“Biden Force One” .. Everything you need to know about the “White Flying House”

After thirty years of missions, Air Force One is preparing for retirement, as it will prepare a new “Air Force One” for President Joe Biden.

While “Air Force One” is just a nickname for any aircraft carrying the US president, the phrase is often used to refer to two famous white and blue Boeing 747s.

On the side of this Air Force One, writes “United States of America”.

From Hollywood to news networks, the current Air Force One has made frequent appearances with presidents on most of their travels, with two even at a facility at Andrews Air Force One, ensuring the president has a spare aircraft.

According to the US website Insider, the current modified version of the commander-in-chief Boeing 747 – known in the Air Force as the VC-25A – is preparing for retirement after serving five presidents for nearly three decades.

It’s time for the Flying White House to usher in a new era of aircraft, with President Biden’s next-generation aircraft flying the Boeing 747-8, in the same way as the old Boeing 747 passenger aircraft. are retired.

Designed as the VC-25B, the new aircraft is larger and more efficient than its predecessor.

Features of the new “Biden Force One” aircraft.

Compared to the current Air Force One, the 747-8 is a major technological step forward, and at 67 meters long, it is the longest passenger aircraft in the world.

Although the modifications to the aircraft are hidden, according to the Simple Flying website, they include improved communications, missile defense systems and sensors to turn the aircraft into a flying white house.

The wide upper cabin gives 20% more space, its interior space is larger than a basketball court, and the wide carbon fiber wings tilt at a 37-and-a-half degree angle, allowing the aircraft to not only fly faster, but also to raise and lower on shorter tracks.

Four new generation GE engines also generate enough power to reach 1 Mach, making it the fastest passenger aircraft on Earth.

Trump’s proposal for Air Force One

For the new aircraft, former President Donald Trump proposed a more luxurious and modern design, proposing a large bed instead of two single folding beds, a larger TV and more seating space.

In order for the new aircraft to meet high military standards, the technicians will integrate advanced communication technologies while at the same time changing the interior design and transforming it into a luxurious VIP cabin.

Dr Jeff Underwood, of the U.S. National Air Force Museum, said: “Air Force One serves as a command center because we have a lot of military equipment and other classified equipment, but the new aircraft is equipped with more systems. good and is a masterpiece. “

The cost of the US president’s plane

Defense One noted the significant cost of the aircraft, saying that despite the joint efforts of the Air Force and the administration of former President Trump, the total aircraft program is set to cost $ 5.3 billion.

This price includes the purchase of the aircraft – about $ 800 million, if purchased new, which it is not – plus a complete interior design, special modifications and a new hangar at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland.

Trump managed to lower the price of the program from $ 4.4 billion to $ 3.9 billion, but that did not include everything.

Boeing keeps secret the exact cost of the aircraft, according to Defense One. The latest Air Force One replacement program, which began under President Ronald Reagan and ended during the administration of George HW Bush, cost only $ 660 million.

The insider stressed that Boeing will not build the new Air Force One from scratch, and in fact, will practically buy the used aircraft.

As with most aircraft, the two new aircraft will only operate for 20 to 30 years, according to Defense One. The current VC-25A will be replaced just over three decades after its first flights with Bosch in 1990 and 1991.

The time coincides with the time when most jumbo jets retire from airlines and freight carriers worldwide.

The new Air Force One aircraft can fly non-stop on almost any continent inhabited by Washington, but can not be refueled in the air, which is available on the current aircraft but is said to have never been used, except in the Hollywood movie “Air Force One.”

The 5,900 nautical-mile range of aircraft should enable the president to fly non-stop from Washington to places as far away as Tokyo, Riyadh and Tel Aviv.

The planes are scheduled to enter service in 2024 and Biden will be the first commander-in-chief to fly on the new presidential plane and if he decides to run again that year and succeeds, he will have four full years to go. passed by plane. and not a few months at the end of his presidency.

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