Psychological and physical changes affecting pregnancy and fetus

Most pregnant women know the extent to which the fetus is affected by what the mother eats or drinks during pregnancy, the degree to which she is safe from disease, and her general health, but what some do not know is that. The growth of the fetus is influenced by the psychological state of the pregnant mother, and the way she feels during pregnancy, starting from puberty of the fetus. The sixth month and more, and this is confirmed by many studies and psychological research.
In the following report we learn about the impact of love, sadness and psychological pressure … and the impact of some physical problems and diseases on both the pregnant woman and the fetus. Meeting and mental health expert, Dr. Fatima Asaad:

Feelings of joy and anger during pregnancy

The feeling of happiness, peace and stability .. on the part of the pregnant woman
  • The feeling of happiness, calmness and stability on the part of the pregnant woman, enables the child to grow and develop in a calm and happy environment during pregnancy, and it is known that there are many feelings that affect the psyche of the pregnant woman. starting with the joy of the news of the pregnancy, the happiness with the stability of the planned pregnancy, and the state of ensuring the safety and continuity of the pregnancy.
  • There are feelings of anger, some of which reflect the effect of hormonal changes during pregnancy, in addition to pregnancy-related concerns such as being overweight and heavy movements, nausea, vomiting and back pain, which affect the development of feelings of anger and anxiety.
  • There is fear due to over-thinking about pregnancy, such as fear and anxiety about giving birth to a sick or disabled child, or anxiety about dying at birth, which requires a doctor’s reassurance and warning to be careful; To prevent increased pain or fear.
  • Feelings of sadness as well .. Probably because the pregnant woman feels disappointed about the failure of a plan related to the time of arrival of a new baby, or because of the poor care given to the fetus and then the expected child as a result . of illness, in addition to increased sensitivity, excessive love, and the desire to await the arrival of the new child.
  • Love: Feelings of love are strongly and effectively linked to the hormone oxytocin … which is called the “love hormone”. This hormone promotes uterine contractions during childbirth and is present in both mother and baby immediately after birth.

Reasons for changing the psychology of the pregnant woman

The mood of a pregnant woman is constantly changing
  • The psyche of a pregnant woman is constantly changing for several reasons, including:
  • Hormones: The production of hormones increases during pregnancy, like progesterone and estrogen, which can affect the senses and the mind’s ability to monitor these sensations; What leads to emotional instability and sadness.
  • Stress: There is no doubt that the progress of pregnancy causes additional pressure on the expectant mother; Due to the psychological changes that follow, and a state of anxiety and tension about issues related to pregnancy and postpartum.
  • Among these responsibilities are … finances, housing, medical care, the future and other things that can psychologically distance the pregnant woman from caring for the pregnancy and caring for the fetus and consequently the inability to control these emotions.

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The physical changes and emotional health of a pregnant woman

Emotional health is part of a pregnant woman’s health
  • Pregnancy-related physical changes cause; As a result of the increase in the size of the child, it affects the mental and physical health of the pregnant woman, bringing disturbances to normal emotions.
  • Also, the pregnant woman does not get enough sleep due to fatigue, anxiety or stress. As a result of prolonged work at home or abroad, it affects both the physical and psychological health of the pregnant woman.
  • Emotional health is also part of a pregnant woman’s health; If the expectant mother feels satisfied and in good health, she will be able to better cope with stress and stress, maintain intercourse and thus enjoy pregnancy and life.
  • Here emotional care for the pregnant woman is recommended by those around her, which presents many benefits to the mother and baby at the same time; Because the baby is exposed to everything the mother faces from the sounds around her, the food she eats and the air she inhales.

The effect of the psychological state of the pregnant woman on the fetus

The stress hormone is transmitted to the baby through the placenta
  • If a pregnant woman feels constantly and chronically stressed and anxious, her body produces too much cortisol or stress hormone, which is transmitted to the baby through the placenta and if exposed to it constantly, it is likely to end in premature birth.
  • A large number of pregnant women suffer from depression, as it is estimated that about 10% of pregnant women feel depressed and this is not in the interest of the fetus and can negatively affect it later in life.
  • Studies have found that children born to depressed women can become depressed as they grow older, in addition to experiencing emotional barriers.
  • Even if you do not want to get pregnant and you are not happy with the new baby and you feel dissatisfied with the fetus due to the physical pain, this will only make things worse and it causes psychological problems for the baby to continue with. that in childhood.

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