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Aman- A “special and unconventional gift” is a requirement that preoccupies many people when they plan to choose or present it, and is one of the beautiful and well-known ideas lately, and some are inclined to present it with the idea of ​​a “health basket”, which is attractively coordinated, which adds joy to the heart of the gifted, whether friend or patient, whether between spouses in the workplace and others.

There are those who think about preparing the basket themselves, starting with choosing, buying and filling it with healthy foods, but others prefer to use a store that specializes in coordinating the gifts of “health baskets”.

A healthy basket is a gift that expresses perfection and joy (Al-Jazeera)

Healthy basket..a gift of perfection and joy

“Healthy basket … gift of perfection and joy.” With these words Omaima expressed her passion and work in preparing gifts “health basket”. Omaima explains the idea of ​​these baskets, saying, “Choosing a healthy basket is a gift that expresses the person’s interest and love for the recipient, especially since it is unconventional.”

Omaima implemented many healthy food baskets for those around her and gained their admiration, which encouraged her to develop the idea and get requests by creating her own social media project called “Mima, s shop”.

Omaima explains that she prepares healthy baskets of various sizes, including small, medium and large ones, indicating that she receives requests for gifts presented on special occasions and holidays, as well as for patients in hospitals and homes.

7- From health baskets prepared by Omaiya Tayseer - (Al-Jazeera)
One of the health baskets prepared by Omaima Tayseer and can be presented as a gift to friends (Al-Jazeera)

Choose the basket and foods

Omaima prepares the healthy basket one day before delivery, first selects the basket and takes care to decorate it with cloth and ribbon appropriately. Prepares the fruits by washing them well and then drying them well with water.

Omaima explains that she consults with applicants about the choice of food and beverage basket, as there are people who want to send to friends or patients, while a girl wants to surprise her parents by sending her a gift that brings joy to their hearts . early in the morning, and some people are also interested in sending a gift that includes healthy diet foods (Keto) to know that the recipient is following this diet.

Omaima harmoniously coordinates healthy foods in the basket and wraps it with a transparent cover, thus satisfying the heart of the recipient (Al-Jazeera)

healthy basket ingredients

She explains the ingredients of some healthy baskets, as they include small “snacks” (snacks) that include toasted bread, or brown bread, dairy and pickles, as well as add fruits, vegetables, natural juices, jam, butter and peanuts.

She adds that you can add “labneh balls dipped in oil”, and healthy nuts like: raisins, apricots and almonds, as well as dark chocolate, vegetables and dried fruits.

Omaima harmoniously coordinates healthy foods in the basket, wrapping it with a transparent cover, so that it looks “delicious” and satisfies the heart of the recipient.

8- Omaima coordinates healthy foods in the basket harmoniously with each other - (Al-Jazeera)
It is important to harmoniously coordinate healthy foods in the basket (Al-Jazeera)

Omaima says of the much-needed fruits in healthy baskets, that “bananas and apples of all kinds: green, red, yellow, orange, kiwi, pears and seasonal fruits like dates, strawberries and mangoes”. He is the most wanted.

To the healthy basket is added Ayran (Shanina) milk with mint or cucumber, cherry tomatoes (small) and white cheese, which indicates that there are those who are looking for boiled vegetables or salads and natural juices, such as beets and others. .

Omaima confirms that there is a demand for healthy gift baskets, especially since they are distinguished from rose and chocolate baskets by their health benefits for the person being introduced, and there are those who seek to add some roses to the basket. , or add a special gift that mediates healthy foods.

** For internal use only ** 1- Clinical Nutritionist Aya Murad - (Al Jazeera) _auto_x2
Aya Murad: The gift of a healthy basket is one of the beautiful ideas and contributes to reminding the individual of the need to take care of his health (Al-Jazeera)

A rich basket of communal green thyme

Clinical nutritionist Aya Murad argues that the idea of ​​presenting a healthy basket gift is one of the beautiful ideas that has a health benefit and contributes to reminding the individual of the need to take care of his or her health.

It turns out that there are many healthy foods that we can prepare in the healthy basket, such as providing thyme leaves for breakfast and we can add them to a dish that includes red tomatoes, lemons and sumac; These leaves contribute to a better immunity and provide the body with a kind of “folic acid”. Thyme leaves also help increase the absorption of iron and B12, in addition to treating respiratory diseases like asthma.

The specialist says: “In general, the leaves are very useful for the body and it is recommended to include them in meals, such as. watermelon containing omega-3 and added to a salad with the rest of the vegetables.

“Lettuce is useful for rehydrating the body, because it is rich in ammonia and its great benefit lies in the white leg, as well as in cabbage.”

** For internal use only ** 4- Milk, pickles and nuts can be added to the healthy basket - (Al-Jazeera)
Milk, pickles and nuts can be added to the healthy basket (Al Jazeera)

Healthy foods for patients

Bananas are foods rich in potassium and they can be added to the healthy basket, according to specialist Aya Murad. She points out how to get calcium optimally, using banana peel, after it is boiled in water and when it cools, we add it to cooking water or tea, as it contains a high percentage of calcium.

The specialist emphasizes the need to pay attention to proper healthy nutrition for patients, such as patients with diabetes, heart or kidney disease, or a person suffering from high blood pressure.

The specialist noted the necessity of constant consumption of vitamin C in our lives and fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C: kiwi, sweet and colored green peppers, in addition to orange.

Aya Murad recommends choosing reddish green leaves, like red cabbage, red purslane and kale, and they are added to salad dressings.

She adds: “Cocoa has a great benefit for the body, as it lowers the levels of harmful cholesterol and can be added to the healthy basket, or choose dark chocolate that contains minerals that are good for the body, such as potassium and zinc.”

5- Letters are very useful for the body and it is recommended to include them in meals - (Al-Jazeera)
Dried fruits and leaves are very useful for the body and it is recommended to include them in meals (Al-Jazeera)

Nuts and dairy

Specialist Aya Murad mentions types of healthy nuts such as: almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds and pumpkin, which contain zinc and magnesium.

Dairy can be added to the healthy basket, such as: Jerash, Shanklish and Cheddar (the older the better). Homemade pickles are also very beneficial, and contain beneficial bacteria.

As for the licorice drink, she says: “It is an alternative to cortisone and is bought from Al-Attar, then its feet are ground into powder and water is added to it. “It is very useful for pregnant women and girls suffering from polycystic ovaries and for people who have muscle problems.”

The benefit of ginger also mentions that it contains large amounts of vitamin B6, while garlic and lemon are an alternative to aspirin to dilute the blood and they can be added to healthy basket ingredients.

The specialist suggests equipping the basket with a bottle filled with eucalyptus oil, as this oil has many benefits and its drops can be added to the “cup” and absorbed, which contributes to the effective expansion of the bronchi.

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