I wish the Secretary would show us a solution! – Saudi News

In the news reported by “Okaz” that there are 9 million people in the world who have been killed by pollution, deteriorating air quality and chemical pollutants, mostly lead, based on a study prepared by researcher Richard Fuller for The Lancet ”. and brings serious heart disease, in addition to cancer, breathing problems and severe diarrhea.He added that the effects on health are still great due to air pollution and chemical products.

I stood in front of this news and saw many pictures of air pollution and places in the city of Jeddah and the diseases that this pollution causes to man, disturbing his life, spending huge funds on treatment, depleting the capacity of hospitals, and take us away from the shores of ambitious vision.

The first photo is garbage containers scattered in residential neighborhoods in front of houses and buildings, on the streets and in front of restaurants. They are ugly and open looking containers. insects and parasites from them. Everything from food and drink and leftovers of meat, fish, oils, vegetables, casual tables, fruits and clothes are thrown in them. Expired medicines, in addition to human waste such as baby diapers and sanitary napkins used by women, and the needs of the sick and sick, even dead animals, are housed in these containers.

Inside it, cats and mice spend their biological needs and enjoy abundant daily meals until the mouse is the size of a cat.

These open containers feed on stray cats, stray dogs and grandmother rats migrating from the slums, sharing with the crows food and drink and everything they want for themselves, and sometimes they wait kite. and well-being.

Large trucks come in these containers, grab them from below and lift them up, pull them, pull them to the chest, squeeze them tightly, squeeze them with extreme violence. Infectious diseases such as pneumonia, itching, fever, etc. heart disease and cancer

This stain remains on the asphalt, grows with the days and its surface is added with the daily passage of the truck and with the process of anchoring, squeezing and squeezing, which is practiced with the container, so that the soil becomes dark, parasitic black. and insects fly over it, a forest of flies and mosquitoes sucking from this free waste to the point of saturation. The one who walks falls on his food, drink, skin and eyes, polluting the air and helping to transmit diseases, causing disasters, diseases, visual pollution and unbearable odors.

Worsens in restaurants, supermarkets and small meals. These open containers may be the only ones of their kind in the world and are used in our streets and the garbage of everything is collected by them while they are still standing and are present in their blackness and ugliness in their appearance and pollution. of their limbs and all their diseases.

There is no maintenance, hygiene or sterilization on them. Inhalation of their fumes is dangerous to public health because of the lead they contain after its interaction inside containers with air temperature to settle in the liver, kidneys, bones, teeth and brain.

The other image of the pollution of the city of Jeddah is the tree of boredom, with its strange appearance and filthy character. She blocked the air outlets, the paths of the sun and the drops of light, embraced the electricity poles, climbed on it and joined it, broke the lanterns, turned off the light and changed its direction, her nests covered it with feathers and stained with her feces, food scraps, and her little ones.

The boredom tree throws small balls like the stinking fruit (which is malignant except for the grimace) on which flies, insects and parasites gather. These seeds turn the green of the tree into a dark brown color. In the eyes, it causes burning and redness, causing tenderness in the airways. This tree releases gases that spread into the atmosphere, activating cancer cells in the human body. The dried leaves and its rotten fruits lie between the broken sidewalks due to it and the scattered potholes of the roads and are mixed with the sewage and waste water of car washing, which drivers practice in front of houses. this hated tree is still teasing, savage, and elongated until every beauty came to the bride, and the Secretariat Officers allow from the clay and the other from the dough, neither the containers provoke them, nor the pusrum bothers them.

I wish Al-Amin Salih to change this reality and order the broken tree to be cut down and fixed, to allow the light poles to illuminate the dark paths, to show us cleverly covered containers and to fine those who use the path to it. wash cars and remove fabric covers (tents) in front of houses.

The slums were removed and allowed Jeddah to live the quality of life.

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