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Nasr Madinet for Housing and Development, which is one of the largest companies working in the field of urban development and real estate in Egypt, offers one of its largest and most recent projects, Sarai Compound, which offers a new concept of modern life through enthusiasm for the great diversity between its residential units and the creation of a new concept of luxury life through which you can choose between many different things and different services and facilities, living in Sarai Complex you will be able to discover more and more different aspects of being that every day is full of happiness and luxury.

Nasr Madinet for Housing and Development has been eager to provide everything you need in one place through its Saray project, to serve as an integrated residential complex that includes all the services and amenities in one place..

Sarai Complex

The developing company has been inclined to make its project a different model from the usual residential projects, through its desire to build it on a large surface and in a distinctive location.:

The Sarai complex was created on a large area of ​​1400 hectares, which is more than 5 million and 500 thousand square meters..

This large space helped to incorporate the Saray project into various housing units

different between:

  • appartments.
  • twin.
  • double house.
  • Town house.
  • villas.
  • commercial units.
  • studios.

The company was keen to make the largest area in the design of green spaces, lakes, various facilities and services.

Regarding the remaining area of ​​the project, which did not exceed 20% of the total area, it was allocated for apartments in different housing units, which guarantees residents the highest degree of privacy, comfort and security..

Large area or different units is not the only factor that allows you to choose only your new housing unit, but the location of your housing project is one of the most important factors contributing to the decision to buy and invest in a new one. housing units. in it. The most important basics on which you can choose your housing unit, and in the following lines we will learn about the location of the Sarai Complex.

Location of the Sarai Complex

Nasr Madinet for Housing and Development chose a key location for his Saray project, as he was keen to establish his project in New Cairo, which stood out as a bastion of high-end residential projects.:

  • Easy access from Cairo-Suez road.
  • The project is only 15 minutes away from the ring, so you can move between different places very easily.
  • As for the American University, which is one of the busiest places in New Cairo, you can reach it within 10 minutes..
  • The new administrative capital can be reached in just 5 minutes.

Saraj SarajNew Cairo

Nasr Madinet for Housing and Development did not establish the Sarai Complex in a single system and form. Rather, she was inclined to divide her project into several small areas and phases, each of which is characterized by a different set of residential or commercial units, and we will learn about them in turn in the following paragraphs.:

Serial units

The first area is the Saraj area and that area includes a group of units that differ between them:


  • The number of bedrooms in villas starts from four bedrooms.
  • The number of bathrooms varies from four to five.
  • While the space of the villas starts from 260 m² to 295 m².

Saray Apartments

  • The surface of the apartments in Sarai starts from 72 m to 240 m.
  • As for the number of rooms in it, it varies from one bedroom to four bedrooms.
  • The apartments also have a number of bathrooms, ranging from one to four bathrooms.


  • Duplex space ranges from 329 square meters to 343 square meters.
  • In terms of number of rooms, it starts from four bedrooms.
  • The number of bathrooms in duplex units varies from four to six bathrooms.

Backgammon units

As for the Taval area, it includes apartments and duplexes and we find that it contains:

Taval Apartments

  • Apartment areas in Tafal range from 72 m² to 182 m².
  • The number of rooms varies from one to four bedrooms.
  • While the number of bathrooms varies from one to four bathrooms.

Duplex for sale in Tafal

  • The number of duplexes starts from four bedrooms.
  • As for the number of bathrooms, we find that it varies from four to five bathrooms.
  • We find that duplex areas range from 329 square meters to 343 square meters.

crown units

This stage in the Sarai Complex includes only apartments, so we find it too:

  • The area of ​​the apartments varies from 61 square meters to 181 square meters.
  • As for the bathrooms, they range from one to three bathrooms.
  • The number of rooms in the apartments varies from one to three bedrooms.

Arena Strip Mall Units

You can have your shopping unit at Arena Strip Mall located in the Sarai Complex,

It includes shops with an area ranging from 41 square meters to 284 square meters.

Once we are familiar with the different areas and stages involved in the Sarai Complex, in the following paragraphs we will also learn about unit prices in it..

Sarai Complex New Cairo Awards

In the following lines we will look at the average unit prices in the Saray project:

  • Prices for studio apartments vary in:Sarai Complex From 834 thousand 712 Egyptian pounds to one million 18.255 Egyptian pounds.
  • Sarai Compound apartment prices range from 1 million and 111,780 EGP to 3 million and 716,455 EGP..
  • While duplex prices start from 3 million 551 617 EGP to 3 million 730 484 EGP..
  • Sarai Compound also includes Twin House units, the price of which starts from 6 million 121,221 EGP and goes up to 8 million 434,799 EGP..
  • The price of housing units in the city starts from 4 million to 701,976 EGP and reaches from 6 million EGP to 835,519 EGP..
  • The Saray project also includes villas, the price of which starts from 3 million 102,697 Egyptian pounds and up to 9 million 61,800 Egyptian pounds..

Units in the Saray project are not limited to residential units, but also include commercial units:

  • The unit price starts at 1,541,277 EGP, and goes up to 10,689,598 EGP.

Payment and payment systems

Nasr Madinet for Development and Housing has offered many payment systems from which customers can choose, respectively:

  • 5% down payment and installments over 10 years.
  • 10% down payment and installments over 6 years.
  • Pay an advance of 12.5% ​​and the rest in installments over 7 years.
  • 5% down payment and installments over 8 years.
  • No advance and installments over 4 years.

Characteristics of Sarai Composition

A large and large complex the size of the Sarai Complex, we can not easily list its many features and services, but we will try to explain some of them now in this article.:

  • Various sports fields for all types of sports.
  • Kindergartens and children’s parks.
  • Large spaces for restaurants and cafes that offer the best and best types of service and food.
  • The housing units are designed with the latest systems of modern technology to be all (Smart Home), where you can control your home through the phone and its applications.
  • Fully equipped hospitals and medical clinics serving residents 24 hours a day.
  • Excellent international schools for all levels of education.
  • The most famous five star hotels in the world.
  • A large hypermarket that serves the complex all the time.
  • Allocation of 50 thousand square meters of artificial lakes.
  • A horse stable in an area of ​​2600 square meters.
  • Fantastic designs for the facades of residential buildings.
  • European and oriental style merge.
  • Erection of facades in a place not close or opposite.
  • Extensive green spaces to maintain calm and relaxation.
  • Residential areas are free from anything that causes concern to residents.
  • Artificial lakes and crystal lagoons.

Please note that all prices are constantly updated according to market changes and the vision of the real estate company developing the project, and if you would like to receive the latest updates on available units, spaces and prices, Click here.

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