On International Pasta Day, learn the difference between pasta and pasta

Macron or Macaron?
The difference remains between what is American and what is French, it is understandable to feel confused because both pasta and pasta describe a delicious baked dessert and the words sound almost the same, although Pasta grows by an “o” more than the word. Macaron, but this lowercase letter makes a big difference in the world.
Pasta is biscuits or small biscuits, usually made with ground almonds, coconut, other nuts or even potatoes, with sugar and sometimes added flavoring, food coloring, cream cherries, jam and / or chocolate layer. Happy 31st of May every year.

• Pasta and pasta

Pasta (mack-a-RUNEs)

Coconut Pasta – Photo by Nationaltoday.com

Coconut biscuits, these small foods are usually golden or beige with a rough surface, and sometimes dipped in chocolate (resembling the famous Eid al-Fitr dessert)

Pasta (mack-a-RONE)

Pasta (small stuffed biscuits)

They are sandwiches with small biscuits, the main ingredient of which is almond flour. They also include egg whites and powdered sugar, which provide a dreamy and fluffy texture. These cookies are different in taste and carnival color, but they are filled with a harmonious butter, jam or ganache, (Ghriba is similar to the famous Eid al-Fitr dessert) This delicious dessert, melted in the mouth is Everything about celebrating International Pasta Day!
According to Nationaltoday-com, despite the great deal in terms of the many similarities in the interior, its ingredients and compositions, and the small differences in formality, May 31st is certainly the national pasta day par excellence. It is a popular American holiday and pasta has long been associated with popular American traditions.
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• Overlap of components

Pasta and pasta

The origins of pasta and pasta are similar as many ingredients overlap:
– Both use a good amount of sugar to make these delicious cakes
They both use egg whites to make cookies grow and have a lightweight texture.
– Both are tasty and delicious and depend on a medium temperature until full maturity.
However, French pasta (which actually originates in Italy) uses almond flour at its base, while American pasta uses minced coconut, which gives it a distinctive flavor and high impact.

How did the pasta appear?

Celebrating International Pasta Day – a luxurious colorful dessert

According to daysoftheyear-com, pasta is believed to have originated in monasteries in Italy (hence the name, which sounds similar to “pasta” meaning “pasta”), dating back to the 8th century. Some Italian cultures seem to have taken them especially for this dessert, which does not depend on the presence of yeast, which means that it can be eaten during Easter.
There are some questions about how these baked goods arrived in France, but it was probably around the sixteenth century with Catherine de ‘Medici (who was originally from Florence) another story that tells Carmelite nuns seeking asylum during the French Revolution and paying for their housing. with cookies, and they became known as the “Macron Sisters.”
At this point, the biscuits were made with almond flour and egg whites, but not stuffed and stacked together like a sandwich or sandwich. The development of sandwich cookies with filling and flavor did not occur in France until the 1930s.
In the US, this trend has taken longer to reach pasta. These little meringue cookies, the Parisian pasta, made their debut in the US and became so popular when the difference was made between this pasta and American style coconut pasta. an important difference.
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• The tale of coconut pasta

making pasta

The history of coconut pasta began when the American Esther Levy popularized the wonderful pasta recipe in 1871, where she published it in the first American cookbook, and this recipe was published in the chapter on “cakes” as there was no chapter on cookies . at the time, and the texture of the pasta Not like biscuits is soft and slightly chewy, more like a biscuit than a biscuit. However, pasta-sized pasta is definitely more like biscuits, coconut was replaced by almond flour when the first coconut trees planted in Florida began to produce their own fruit. Thus, pasta is not merely a delicious little dessert, but a traditional ritual at the beginning of the locafort movement, eating products grown close to home.

• First National Pasta Day

Celebrating International Pasta Day – a luxurious colorful dessert

Chef François Bayard created New York City’s first National Pasta Day in March 2010. Since then, the celebration has gained fame and other famous bakeries have mastered its production and service, and 30 stores in New York attended major food outlets in the United States. in celebration of this day in 2019 and the holiday continued to grow from there.
Macron National Day comes to be celebrated as “Happiness Day”. The founders planned for these two days to coincide because, of course, a beautiful bunch of pastel rainbow pasta goes a long way towards happiness!
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