Money or murder .. Behind the scenes of negotiations with the kidnappers of the Egyptian student B.

01:51 pm

Monday 30 May 2022

Librat – Mahmud Abdel Rahman:

On the morning of May 14, two Egyptian students, Moamen Haitham and Fadi Saeed, left the apartment building of the ATIS Aviation Academy in Vereeniging, South Africa, to spend the weekend in the capital, Johannesburg, which is 90 kilometers from the residence of tire. .

Moamen and Fadi rented a private car, as a number of their colleagues did, to relocate to the capital, as it is the best way to move between nearby cities in South Africa, as recommended by tourist destinations. and travel to the African country. some of whose cities are classified among the least safe cities in the world.

The two students, who had only been in the small town for a few months, got into the rented car driven by one of them, along with another group of their colleagues, who were renting other cars.

On the way to Johannesburg, Moamen and Fadi were abducted after unidentified gunmen cut off the road. The administration of the Academy has not yet been able to identify the kidnappers or have access to any information about the abductees, according to Haitham Kamel, the father of the abducted student, Moamen.

Feringing city where ATIS Aviation Academy is located (4)The road leading to Johannesburg from “Firinging” is in the middle of vast agricultural areas, some of which lie on medium-height hills and inhabited communities have limited visibility, as shown by images and views from Google Earth and Google Studio .

While the academy specializing in teaching civil aviation skills, joined by Moamen and Fadi, is located in the interior of the Vereeniging Desert, a small town with an airport with a population of only 99,000.

Feringing City, where the ATIS Aviation Academy is located (5)

The academy, whose tuition fees during the two years of study are estimated at $ 46,000, paid in 4 installments, defines itself on its website and on its social media platforms as the first Egyptian academy to have its own school 100% of licensed and registered flight. with the South African Aviation Authority and registered in Egypt with a license from the General Investment Authority.

Flight Academy

On Friday evening, May 14, the last phone call was between the student, Moamen, and his father, Haitham, to check on his health and learn about studying at the Academy. The father says: “Normally, my wife and I talk a lot with a foreign believer and we can talk to them twice a day after that.

The next day, Saturday, the “father or mother” family could not communicate with a believer for the first time since his travels. The father says: “Messages were sent that did not arrive and the bell rang. “After numerous failed attempts to communicate with his son, the father contacted the academy administration at headquarters. Located in Maadi in Cairo, to help him control his son. The employee at Cairo headquarters asked him to communicate with university administration in South Africa or expect the Cairo administration to communicate with the branch administration in South Africa.

The father decided to communicate with the administration in South Africa and not wait. The university employee in South Africa told him that his son and friend Fadi had been missing since yesterday and informed the police about their disappearance and they are currently wanted. in progress.

kidnapped student (1)“At this time, we did not know what to do and where to go.”

The next evening, Sunday, May 15, the father received a call from an unknown international number telling the caller, who spoke Arabic in a Levantine dialect, that a gang had kidnapped Fadi’s friend and believer. asking them to pay a financial reward estimated at milionë 7 million if he would like to release his son and return him safely to him, as the father points out.

The caller told the father of a believer that he would call him again after two days, during which the father was able to secure the required reward and the caller did not allow the father to ask for anything else, as to the condition of his son or how to transfer the amount or the expression of the father for his inability to secure the amount, which proves that it is beyond his financial means.

After receiving this call, “The world has become so sad, we do not know what to do.” Moamen’s mother fell after learning the news. Moamen’s father, who considers his abducted son to be his older brother, continues, but in the eyes of his parents he is still a child, as he has not turned 18, “We have remained powerless, no “You know how to move.”

The father wrote to all parties he thought would contribute to providing assistance, including the Ministry of Immigration, the Ministry of Interior, the Prosecution of International Cooperation and the administration of the Academy where his son is studying, ” “Nothing has happened so far,” says the father. “My son is lost and I do not know how to do anything.”

The academy administration offered the family a 50 50,000 contribution to pay the ransom, according to the father’s account, which the Cairo academy administration refused to deny or confirm. “But we will remain silent until the kidnapped Taliban return.”

The family received a second phone call from the kidnappers, asking for the amount savings, during which a believer’s father warned him not to communicate with the academy or police services so as not to endanger his son’s life. Your son Salim, push. “Asking the father to expect a call from him.

This happened two days later and the caller told him that the kidnappers had agreed to reduce the amount to milionë 5 million, stressing the father after communicating with any official body not to risk his son’s life.

The father asks the caller to communicate directly with the academy in South Africa, “contact your academy and they will be able to give you the money faster than us.” The caller responded, through a recorded message from his son asking for help: “Dad with me, pay them what they want, I’m tortured here. The caller hung up after asking the father to answer his son and to provide the required amount.

“My son has been a pilot all his life, so I entered the academy.” The father justifies enrolling his son in the academy, due to the son’s insistence that he be a pilot, despite having received an American degree, but he insisted on applying. at a civil aviation academy to fulfill his dream.

The father says: We were afraid of him on the first trip, but the security measures that the Academy confirmed he would follow with his students, made them feel safe, as the academy provides accommodation for students and does not allow them to leave until after the approval of his family.

Minister of ImmigrationThe news of the abduction of two students Moamen and Fadi spread widely among the pioneers of social networks, calling on the relevant authorities to intervene in the return of the students, which led to the official website of the Minister of Immigration, Dr. Nabila Makram, to send a message to Moamen’s family, stressing that the Egyptian embassy in Pretoria, South Africa, she communicates with the competent authorities there, who are following the matter, urging the families of Fadi and Moamen not to raise are published in the media, to maintain their safety.

But Moamen’s father sees that time is passing and there is no news about his son, saying: “Since the day of the disappearance, the gang has spoken to us from time to time and they say you have to pay the money or you will we kill them and their corpses. have been sent to you. “

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