Katara Hospitality launches Bait Al Dana services

Katara Hospitality is working to improve the services of Al Dana Club by providing it with new facilities that meet the aspirations and desires of its visitors and members at the same time. As part of setting new standards for its success, Katara Hospitality has recently launched the services of Bait Al Dana, which is now one of the most prominent facilities in the club.Bait Al Dana is a new restaurant filled with hospitality.Oriental and originality of Arabic cuisine.
Mr. Ahmed Al Abdullah, General Manager of Al Dana Club, said: “Al Dana Club stands out for its strategic location near Doha Corniche. It is one of the vital platforms for providing all the hospitality services and activities of other vital facilities. in the field of health and sports, in addition to the hall services equipped according to the highest audio-visual data, in addition to food and beverage services. ” The club includes one of the most modern and unique halls, Al-Jiwan Hall, which offers weddings.
Ahmed Al-Abdullah said, “The Bait Al-Dana restaurant is the main restaurant in the Al-Dana Club, which serves Maghreb Arabic food in addition to Levantine and local food, adding in this context that the menu in Beit Al-Dana varies accordingly. with the diversity of culinary experiences and the efficiency of the chefs working in it, noting that the menu at Beit Al Dana reflects the originality of Arabic cuisine, emphasizing that Beit Al Dana is the only specialized restaurant that offers gourmets and fans of food with all the delicious foods.
Ahmed Al-Abdullah said, “It was incredible to have the opportunity to create a menu that suits all tastes. At Bait Al Dana, we tend to create the true taste of Arabic cuisine using the best, most fresh local and relying on the expertise and knowledge of my wonderful team of chefs.
Speaking to local media representatives on the occasion of the opening of the Beit Al Dana restaurant, Ahmad Al-Abdullah said that “Qatari families make up 70% of the total members of the club and that is why we decided to have an Arab. restaurant specializing in Arabic food, explaining in this context that the Beit Al Dana restaurant has a capacity of 100 people.He emphasized the will of the club’s management to provide a unique hospitality experience for the members and guests of the club.
Ahmed Al-Abdullah said, “The club’s pace of work continued steadily during the Corona Covid-19 pandemic, as the club launched a number of innovative health and prevention solutions inspired by the Clean Qatar program launched in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health. and coordination with Qatar Tourism, noting that the club has become the kiss of those seeking luxury and relaxation thanks to the diversity of its service components inspired by modern philosophies and through a service staff trained according to the highest training sessions that contributed to the strengthening and enhancement of professional skills and operational efficiency.
Ahmed Al-Abdullah confirmed that the club has a strategic plan regarding the continuous expansion in the field of vital facilities, especially during the 2022 Qatar World Cup, through the installation of a number of large screens to watch matches.
Regarding Al-Dana Club membership, Ahmad Al-Abdullah said, “Club membership consists of three types, and we recently changed this concept and provided three new types of membership. Ari and Platinum. He added,” Membership of intelligence is characterized by a variety of different advantages to be enjoyed using all the amenities so that it reveals the services of any facility, be it massage or training sessions.In terms of gold membership, it is the highest value and includes access to desert waterfalls at Salwa Beach Resort, while platinum membership guarantees members hospitality and accommodation.Katara Hospitality.
Chief Executive Mohamed Kamila says: “The cuisine at Bait Al Dana is perfectly crafted, highlighting a variety of textures, colors and flavors. The king of the menu is smoked lamb’s freekeh, which is cooked and presented with a craft that pays homage to traditional Arabic ingredients. ” “Just when you believe that cold appetizers are the best part of the experience, special desserts will be waiting for you. All gourmets and lovers of authentic food can enjoy the ambiance and traditional cuisine indoors surrounded by a charming setting reminiscent of Arabic fairy tales, or you can enjoy the outdoor terrace overlooking the pool if the weather permits. next to West Bay on Commercial Street.The club is an oasis of Arab hospitality with a great and prestigious history spanning more than 20 years.The club offers families a place to relax, eat, exercise and to play, with a range of leisure facilities, restaurants, lounges, children’s activities and meeting rooms, to become their second home, focusing on facilities only for women, to offer the opportunity to enjoy privacy and comfort in a warm family environment.

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