Honoring Graduates of Design at the American University of Sharjah with the exhibition “Six Degrees”.

Representatives of the design industry took the opportunity to meet 110 talented young stylists from the College of Architecture, Art and Design at the American University of Sharjah on Friday night as they prepare for their professional debut this summer.
Graduate work varied, between sustainable architecture, animation, story design, and more; Where he raised the curtain of diverse and innovative creative works of graduates in the exhibition “Six Degrees” in Dubai Design District. The exhibition, named after the college’s bachelor and master programs, runs through Friday, June 3, and features works in architecture and interior design, design management, multimedia design, visual communication and urban planning.
Dr. Varkey Balathucheril, Dean of the College, said: “The exhibition celebrates the achievements of the graduates and the influential education provided by the faculty members of the College. “It is true that we have recently received award awards because we are a leading center for architecture and design in the UAE, but the tangible evidence of our impact is the success of our graduates, students and faculty members.”
He added, “Every year, the exhibition offers us an opportunity to reflect on the role of the college in shaping the UAE into a thriving center for architecture, art and design. Fostering local design talent who are able “To compete on the global stage, the college has made a huge impact in the creative industry in the UAE. I can confidently predict what this year ‘s graduates will achieve as they go their own way.”
Among this year’s graduates is architecture student Sarah Al-Dulaimi, an Iraqi-British whose project “echo machine” explores sabkha, or salt, in the UAE. She explored the use of salt coming from local sources, as a building material, to create landscapes and lush gardens, which included wildlife and plants.
“The approach to education in architecture and design at university is very competitive and comprehensive, and during my third year of study I actually thought about leaving the field,” she said. “But after talking to my teachers, I was persuaded to be patient until I saw that my efforts bore fruit.”
Al-Dulaimi excelled until he was awarded the “Sheikh Khalifa Scholarship for Distinguished Academic Achievement”, which includes full tuition and laboratory fees as well as university accommodation fees in her final year of study. I then graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture. Today, she can obtain a professional license from the National Board of Architectural Accreditation in the United States. After graduation, she intends to continue her postgraduate studies in architecture abroad.
As for the Jordanian student, Mai Ayman Awad, she graduated with a BA degree in Visual Communication. Her passion and interest in art and design, which began in early childhood, made her take advantage of the opportunity to study a wide range of fields, such as intercultural communication and the history of science and technology, through the university education system, providing students with basic skills in critical analysis, problem solving and creativity. She said: “The college gave me the opportunity to enroll in a range of courses in design, animation, art and many more, which prompted me to explore other different fields of art that are not necessarily related to my degree.”
The impact of American-style education has been evident in Awad’s work on Six Degrees, including a clay animation inspired by Greta Thunberg’s famous speech at the United Nations in 2019, and a children’s storybook that encourages generations of young people to explore different historical visual styles. In ancient royal costumes, through Mesopotamia, ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire.
With the opening of the exhibition, the College of Architecture, Art and Design award for the best Faculty Professor was given, based on a student nomination, Camilo Cerro, for excellence in architecture education, Dr. College. Students were also awarded 24 awards, in recognition of their academic achievement. The Dean of the College, which is the highest award for academic excellence, was awarded to architecture student Sarah El-Shaar, interior design students Lama Shadeed and Noura . Al-Hafezi, multimedia design student Alaa Abdel Nabi and Mai Awwad visual communication student Katrina Halaseh, design management student and Yara Ibrahim, urban planning student.
The MAD Award, which stands for Motivation, Behavior and Dedication, was given to students: Sahel Rata (Architecture), Tala Hassan (Interior Design), Alaa Abdel Nabi (Threatened Media Design), Marwa El Imam (Visual Communication) and Noah Franco (Visual Communication). Department of Design), and Abubakar Ibragimov (Urban Planning). Dania Dara and Bayan Al-Masry received the Dean’s Service Award. Students selected Hala Al-Ani, an assistant professor in college, to receive the Education Excellence Award.
Nadine Abdel Fattah, Sidra El Sayed, and Racine Burnie were also awarded the Dean Award for Organizational Leadership Services Example, University Service, Expanding College Goals, Citizenship, and Society Contributions.

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