Assistant Secretary of Solidarity Discloses Pilgrim’s Travel and Return Date Collectively

12:40 pm

Tuesday 31 May 2022

Libra – Youssef Afifi:

Ayman Abdel Mawgoud, Assistant Minister of Social Solidarity for the Affairs of Civil Society Institutions and Executive Director of the National Foundation for the Facilitation of Hajj and Umrah, announced that 3,000 citizens won the Hajj lottery for NGOs this year.

Abdel Mawgoud added, in an interview with Masrawy, that the start of the association pilgrims’ journey to the Holy Land will begin on June 24, in coordination with EgyptAir, over Medina, provided the return begins on July 22. 2022.

And the text of the conversation:

First of all, tell us about the NGO pilgrimage this year?

The government allocated 3,000 pilgrim visas to the Ministry of Social Solidarity – (NGO Pilgrimage) – at the rate of 25% of the number set before the Korona pandemic, and the electronic lottery took place, without human intervention, under the supervision of the unified electronic portal for Haxhin, within the Sector of Administrative Affairs of the Ministry of Interior.

How many citizens applied for the lottery of Hajj associations this year?

The current year is marking the organization of a one-level, 4-star pilgrimage, and the names of the winners of the NGO Hajj lottery were announced once at the republic level, according to the number of visas in each district at the governor’s level for guaranteed justice in all governments, and about more than 17 thousand. A citizen of the pilgrimage lottery association, 3000 of whom won, representing 2600 civil associations. On May 24, the procedures for obtaining the necessary documents from the winner citizens started, respectively, until the beginning of the pilgrimage season.

What are the reasons for organizing the NGO pilgrimage on one level?

The reason why the Ministry of Solidarity addressed the organization of the pilgrimage of associations at one level is due to the small number of Hajj visas issued to Egypt by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the lack of visas assigned to the Ministry of Social Solidarity.

Among the reasons are also keeping Egyptian pilgrims from mixing with other nationalities while performing Hajj rituals, limiting the spread of the Corona virus and choosing a level that ensures safe and secure entry and exit of pilgrims and maintaining public health.

How many applicants are for Hajj associations?

The total number of applicants for the NGO pilgrimage this year reached about 17,500 citizens, through 2,589 NGOs and institutions, the number of male applicants reached 7,818, and the number of female applicants reached 9,949, and the Cairo Governorate ranks first among developed governments. .

What about contracted hotels and facilities?

In Mecca, a contract was signed with the 4-star Emaar Hospitality Hotel on Ibrahim Al-Khalil Road, about 700 meters from the Haram.

As for Medina, a number of hotels have been contracted to accommodate the pilgrims of the associations in stages, according to the grouping of trips and flights, all are 4 and 5 star hotels, about 300 meters from Haram and include breakfast. and lunch as an open cupboard, for the length of the trip.

And what about transportation?

A contract has been signed with the largest mass transport companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with models no less than 2020 and the capacity of the bus is about 47 pilgrims, and a supervisor has been appointed for each bus that accompanies the social solidarity pilgrims. , and every 44 pilgrims have a supervisor.

Lottery visa allocation was considered according to the number of applications to each governor, and small governments were considered to have a minimum bus and governments, the percentage of which win the lottery was about 30 or 40 visas. were obliged by the number appropriate to a bus to be with him.Musharrafi is from the same governor and the governments were not united in the context of preserving the nature and independence of each governor in terms of supervision, housing or transfers.

What about the time of travel and return and the length of stay of the pilgrims?

The start of the pilgrimage of civil society pilgrims to the Holy Land, in Medina, on June 24, in coordination with EgyptAir, and will be in stages until July 2, according to the schedule, provided that the return continues until July 22. , 2022 and the average duration of travel and stay of pilgrims on earth The holy days are between 21, 22 and 23 days depending on the circumstances of each regiment and this is the overall average of the trips.

What is the fate of those who apologize for Hajj associations?

There is a 30% reserve for those who apologize and replace pardons, but the percentage of pardons is expected to be very small, given the time constraints, especially with high turnout.

What about the pilgrim’s medical insurance?

Medical insurance is available within Egypt and in Saudi Arabia, as the value of the trip includes medical insurance for pilgrims to receive any first aid or treatment, according to their health condition, in coordination with the Egyptian Ministry of Health and the 24-hour appointment. clinics at the pilgrims’ residence to provide medical care to Egyptian pilgrims.

Is a percentage of visas allocated to settled people?

Unfortunately, a certain percentage of Hajj visas this year were not granted to people of determination, due to the small number of visas issued to the Ministry of Social Solidarity, so a lottery was held, open to all, and they who meet the conditions are accepted in Hajj. If any person applying and meets the previously announced conditions is subject to health certificates for Hajj because they are not prohibited according to the procedures set by the Ministry of Quotas. The most important need is that his health the condition is healthy and not from previously warned diseases, be it tumors, renal failure, acute pneumonia, Alzheimer’s cases, or fatty delays, which are cases Owners are forbidden to perform Hajj according to the requirements of the Ministry of Health, except that there is no is a problem in their pilgrimage.

Has the Red Crescent participated in the association pilgrimage this year?

The role of the Red Crescent is only within Egypt and the Ministry of Social Solidarity is coordinating with it only to provide a “Hygen” bag that includes suitable supplies for the pilgrim on the Hajj journey, which leads to the safety of pilgrims, in addition to coordination with the Saudi Red Crescent, within Saudi Arabia, to offer its numerous services to all pilgrims of the Islamic world.

What are the documents required to obtain an association pilgrimage visa?

Required documents include the following:

– Certificates of movement from the General Directorate of Passports and Immigration to ensure that you will not travel to perform Hajj rites forever.

Issuance of a QR code certificate certifying that the corona vaccine has been received.

Submission of a negative test result (PCR) for the Corona virus to a sample taken within 72 hours prior to the departure date for Saudi Arabia.

– Health certificate issued by the Ministry of Health that includes vaccines “seasonal flu vaccine, quadrivalent vaccine and meningitis vaccine for a period of not less than 10 days and not more than 3 years”.

Taking a dose of inactivated polio vaccine for a period of not less than 4 weeks and not more than 12 months.

– A certified and stamped medical report “full blood count”.

Analysis of liver and kidney function, chest radiograph from a health-related hospital.

An original passport valid for one year from May 11, 2022.

– 10 personal photos on a white background, a possible criminal record for Hajj and a recruitment statement for those of military age.

How many airlines participate in the pilgrimage associations’ journey to the Holy Land?

Only one company represented by EgyptAir, and any itinerary in the city, whether going or returning.

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