International pioneering skills in training police dogs in the field of security

Abu Dhabi (Etihad)

The K9 Security Inspection Department in the Security and Ports Sector of the Abu Dhabi Police has acquired pioneering and international skills in training police dogs in search and rescue operations for missing persons, combating crime, securing events and maintaining security and stability.

  • Xhemal Xhuma Habash

Brigadier General Jamal Jumaa Habash, Director of the K9 Security Inspection Department at the Port Security Sector of the Abu Dhabi Police, stressed the readiness of the police leadership to keep pace with international best practices and to develop specialized policing, to achieve the highest levels of security preparedness to fight crime, through its various sectors and departments.
He noted that the department has achieved remarkable achievements, especially during 2021, represented in the signing of a memorandum of understanding with the Advanced Scientific Group, receiving the award of the Minister of Interior for Security Inspection and the award of the Commander-in-Chief of Police Abu Dhabi for Community Services, in addition to his success in equipping a vehicle assigned to the search and rescue team, and developing an intervention and raid team, preparing an intervention vehicle, creating a moss detection specialty of palm and specialization in detecting the causes of fires, and the creation of a specialty for coin counterfeiting.
He explained that the K9 Security Inspection Department owns about 150 dogs used in the police field, including: German Shepherd, Malinois, Golden Retriever, Labrador, Springer Espanol and Pointer.
These types of dogs are characterized by several characteristics, including: sincerity at work, physical strength, attention and alertness, activity and speed, intelligence and strong sense of smell.
He said that the dog before entering the service in the Department of Security Inspection joins a training program, where it is preferred that the dog be not less than 8 months to start training and after the assessment is completed to introduce the dog. in service and performs all the duties and tasks assigned to him, and the dogs undergo daily training program to maintain their physical fitness.

The coaches have long experience and high qualifications
The K9 Safety Inspection Department has the most skilled trainers with long experience in the field of dog training and care, where dogs are trained in several safety specialties, including “riot control, tracking, explosives detection, drug search” and community specializations, including “Living Dog Offers and Discovering Red Palm Fungi.” The Regional Institute of Safety Inspection is used, specializing in training and evaluation courses for dogs and trainers, which is the first institute at local and regional level.
Dog trainers have specific characteristics, which are the desire to train dogs, courage, bravery, intelligence, quick wit, patience and are constantly associated with training programs and activities; Aiming to increase their efficiency and familiarize them with advanced global developments in providing attention and care to police dogs to perform their security tasks.
The department owns a sophisticated veterinary clinic and a medical staff capable of treating dogs, equipped with the latest equipment, periodic dog examinations and providing the best types of food under the supervision of nutritionists.

Search and rescue team .. global recognition and international experience
The department has a specialized search and rescue team, where it participates with the Emirates Search and Rescue team in searching for the injured and trapped under the rubble in natural disasters, such as “earthquakes, floods, landslides and snowflakes … etc. ” and industrial disasters, such as “fires, explosions, and building collapses.” The role of search and rescue dogs is to detect the whereabouts of the injured and to give a “barking” signal for the presence of a living injured victim.

The search and rescue team at the K9 Security Inspection Department with the Emirates Search and Rescue Team received recognition from the United Nations International Search and Rescue Team “INSARAG”, which is the body that provides international accreditation and classification for international search and rescue. teams, and the team also received international recognition from the International Organization for Rescue Dogs “IRO”, which is the body authorized to certify qualified search and rescue dog teams and provide them as emergency support units.

Numerous tasks for k9, mostly event security and tracing of missing persons
The K9 Security Inspection Department performs a variety of tasks using sniffer dogs: securing official events and occasions in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, securing sporting events, securing official processions, searching for and rescuing those who have disappeared under the rubble due to natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, and storms), securing land ports, securing air and sea ports, security duties, and other communications. The department also participates in community events by presenting live dog shows to inform the public about the effective role of police dogs in maintaining safety, combating crime, and reviewing the skills of trainers in training dogs in various disciplines.

Emirati women attack security training with police dogs
Abu Dhabi Police recently recruited female national cadres to work in the field of training and inspecting police dogs at the K9 Security Inspection Department, in confirmation of the pioneering role of women in various areas of police and security work.
The trainers started their duties and were highly qualified to participate in all security tasks and official events and occasions.
The inclusion of new female instructors in the field of inspection will open more for the membership of many female staff who want to work in this vital field and will provide them with proper training, preparation and qualification, based on the will of the Department of K9 Security Inspection for. emphasize their role in the field of security and ways to deal with high skills and professionalism with police dogs.
Female collaborators perform many tasks, including securing and guarding crime scenes, participating in tasks that require women to intervene in inspections, participating in security missions and communications, and securing large state-organized events and exhibitions.
The Department is working on the future direction of integration of female staff in the field of search and rescue, participation in international security missions, their qualification as experts in the field of police dog training and obtaining accreditation as trainers in the field of training k9. inspectors.

Security inspection .. significant participation in local events
The K9 Security Inspection Department is keen to participate in many local events, especially the Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition, the IDEX International Defense Exhibition and Conference, the Arena Exhibition and Conference, the Mother Nation Festival, the Millions of Poets Competition the Federal High Court and Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque competition, Securing all sporting events, securing vital facilities and beaches, securing the International Private Aviation Exhibition, securing the Moroccan Festival and securing periodic conferences and meetings.
The Department focuses its efforts on increasing the efficiency of specialized police personnel and familiarizing them with the latest global developments in attack dog use techniques and safety inspection tasks for police dogs, and implements many commitments. community.
The Security Inspection Department confirmed the readiness of the Abu Dhabi Police to take advantage of the experiences and successful experiences gained by police dog trainers and security and police institutions, to use them optimally and to provide solutions appropriate to address the challenges associated with training, inspection. and veterinary care.
The tasks and specializations of police dogs have witnessed a significant expansion through the use of modern technologies in the development and modernization of dog training for remote detection and search capabilities, as they are used in various security areas, including drug detection and weapons, searching neighborhoods and corpses, as well as riot control and interventions.

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