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The Trustees reveals the secret of food starvation at Ibn Khaldoun Hospital in Belhay

Nutrition in hospitals is one of the most important basic factors that helps in healing patients, but nutrition is the opposite in Ibn Khaldoun Hospital in Al-Houta, the capital of Governor Lahj, which is considered one of the largest hospitals in the province. , where patients, attendants and nurses complain about the lack of healthy, varied and adequate food over three days. . in charge of the hospital kitchen, specifically since the beginning of 2018, and that the food is not healthy and sufficient and some patients and nurses refuse to eat it.

The Trustees investigated the truth by visiting the kitchen of Ibn Khaldun Hospital without the knowledge of the competent hospital authorities to obtain information in a transparent manner and from its main source.

custom food

He explained to Trustee contractor Al-Awadi that “the nutrition problem is not the main party to the shortcomings in it, indicating that it works in accordance with what has been approved by a monthly financial allocation of 3,500,000 Yemeni riyals, of which 120,000 Yemeni riyals are tax-exempt, which is an approved amount for hospital food since the beginning of 2018 and until now, in light of rising food prices, currency exchange and economic deterioration in the country.

Al-Awadi added: “From 2016 to 2018, the amount of food was disbursed irregularly, on a monthly basis, from 4 to 5 million, and prices at that time were the opposite of what is happening now and more than two years ago. ” He added: “Nutrition before 2018 has been excellent for its quality and diversity, and after 2018 I have personally attended the competent bodies in the Health Office on Hajj and in the Governor to increase food compensation as a result of the price. changes and their crazy increase, but unfortunately I did not find any answer and for this we are working on food preparation according to monthly supplements, in addition to what we do to buy gas cylinders at fantastic prices, as well as disbursing salaries. of kitchen workers, all of these are calculated from the amount of monthly compensation approved since 2018 in the amount of 3,500,000 Yemeni riyals subject to tax.

Three meals for 900 rials!

And he revealed to contractor Ibrahim about the total amount of daily food the patient receives in the hospital for breakfast, lunch and dinner, in a total amount of only 900 Yemeni riyals, noting that the value of roti breakfast and beans is 225 riyals, while the value of the rice and fish lunch meal is 450 riyals, while the dinner with roti and beans costs 225 riyals.

Al-Awadi said: “I am not happy with this situation, because a cup of tea today costs 200 rials, equal to breakfast or dinner, and this is a great injustice to patients, but the matter is not in my hands. and Knocking on the doors of the competent authorities to increase the supplement and there is no life for those who call and patients The attendants and nurses know this fact and do not hold me responsible for what happens to the food inside the hospital. ”

Once Diversity of nutrition

In response to the question of the “guardians”, the contractor confirmed that the food before 2018 was better and more varied in health, as breakfast and dinner consisted of roti, tahini, cheese, eggs and beans, while lunch varied during the week between rice. chicken, fish, spices and salads and he said that today we do not appreciate it. Offering such food for the above reasons. For example, the value of 10 boxes of chicken used to be 195 thousand Yemeni riyals, now its price exceeds 350. thousand Yemeni riyals.

weak excuses

The contractor added: “The failure of the competent authorities to increase compensation as a result of poor justifications created a worsening of the in-hospital nutrition situation, and among those excuses was the lack of a budget or financial supplement in the 2018 approved allocation, and the authorities competent preferred to remain silent thus preserving the food situation from 2018 until today.

Feeding with statements

On how to behave in the preparation and distribution of meals, Al-Awadi said: “We receive statements from departments on a daily basis, according to which the brothers in the kitchen prepare meals in addition to other meals for the nurses, the security guards. and the hospital research department, as well as the irregular disbursement of meals to other employees and according to administrative orders. We are obliged to provide food to patients in all departments and those mentioned. Regarding the isolation department, the contractor said: “At the beginning of the opening, we provided the department with food for only 40 days.”

legitimate demands

Regarding the contractor’s requests, he said: “We appeal to the governor and the director of the Office of Health and Finance to quickly review the food allowance and increase the allowance in order to provide a varied and healthy diet for patients.

public dissatisfaction

General dissatisfaction inside and outside the hospital for the unhealthy and inadequate nutritional system of patients. delicious and repeated every day, and one of the patients said that the food of the prisoners could be better than the food of the patients in the hospital!

Where is the role of organizations?

The escorts and employees told the “secretaries”: “Every day we see the cars of the organizations and the employees in the hospital yard as if it were the main center of the organizations, however the hospital lacks medicines, medical supplies, food, etc.” society. , and do not pay attention from a humane point of view to what the hospital suffers, the most prominent of which is patient nutrition, so where is the work of humanitarian and aid organizations within the hospital? ”

900 rials a day is a crime!

Citizens scoffed at the total value of three daily meals for a patient in Ibn Khaldun with 900 Yemeni riyals, considering it a crime against patients, great hunger and a catalyst in delaying patients’ recovery, as it is considered unhealthy food and it is not medically. suitable for different cases of hospitalized patients.

Urgent Complaints

Through the “guards”, a number of patients and companions appealed to the Minister of Health, the World Health Organization and humanitarian organizations to intervene urgently to support nutrition within the hospital, as long as the competent authorities in Lahj have refused financial growth. food allocation from 2018 until today.

Where is the governor?

The Trustees heard many of the most pressing questions during the visit: Did Governor Lahj’s Governor, who pays close attention to Ibn Khaldun Hospital through his continued moral and financial support for the hospital, know that the sum of 900 Yemeni riyals is the value of three daily meals for the patient within the hospital? And if he does not know, what is his position on this situation that the general public denounces in the hospital?

And we leave the answer to the patients through a future visit if there is a real improvement in nutrition and by order of the governor or others, as a humanitarian duty of the heads of authority to patients and as a legitimate right of patients to have health and health. best quality food.

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