al Ras” in Deira is an aromatic and heritage jewelery story in Dubai

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Al Ras is an authentic part of Dubai’s old Deira neighborhood and is characterized by a heritage atmosphere thanks to ancient markets, such as the gold market.

Fancy jewelry is sold, the spice market is rich in aromas, the area’s narrow streets include antique Emirati-style guest houses, restored museums smell of the beautiful past, and wooden boats carry passengers across the Dubai Creek Dubai, where the Al Fahidi Heritage Quarter is located.

And “Al Ras” with its ancient historical and heritage character in the Dubai stream by Deiras, includes “Farij Al Ras”, in which the old Arab houses are still made of clay. Modern civilization touched him in its broadest sense, and was able to change only a small part of it that is not mentioned in the era of history.

Souk Al Ras is considered one of the oldest markets in Dubai and the best ever. The Al-Ras market is unique in the prices of its products and wholesale goods.

It is also distinguished for its strategic location in the Deira area, which makes it a cheap destination for shopping and trading away from anything that is traditional and commonplace. Souk Al Ras Deira houses a group of shops and stores that offer the best types of goods and products at more than great prices, which attracts a large number of visitors of different age groups and therefore you will notice the number of large of adults and children roaming the market every day.

Some of the products and merchandise that can be found at Al Ras Deira Souq include: spices, nuts, food, kitchen supplies, skin care products, copper products, antique lamps, fabrics, clothing, toys, gifts, sand bottles, shoes, accessories, and incense, and other ..

Attractive authenticity

Abdul Qadir Youssef, who runs his brother’s clothing store on Al Sabkha Street, says: The Ras Zone attracted him at first glance 20 years ago when he visited the Emirates, which was preceded by his brother, and he realized from that time that it was the right place for his residence, due to the authenticity of the area and being a tourist attraction. And commercially at the same time, noting that he encouraged his brother to have a business of his own, and he dreamed that the Ras area would be his place of work and residence at the same time and his dream came true after a few years.

Youssef explains the secret of its connection to the Al-Ras region, as it is a historical point that has a specialty in trade, in light of the diversity that characterizes it in all aspects, until it became an archaeological and economic center that contributed to the construction of the economies of many countries.

Inspirational area

Sheikh Mohammed, the owner of one of the shops in Al-Ras, agreed on the specifics of the market area and the attractive condition felt by all those who visit the Al-Ras area. His shop, which is interested in “scrap and scrap equipment and cardboard”, says the region’s history and archeological symbolism prompted him to settle there and focus on setting up his own business, even later he was inclined to walk two of his sons on the same road to help him. .

Sheikh Mohammed considers himself lucky as he sees every day everything new in the ancient history of Dubai through roaming and his continuous work in the area of ​​Al Ras.Al Ras is an inspiring area for those who visit it, let alone be there regularly.

historical wealth

Journalist Mohammed Thani, one of those who are interested in researching and learning about ancient geographical sites in the Emirates in general and in Dubai in particular, says: The Al Ras area in Dubai is one of the areas richest in “aromatic history” and a beautiful past.

Noting that the Al-Ras region’s historical difference stems from the fact that it has intertwined trade and tourism at the same time since antiquity, and still retains this privacy thanks to interest in it and keeping pace with development while maintaining the same time the timing of its planning and heritage architecture in the surrounding markets and buildings, representing the “city center”.

He said that his constant connection with him due to his birth and growth with his peers is in the area of ​​”Al-Khail Railways” in Naif market, which is the area that represents them their roaming gaming corner and has become an integral part. of their lives, more than half a century ago, and Mohammed Thani explains that shedding light on a historic site in this Fortune is necessary to document and exchange information that will attract current generations to historic sites and the Al- Ras in particular is considered a global market in the true sense of the word, on which many countries of the world depend on their trade.


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