Body language loving hands

body language loving hands, And its role is in the emergence of emotional relationships between two partners, and between people who are close to each other, and body language is one of the languages ​​that people use between them to show feelings of love and closeness, and it is similar with human language in terms of complexity and ability to use it in the right ways, and on a page that will identify body language and their meanings in love, in addition to the body language of loving hands.

The importance of body language in displaying feelings of love

Ways of showing love to the partner vary greatly from person to person, and holidays that gather the partner and exchange gifts are very important ways to express love and physical expressions like touch, pressure and education can be used as one of the ways. to express love, which is preferred by a part of people over other ways, and body language is considered as one of the five main languages ​​of love, which are: verbal communication through words of constant praise, offering help and assistance, giving of time and attention for partner, exchange of gifts and physical touch, but not all people use these tongues of Thursday in the same way and method, each person offers and receives love in a special way, it is very important to know things the partner prefers. to always be used to express and communicate love to the other, and physical touch is one of the languages ​​of love that does not necessarily involve the full physical relationship, although the romantic marital relationship is one of the fundamental aspects of love between spouses. but other methods such as touching, hugging, caressing the shoulder, back and fist are aspects of love that can communicate feelings with the same force.[1]

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Body language loving hands

Body language is very important in love, as it is one of the best languages ​​that can be used and has a very big impact on emotional relationships. Therefore, many researchers and scientists are encouraged to study the influence of body language on communicative relationships. between people.Studies conducted on communicative languages ​​between people have shown that Hand language is one of the most important languages ​​that most people use to express many feelingsIn addition to the language of the hands, there is the language of the eyes, the language of the face, of the lips, and so on, and each of the human organs is connected to the brain and behaves differently when the person’s feelings are kindly ignited. The tongue of the hands occupies most of these tongues through the many different signs that can be displayed using the hands, as the space occupied by the hands on the brain is wide compared to the others.

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Signs of the tongue of the hands in love

There are many signals that are sent from the brain to the hands to move in a different way, and the most important signals of the hands that show love:[1]

  • soft touchThe closeness of one person to another and the attempt to put his hand on it and touch it from time to time is the greatest evidence of love and greed for the other, and these touches are often evidence of love, and the touch can be a touch of partner’s hands as it may be a touch on his hair or face or a caress on his shoulder.
  • hands sweatingAlso the sweating of the hands during the meeting with the partner is one of the best evidences of the love hidden in the heart. Love activates the nervous system and causes an alarm to the sweat glands in the hands, which increases their secretion.
  • Trying to hide your face with your hands: This language is widely used by girls because the female tries to hide her face, which shows signs of redness and excessive sweating when she meets her partner, so she uses hand movements to hide her face occasionally to hide her inner feelings . .
  • spontaneous touch: The partner wants to touch his partner, so he uses excuses for things that are not real, such as the presence of a little dust on the clothes and he removes them, or the presence of something on the face to remove it.
  • hand grip: Especially when crossing the street, walking or when going through a certain psychological crisis, under the pretext of help, and the partner may notice that his partner beats his hands hard or their temperature is slightly high.

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How to express love with body language

There are many romantic ways to express love, especially physical touch that differs from a full physical physical romantic relationship, and below are the most important ways to express love through physical contact, and the importance of touch comes from its important role in The release of love hormone or oxytocin hormone, which is responsible for the feeling of happiness and contentment between couples, security and the ability to continue, and below are the most important ways to express love through body language:[1]

  • kissingKissing is not a prerequisite for practicing a marital relationship, just as kissing can be on the cheek, face, head or even hands. Kissing is one of the most effective and important ways to express love in romantic relationships, and is the greatest testimony of love and affection.
  • Hold handsHolding hands by spouses in public places and on the street is the greatest evidence of mutual love and this movement helps to stimulate the release of special hormones to regulate mood, improve communication and bond between spouses and show love mutual.
  • hugsIt is one of the best ways to express love in body language and helps a lot to bring the two partners closer, and the hug can be spontaneous while watching a movie or a program, or during the day and when the husband returns from work . and hugging contributes greatly to relieving stress and improving the health psychology of both partners.
  • physical contactOne of the best ways to express love and get closer to your partner is to touch his body, and body touch can be in a variety of ways, including touching the face, running fingers through the partner’s hair , holding the hand or touching the lips. or neck, the greatest evidence of attraction to the partner.

Ways to express love indirectly through body language

There are many ways to help improve marital relationships through indirect touching and indirect intimacy with the husband using the following methods:[1]

  • Touch the back and shouldersIt is one of the best ways when a man or a woman goes through a certain crisis and it is a natural reaction that aims to help him overcome his ordeal and can contribute to conveying feelings of love to both partners and to increase feelings of mutual comfort. .
  • Sitting next to your partnerIt is preferred that both partners sit close to each other touching the feet and legs, which is an indirect way to express love and affection and can contribute to conveying feelings of love and closeness to the other party.
  • tickle: It is also one of the physical expressions of love and contributes to getting closer to the other party and spending a time of fun and happiness together.

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What are the signs of body language that indicate that your partner is in love with you?

There are a number of signs that indicate that both partners are in love with each other, and these signs can be physical but also non-physical, and these gestures and movements can be constantly received and understood by the subconscious mind, which helps. the continuity of love and among these signs are these:[2]

  • Withdrawal of partner: And the desire to abolish division, And constantly near him, and the proximity can be physical or through ordinary tools and objects, the partner can always say to sit next to you, or place his drink next to your drink, or by placing a phone next to your phone to show wish. to stay close to the partner.
  • physical contact: It is the greatest proof of love and closeness with the partner. If the partner always wants to be close to the partner and touch him, it means to fall in love with him.
  • Careful: It is a very clear proof of love, if the partner is always attentive to the other and focused with him despite the presence of many distractions near him, then it means that love is too great in his heart.
  • Eye contact: continuously and repeatedly, It is a very important guide used by experts to measure the degree of love, as the lover always looks the lover and constantly looks him in the eye and this method has a very big impact on the heart of the other party.
  • Smiling at your partner: When you see or hear his voice, which is one of the signs of love, the lover always smiles when he sees his partner and this smile is a great proof of happiness when he sees his boyfriend..
  • Feel comfortable with your partner: It is one of the signs of love, as the lover always seeks to meet the partner to feel comfortable and to ease the burden of life and the stress caused by work..
  • Partner careProtecting her with certain behaviors, such as helping her cross the street and taking off her coat to warm her up and giving her all the attention behaviors..
  • confusion: For a woman, playing with hair can express confusion with her partner and there are several ways for men, the man always behaves in a feminine way with his girlfriend and can be hindered or mixed in his words and the reason for this is tension. and anxiety he feels.
  • Disclosure of private matters: It is a method for men as well. If the man constantly talks to his partner about his personal problems, then this is proof of his love for her.
  • Walking with your partner: It is also a specific method for men, as the man approaches the woman he loves and never tries to precede her with steps, but instead makes his steps in harmony with her.

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It was finally identified Body language loving handsAnd it has been shown that body language is one of the five languages ​​of love, which is a very important language that should always be focused by the desire to know your partner’s feelings towards you and pay attention to the signs that indicate absence. of love between two parties to ensure the continuity and success of the relationship.


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