Zahrat Al Khaleej – Nissan Pathfinder 2022 Bold design and powerful performance


In Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and the Western Region, Nissan cars announced the availability of the new Nissan Pathfinder 2022, with its bold design, at its exhibits across the Emirates of Abu Dhabi. The announcement came after the official launch of fifth-generation SUVs in Middle Eastern markets, and the new 2022 model retains the touches of the past, backed by a name badge that has written a legacy of more than 35 years. , in an extension. from the strong capabilities that characterize previous models, as it was completely redesigned. The exterior of the car is packed with a package of mechanical and technological improvements; To meet the growing needs of families in the region.

Regarding the selection of Abu Dhabi as the first city to witness the launch of this car, Bashir Jameel, General Manager of Nissan Sales, said: “The Nissan Pathfinder is one of the desirable cars that is very popular in Abu Dhabi, especially with adventures and emotions. lovers, as it embodies a wonderful blend between the design and powerful performance of this technologically advanced family car in the SUV segment, comes the all-new version of (Pathfinder); To preserve the touches of its ancestors, mixed with the spirit of adventure, to elevate the driving experience of its owners to higher levels. Its design, which combines the past and the present, is gaining popularity due to the use of Nissan Intelligent Mobility features; To distinguish itself from its peers from other brands. The new design of “Pathfinder 2022” reflects the features of power and high performance, which is reflected in the powerful front of the car, which is characterized by larger dimensions, a wider body and reinforced fender and a longer distance short between wheels. and the front and rear of the car, compared to the previous model. The new model is available in three classes: S-Class (manual transmission or Xtronic), (Xtronic) SV and Sport (Xtronic) SL, each with an interior design that gives passengers a sense of comfort, luxury, performance and capabilities . The all-new fifth-generation model pays homage to the original “Pathfinder 1987”, through design elements including protruding wheel fenders, a three-slit grille and a sloping C-pillar. The U-shaped designs are located on the fender, giving the car an impression of power, while the dual-power exterior mirrors and LED side signs offer a special touch of elegance. At the rear, the wide LED lights wrap around the sides, highlighting the modernity of the model, and the electric rear door, which is powered by movement, refers to the gorgeous design of the first-generation “Pathfinder”, in addition to the logo that appears in large chrome letters.

The distinctive design of the modern Nissan Pathfinder and its standard 18-inch aluminum alloy wheels, also available in 20-inch sizes, give SUVs a special and unique look. Along with the dim daytime running lights.

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On the other hand, the interior design of the car reflects the new and powerful improvements that give the impression of comfort, where the driver and passengers enjoy a spacious and modern design that enhances comfort and versatility, with the possibility of cooling and heating the front. seats and a driver’s seat that allows electric adjustment in eight modes, which contains four positions for the lower back, plus two-position electrical adjustment for the front passenger seat. The Pathfinder can accommodate 8 passengers, while the SL model can accommodate 7 passengers, as well as the EZ FLEX® seating system, which allows the second row to tilt and slide even if the car seat is attached to it, made this design suitable for all family members.

The list of distinctive features of the car includes a new 12.3-inch digital instrument panel, which allows the driver a variety of options for easy navigation between data and the NissanConnect® system, with Apple CarPlay®, Android Auto ™, and Apple . CarPlay® and a charging pad are offered as standard features. Cordless smartphones. Complementing the digital instrument panel is the 12-speaker Bose® Premium Audio audio system, along with a 10.8-inch driver-assist head display, available in SL Sport gear.

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Discovery of the new Pathfinder car model in the Middle East; To consolidate the position of Nissan SUVs and increase the popularity of the intelligent mobility features and modern technologies it offers, such as the PROPILOT ASSIST system; To reduce driver burden by limiting acceleration, steering and braking in specific driving conditions, such as driving on single-lane motorways in addition to the 360 ​​Safety Shield; To provide added protection.

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