Meeting your boyfriend..Here are some tips to have the best time

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – On the surface, the “Covid-19” pandemic looks great for romantic relationships, as you can communicate with your partner at any time and be together endlessly, and there is plenty of time for intimacy. .

But, as everyone knows, quarantine has had the opposite effect on romance.

“Covid has eliminated sexual desire,” said Madeline Esposito-Smith, a sex consultant in the US state of Wisconsin. Again, that’s very valuable. “

With summer approaching, it was time to bring back what we had wanted, perhaps without realizing it, the night meetings.

Why should you go out with your partner?

As the name suggests, meeting is a planned time that allows both partners to focus on each other. Melanie Davis, a sex consultant in the US state of New Jersey, said the meeting could be a symbol of organizing sex, setting aside time to play cards, prepare food together, go out to see friends or for hiking.

In fact, the effect of one night meeting may have benefits that last longer than the next. “Overnight meetings have been found to have a positive impact on relationships, including increased relationship satisfaction, partner interest, mutual fun, better communication and greater commitment to relationships,” said Rachel Needle, a psychologist and co-director of Florida. based on Modern Institutes of Sex Therapy. Bigger than the other. “

A New Perspective on Night Meetings

As soon as you hear the phrase “meeting night”, you think of a traditional romantic candlelit dinner. The couple has plenty of opportunities to do this in a fancy or casual restaurant, near home or on a road trip.

“Meeting at night is a concept with the sole purpose of fostering feelings of connection to someone important in your life,” explained Rebecca Sokol, a psychotherapist in Brooklyn, USA. She explained, “Some of the essential components that are important to add to a good meeting include: no screen time, eye contact and a shared experience. The more these elements there are, the more there is to it. it is likely that the goal of improving communication will pass, to move into a sense of potential for growth in the relationship. “

Here are some suggestions from psychotherapists:

Open the way: It may be difficult to arrange a meeting night if you have children, but it is not impossible. “Maybe you can do some sort of exchange with another family with kids on a weekly basis,” Needle said. “Either plan something when the kids are asleep, or take a day off work or leave early if possible.”

nostalgia for the past: “I encourage both partners to look back on their favorite past encounters to see what made them exciting, fun or entertaining,” said Sari Cooper, a sex consultant and director of the New Center. York for Love and Sex.

Turn off your cell phone: “It can be as simple as eating dinner at home without distracting your phone,” says Paula Leech, an Oregon sexologist. She invites every couple she comes to “to continue to meet their partners and make as much effort in the relationship as it was in the beginning”.

Back to the past: Try going out with your partner overnight in a public place. “When we move away from our homes, we can see our partners in different light,” said Hannah Basel, a psychiatrist based in Minnesota and Oregon.

stay at home Deborah J. said Fox, MD, a couples psychotherapist in Washington, DC, “When it’s impossible to get out of the house because of your money or the presence of children, get dressed and eat by candlelight.”

Adventure plans: This can be as simple as taking a walk, trying out a new restaurant, driving to another city or anything outside of your comfort zone. “New experiences are a great opportunity to learn more about ourselves and our partner … and to evoke feelings of vulnerability, which can generate closeness,” Lesch explained.

Review privacy: “Have sex before going to dinner,” advised sex counselor Rosara Torrisi, noting that “people usually feel so bloated and tired that they can not enjoy sex after dinner.”

Acquisition of a new skill: Take a cooking class, go to wine tasting, or even learn how to change car oil together, as long as you are both trying something new.

Meeting in daylight: “Many couples experience prudence in relationships these days,” Sokol said. “What about meeting during the day or early in the morning? Changing times changes the type of activities, the circumstances in which we interact and changes the state of Think we live together.”

And finally, do not rule it out Virtual meeting There is no financial cost and you try through it if there is one type of initial attraction with the other.

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