“Zatar” … Istanbul table in Soho, London

Chef Ezra Muslow … From fashion design to the kitchen

“Zaatar” is an Arabic name and the restaurant is Turkish, why? Thus began the dialogue with chef Ezra Muslow at her new restaurant in the Soho area of ​​London and the answer was: “Thyme is an herb found in the Turkish mountains and is considered one of the most delicious herbs used in fish. dishes, while in the Levant it is used with olive oil. ”

After resolving the name of the restaurant “Zahter” or “Zahter”, we had to meet this talented chef who came to London at the age of 18 to study fashion design at the University of London Fashion, and lived in the house of a widow named Bettina Harris, a very beautiful relationship was established between Ezra and the owner of the large house and cooking was the cause of the consolidation of this relationship which lasted for many years.

Ezra comes from a family from Istanbul who loves to cook and eat, and living with a woman skilled in cooking made her remember cooking with her parents in Turkey, and she learned a lot from Harris, who owned a large herb garden, and this. made Ezra recalculate for her future career and her passion defeated in Cooking for her love of fashion, she is today one of the brightest culinary stars in Turkey and Europe.

The restaurant building has been a clothing store in the past and deserves to be described and written about because it is truly impressive. the corner that separates two small streets, small tables outside and blue doors, drawing in the wind. waves of the Aegean sea, you sit on it to eat and enjoy the vision of chef Ezra and her assistants, preparing dishes before your eyes, the restaurant consists of two additional floors, the upper floor is dedicated to cooking education and holidays. And in special cases, this is in short the building that Chief Ezra says he is the one who found it and not the other way around, as she asked the real estate office she works with to find a building with windows giant. brings natural light from every angle, and so it happened, and Paul called him from the office to inform him that he Dream building is located in one of the most beautiful areas of London where kitchens compete, attracting tourists and locals.

Beautiful table in the colors of the sea and behind it the oven used to prepare bread and numerous dishes

Chef Ezra held very high positions and owned many restaurants in Istanbul, owned shares in the “Soho House” restaurants in Istanbul and London and worked together with the renowned chef Yotam Otlongi, who was able to change in a short period of time. the British perspective on the idea of ​​eating in the “open buffet” way and introduced them to Middle Eastern salads that depend on grilled vegetables and various and unusual sauces.

She decided to move to live permanently in London and sold a portion of her shares in “Soho House”, and wanted to get a new single experience at a similar restaurant, serving dishes that depend on the recipes of her grandmother and mother. but in a modern and elegant way of presentation.

The menu includes 22 dishes and varies and changes with the seasons, everything in the restaurant comes from Turkey. Chef Ezra focuses on her dishes to taste in first grade and the beautiful way of presenting. It starts the festival of eating with Turkish mezza and a piece of bread prepared in the wood oven in front and served with labne and wild green thyme, then comes the artichoke dish filled with brown rice and another dish consisting of three pieces of dough covered with beef and tomato sauce. top a little yogurt and kofta is a story in itself because the aroma of spices in it makes you forget the Turkish grills you have tasted before This dish is served with bean salad with tomatoes and onions, with plenty of lemon and olives. oil. All dishes are suitable for gourmets who prefer to eat the Spanish method “tapas”, which allows a person to taste and share more than one taste and dish.

Other dishes we noticed were smoked eggplant with chili jam and fried garlic, as well as fried shrimp with garlic and pepper butter.

We caught a pretty weird dish because it looks like labneh, but it tastes a little sweet because of the sunflower seeds sweetened on top.

Turkish Chef Ezra Muslu – A fresh bread to try

Chef Ezra describes her cuisine as traditional because it relies on originality in recipes, but some see it as a complex kitchen and the reason is that she learned new techniques from other chefs and people skilled in preparing street food. Specially decorated with rice, this dish is delicious but difficult to eat because you have to reach the bottom to eat the artichoke heart.

Do not leave the restaurant without enjoying the baklava that Chef Ezra prepares in her restaurant, as it is already delicious and fresh, prepared even before you, not forgetting the Turkish coffee served in beautiful cups that Ezra has brought from Istanbul.

And for Chef Ezra’s favorite dish, she says she is a fan of simple foods. A piece of fresh bread with thyme and cheese is the most delicious thing you can eat and whenever she visits her family in Istanbul, “Tulumi” cheese is made from goat, which takes two years to prepare after being put in the heat. High underground, in terms of the dish you prefer to cook is fish, because you can master its flavors and each recipe depends on the shape. of the dish on which the fish is served and here she was very excited about the arrival of a new design for the dishes you will use in the new fish recipe.

– Briefly Chief Ezra Muslow

A chef from Istanbul, who studied fashion design only to discover that her true passion was cooking, moved to London at the age of 18 to study culinary arts at the University of Melbourne, Australia.

She returned to Istanbul to open her first restaurant in 2007, which she called “Moresh”, and through it fought many partnerships in “Soho House Istanbul” and “Shorditch House”, as well as joined the team of Chef Yotam Otolongi to take over the position of chef in his restaurant. . She wanted to be independent at work, so she opened her first London restaurant in Soho, London, three months ago, and named it “Zahter”.

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