Turkey announces the date of the transfer of the discovered gas to the apartments. What will be the prices?

Deputy Prime Minister Fuat Oktay and Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Fatih Donmez visited the natural gas processing facilities in the Kaykuma region of the Turkish Black Sea state of Zonguldak in the north.

Deputy Chairman Fuat Oktay, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Fatih Donmez and General Director of TPC Mitihan Bilgin, conducted inspection visits and monitored the ongoing operation of the natural gas processing plant in Port Filios in Kaykuma district of Zonguldak state.

Inspect the port and facility

During the inspection tour, Oktay and Donmez, who initially inspected the port area and the facility by helicopter from the air, made statements after the tour.

According to what was translated from the page “Turkey Urgent”, Oktay has stated that the Filios project is a project that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is personally pursuing.

He added that natural gas production has entered the second phase of gas extracted from drilled wells. Where the fields are connected by a pipe to the main line that runs here.

He also said that work is underway on the Türkali-2 well from the Fatih ship, 170 kilometers from here (the location of the facility).

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“Al-Fateh continues to work in a new well”

In a statement, Energy and Natural Resources Minister Fatih Donmez said the Al-Fateh gas search vessel continues to operate on a new well. Donmez continued his speech as follows:

The defensive work continues on this line 170 kilometers. The third stage is the objects behind us.

When we came with the boss, there was nothing here. Here he has started laying the foundations and the foundation laid last year is expected to be completed very soon in the first quarter of next year, approaching step by step the final stage.

What are we going to do here? There are very dangerous objects here. We said it is 3500 hectares, an area where natural gas is processed coming from wells, where glycols, water and others are separated and dried. “Fortunately, this country is going according to plan.”

Gas extracted from the Black Sea will be in the kitchens of citizens in the first quarter of 2023.

Oktay continued his statements that the gas extracted in the first quarter of 2023 will be present as natural gas in the kitchens of citizens in Turkey. Oktay continued as follows:

The final step is the compression phase of the gas produced. Today, we have reviewed the project in great detail with all of our related units. From here I want to convey the good news to every citizen of Turkey that in the first quarter of 2023, the gas extracted from the Black Sea will be turned into gas that will be burned in their kitchens. And I tell you this with confidence. “

“An amazing experience and technology created”

Explaining that great technology and expertise came into play during the works, Oktay said:

“It’s a great project, the team is great and we’re seeing a project where brain drain is back. We are talking about a big project where more than 100 engineers, managers and experts in their field from all over the world returned to Turkey and continued this project.

Our new friends in Turkey are also talking about this. A great experience and technology appeared in which everyone turned into a great team and the experience gained from here can be used in international operations, not only in Turkey, but also in the exploration of natural gas and oil, as well as in drilling and extraction. operations in other countries.

“We see the technologies that our engineers have developed here in cases where this is not enough. And we see that the giants of the world have also begun to use these technologies. “

Minister Donmez: We want to bring this gas to our people on the centenary of our republic

On the other hand, Minister Donmez said that many unprecedented works are being carried out underground and under water.

We also have some boats filling places and we started laying the first pipes from the shore on June 10th.

The first 5-10 kilometers, the service will be performed by different ships. After that, our platform will arrive in Turkey, which will lay the pipelines on the deep side of the sea in July. We hope to bring this gas to our people in the first quarter of the centenary of our republic. “

“4 thousand 200 people work”

4200 people are employed, said Donmes, “We have 4200 employees on land and at sea. A large part of them are our employees. This is one of the biggest projects not only in Turkey but also in the world now under construction.

Considering the rough waves of the Black Sea, the last hydrophilic and the formation that is 170 kilometers off the coast, with a depth of 2000 meters from the sea, we have done a very difficult thing. Task together, with sincerity and willpower. We have friends who work willingly. “They are the real heroes, our secret heroes.”

New prices 2023

Turkish sources said that Turkey relies heavily on Russian and Iranian gas and that with the first quarter of 2023 gas prices will witness a significant drop in prices with the start of Turkish gas flowing from the Black Sea.

President Erdogan had previously stated that the discovered gas would be enough for Turkey and meet its needs, significantly reducing foreign demand and saving currency.

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