The regime doubles the cost of a Syrian passport

Syrian passport is an additional crisis (Khalil Mazraawi / AFP)

The Syrian regime’s interior ministry issued a circular stating that fees for obtaining an “urgent passport” would increase from 100,000 to 300,000 Syrian pounds, on the pretext that those who pay this extra cost will benefit from not being misused. theirs. time in the queues.

According to the exchange rate in the country, 300,000 Syrian pounds is equal to about 80 US dollars and this figure is higher than the salary of most government employees and is also double the salary of a large number of regular employees. as the prevailing wages in Syria do not exceed $ 25 per month.
It is possible to observe the daily queues of visitors in front of the passport issuance centers in the various governments of the regime-controlled areas.

And in the circular of the Ministry of Interior it was stated that “the increase of fees comes in the framework of the realization of the wishes of the citizens to get the passport on the same day when the documents are submitted” and showed that those who pay will not be required fees to register for a meeting on the special electronic platform.In passport applications, stating that the passport will be delivered to the interested person.

Muhammad Omran, a Syrian from the village of Hama, told Al-Araby Al-Jadeed: brokers and bookings on the website, which sometimes amounts to 3 million Syrian pounds (equivalent to $ 800), and if the decision guaranteeing the issuance of the passport is implemented without the intervention of trackers and brokers, the cost of obtaining it will be much higher. lower than before.

On the Interior Ministry’s Facebook page, commentators differed, with some writing that the ministry decided to raise money from citizens instead of leaving it to agents, while others wrote that it was better to pay the state. Mijë 300,000 rather than paying milion 3 million to an intermediary to get a passport issuance appointment, before proceeding with the passport transaction, the official cost of which is only $ 3.

Abu Khaled is a transaction tracker that deals with regime departments. He requested that his real name not be used for security reasons. He says any decision made by the regime to carry out transactions urgently without prior appointments is “an opportunity for corrupt employees to A corrupt employee always take bribes, even if he runs out of person’s papers are done regularly, claiming that the papers are incomplete to get money from him. ”
Abu Khaled adds for Al-Araby Al-Jadeed that “issuing a passport for ,000 300,000 without waiting for a turn on the electronic platform will lead to a rush of auditors at immigration and passport centers and as a result, waiting hours are longer longer than before. , which makes some prefer to pay bribes to get a passport quickly.

Obtaining a passport is a goal for most Syrians (Khalil Mazraawi / AFP)

The issuance of passports represents a crisis for all Syrians, whether they are at home or living abroad. The cost of issuing a passport from abroad is about a thousand dollars, and the figure includes fees and reservation of a role through intermediaries dealing with officials in the regime Department of Immigration and Passports.

Earlier, the system raised the cost of obtaining an urgent passport to mijë 100,000, and that cost at the time was equivalent to about $ 20, as its price was $ 31,000, equivalent to about $ 7, while the fees for obtaining a slow passports are still 13 thousand, which equates to only about three dollars.

A Syrian citizen residing in regime-controlled areas is required to pay the same fees when requesting to renew his or her passport or obtain a new one, with the need to have many official documents, including a personal identity card or a record. issued. from the civil registry holding the photo of the person with a selected locality Stamp, two personal photos with a white background, the approval of the employee’s employment authority or a “non-employee” permit and the approval of the Recruitment Division for those aged 17 up to the age of 50, who are not excluded from the service, other than 2000 2,000 return insurance compensation, and form 200 200 stamps, and the approval of a guardian for minors and the disabled.

For his part, Yahya, the transaction commentator in the city of Homs, who preferred not to reveal his nickname, says the issuance of the Recruitment Division approval is for those who have performed compulsory, regular or reserve service, or for Those who have benefited from the recruitment exemption, in addition to those who have postponed their studies may obtain the approval of the Division. He confirmed to Al-Araby Al-Jadeed that the Division employee takes bribes and is the one who pays them when the approval is issued, adding that giving approval does not take time, but the timing of its issuance is determined by the employee supported by the officers of regime security.

The system requires the same papers and fees in case a citizen requests a passport replacement, a lost or damaged replacement, with the addition of a penalty for losing or damaging the passport. Confirmation of any hypothesis may expose it to prosecution. The regime stopped issuing passports at the beginning of the second half of last year, at home and abroad, on the pretext that there were no “books” available, and resumed issuing them later.

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