What are the causes of erectile dysfunction in men?

homelandErectile dysfunction affects men and can be of any age, which causes a major mental problem. Below psychologist José Martín del Blego talks about the causes of erectile dysfunction.

According to what the Spanish magazine “La Mente es Maraviosa” published in its report, sexual encounters between spouses should be pleasant and stimulating; As there is nothing to cause fear or anxiety. However, erectile dysfunction can often become a very common occurrence in men due to this irrational tension.

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Difficulty of erection and sufficient stiffness of the penis to allow a satisfying intercourse; An obstacle can appear at any age. But the problem arises when it becomes a repetitive experience and the male chooses silence and self-criticism instead of looking for useful solutions.

In this regard, clinical psychologist José Martín del Bligo explains that there are many reasons for this change, ranging from organic factors to psychological ones or both. However, the man should always solve the problem by consulting specialists so as not to suffer more from mental exhaustion, not to mention the problems in the emotional relationship between the spouses.

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Why does a man suffer from erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is still a taboo topic so far. But it is important for both partners to be happy in their intimate relationship, hence the importance of consulting experts like Jose Martín del Bligo; He is a clinical psychologist and sex expert at the Association of Sexology in Madrid.

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What are the main causes of erectile dysfunction?

According to what he translated “Watan”, quoting the doctor, there are various reasons, including himReasons for membership in the following lines:

  • Lung failure, angina pectoris.
  • Some medications and excessive alcohol consumption are frequent causes of erection problems.
  • diabetic.
  • Prostatitis, urethritis.
  • infections.
  • sclerosis;
  • cirrhosis.

Behavioral and emotional reasons

Mental problems, depression, anxiety or stress hinder the sexual reaction process. for example: Predictive anxiety, fear of possible sexual intercourse and fear of failure in a relationship are the main causes of erectile dysfunction.

In addition to rigorous education andlack of adequate stimulation andMonotonous in erotic games. not to mention Opposite feelings towards spouses. and maybe homosexuality andBad sex education or child sexual abuse.

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At what age is it usually presented?

Many problems that cause erection difficulties are not related to age or age is not the main cause, but there is no doubt that there are diseases related to aging in addition to the appearance of diseases like vascular, hormonal and neurohormonal problems. This makes sense, that there would be more difficulty. In medical consultations you find patients of all ages with erectile dysfunction and although the onset of the problem usually has many different causes, the problem often has a psychological character.

How does it affect men?

If a man has an erection problem and does not give it due importance, it is common for men to fail in their intimate relationships. self, confidence and mood.

Marital relationship?

A weak marital relationship can cause erection problems as well as separation from spouses and lack of intimacy. Couples can also feel rejected and sometimes lose their usual attractiveness, and thus affect their self-esteem because the person with erection problems will have less initiative, which leads to the deterioration of the relationship.

The doctor emphasizes that good communication is necessary to understand the problem well and to solve it in two directions, without guilt or censorship, because the problem is a reflection of a sexual stimulus and a problem that can be solved using the will.

When a problem has a biological basis – although part of the predictive anxiety always shows up sooner or later – the first thing you need to do is choose what is believed to be a health issue.

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There are various specific medical treatments for erectile dysfunction that can help facilitate an accurate response, such as oral medications Viagra, Levitra, Cialis and Stendra. They are good medicines, but given that they have side effects.

There are also surgical treatments, such as prostheses that cause an erection, as a final alternative. In most of these cases psychotherapy will be needed, which usually gives good results.

Sex therapy remains the most important to solve the problem.

How do you help your partner?

  • Do not blame your partner or yourself for this sexual problem. You need to solve it by looking for causes and finding logical solutions.
  • When this sexual problem arises, spouses should beware of tension and anger, as criticizing or questioning the other greatly damages the relationship.
Psychotherapy for erectile dysfunction
Psychotherapy for erectile dysfunction

Sexual difficulties are very common problems.Sexual activity goes beyond sexual intercourse. If the erection does not appear, other things can be done and we do not focus on erectile dysfunction.

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According to the journal, psychotherapy for erectile dysfunction has an approximate success in 75% of cases.

Conclusion If you really think it’s a problem for you because it is a common and troublesome occurrence, talk to professionals who work to solve this type of problem. ANDThe sooner you face this hurdle, the sooner your brain will register the problem as a very important warning and the easier and more effective the treatment will be.

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