Wallan officially launches fourth-generation Geely Emgrand in Saudi market – Saudi News

The Saudi market has officially acquired the brand new Emgrand for 2023, one of the models of the Geely car sedan group, as revealed by Wallan Company, the exclusive agent for Geely cars in the Kingdom since 2020. Stunning and brand new Emgrand fourth generation in the Emgrand model series, Which was first launched in 2009, in a ceremony held on this occasion at the company headquarters in Riyadh, in the presence of senior officials of the Geely Company.

On this occasion, the Executive Vice President of Operations and Development at Wallan Company, Muhammad Nabil Al-Khalawi, said: The official launch of Emgrand 2023 comes after we have come a long way since May 2020, when Geely – Wallan Company began reopening in market the Geely brand and since at that time there was no turning back in the march of progress and continuity and thank God we achieved some success in terms of sales growth and market share, especially in the category (SUV) and medium.

Regarding the new Emgrand car, Al-Khalawy explained that it was designed according to the smart modular architecture (BMAThe world-famous brand, which is considered to be one of the best design standards in the classroom for safety, space and technology, and today will become the best in the Geely-Wallan car range today.

For his part, Cook Jo, General Manager of Geely Middle East and Executive Vice President of International Business, said: “Geely has sought, in every generation of Emgrand cars, to invest to make it the best car in its class its with many impressive and sophisticated specifications and features, and based on this and over the next ten years.In the past, the Emgrand was the best-selling sedan in China, with nearly 3.40 million units sold so far globally, and the Middle East is one of the first foreign markets where the all-new Emgrand launched after its debut in China last year, which is a strong testament to Geely’s high confidence in this market. ”

The brand new Emgrand was assembled at the Geely plant in Changxing province, a plant that uses fifth-generation artificial intelligence (5GDeveloped in the context of an unparalleled approach to the world of smart manufacturing, which is based on car design according to intelligent modular architecture.BMA) World-class developed within the Geely Automotive Group, where this architecture is also used in the manufacture of Coolray SUVs that are designed to exceed 5-star safety rating standards under the New Vehicle Assessment Program (NECA)NCAP) in all the world. In addition, users can be assured of the reliability and durability of the vehicle thanks to mileage testing and certification, according to Intelligent Modular Architecture (SMA) technology.BMA) global, which exceeded 5 million km.

The all-new Emgrand is powered by a new engine with dual variable valve timing (DVVT) 1.5 liters with natural aspiration, producing 102 hp at 5600 rpm and torque 142 Nm. It is a lightweight engine made entirely of aluminum alloy and uses a time chain for easy maintenance and longevity, and is equipped with a continuously variable transmission. with 8 speeds (CVT) provides better acceleration with minimal displacement disturbances and is characterized by rapid response.

The all-new Emgrand is equipped with the latest radiator system from the Geely company Pulse of Energy Surrounded by LED headlights and daytime running lights LEDIt also has an auto-ignition feature that allows the headlights to turn on automatically when it gets dark around the car, and the taillights have 190 headlights. LED. The all-new Emgrand is available in six colors: blue, navy blue, gold, gray, red and white.

The seats are memory foam with a luxurious lightweight suede and an environmentally friendly synthetic leather upholstery, and the steering wheel is also upholstered in cold leather to make sure it does not retain heat even if the car is left exposed. in direct sunlight, in addition, the luggage compartment Has a volume of 500 liters and can be further expanded using 60:40 supported rear seats.

In addition to safety features that neutralize the effects of shocks and interactivity, such as anti-lock braking system ABS With symmetrical brake distribution system ebpElectronic stability program, traction control, hill start control, electric parking brake with automatic retention and the presence of six airbags, the Emgrand features three ultrasonic radars for turning back, a wide-angle rear camera with high definition and a real-time temperature and pressure monitoring system and a special intelligent rear monitoring system warns the driver to check the rear seats before getting out of the vehicle.

In front of the Emgrand driver’s seat is a 12.3-inch digital instrument panel featuring a 3D interface and high-resolution display, and there’s also an 8-inch center display with great fun and controls for various vehicle functions, like change of direction. ways (from eco or comfort or sportsAnd the ability to open and close the sunroof, as well as intelligent air conditioning control.

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