“Girls costume” in defense of beautiful sex with artistic designs

There are three girls who wanted to protect women’s rights and eliminate the stigma of weakness that usually prints on them, through artistic designs that bear the slogan “Girl clothes”.

This phrase usually circulates in our societies to indicate a bad behavior committed by its owner. They subconsciously compare her to a woman, for example, when someone stumbles while driving his car, it says, “She is definitely a woman.” Likewise, when a child begins to cry for one reason or another, his mother tries to discourage him from doing so by igniting the spirit of manhood and saying, “You cry like a girl.” The list of situations in which some use these types of phrases, which in one way or another distort the image of women in general, is long.

This provoked Serena and Aya Minister, who are now university girls working in marketing and art design. They decided to use the expression “girls’ clothes” to beautify the image of women and to stabilize their social status. Serena, a Lebanese specialist in internal engineering, says: “Why are some people trying to use this phrase as a hoax and break the image of women in general?” There are other tasks in which they excelled and demonstrated their ability to succeed in them. . It was clear that we think about it and fix the common mistake that is common among people. “We launched the ‘Girls Costume’ initiative and focused on conveying this message through the art of design.”

Cotton blouses, in addition to patterns and other patterns for removable outer covers, posters, posters and others bearing the expression “girls clothes” today are sold “online” through a website that bears this name. It is very popular with the younger generation, as well as among women who occupy important social positions in the world of politics, medicine, studies, trade, marketing and others. These women, in addition to the rest of their family, promote these designs because of their support for women and to emphasize their effectiveness and impact in Western or Arab societies. The Jordanian ministry explained to Asharq Al-Awsat, “Our goal is to change the meaning of people for this term, which shows that everything we do is below the required level. We are trying to shed light on this technical initiative. women’s abilities in general, as they constitute an essential element in society.We should be proud of our femininity and the tasks we can perform as women.The man here plays an important role to support us and he is a key partner where “We rely on the success of our initiative. They were able to attract a significant segment of successful men in life. They prefer our products over others and buy them as gifts on different occasions.” Zara, who belongs to the Jordanian women’s basketball team, continues: “Some of them present it on Valentine’s Day to show their support for their life partner, and others give it to their children because we design t-shirts for these ages too. . “These people want to educate their children about the importance of this human being and be proud of it instead.”

The initiative managed to establish meanings that benefit women in general, which we see through comments written by followers of the “Zay Girls” page on “Instagram” and others through social networks. The expression “girls clothes” has become a beloved term for many people, reflecting the image of a strong woman instead of a broken and weak woman.

Among these comments is one of Farah, in which she in an Instagram post says: “Being organized and knowing how to solve problems with flexibility, wisdom and love, is the prerogative of a woman. “Running a company, winning international awards and achieving achievements in science, law, engineering, politics and more are things that are not limited to men and we all know that.”

“There are many examples we can cite here to refer to the achievements and successes of women around the world,” Aya says. .in history who changed the face of the world? Or other women who had their influence in the world of humanity, science, thought and the arts? And (girls costume) today reflects all these successful images that are ingrained in our memory in its own way, in a simple and profound way at the same time. ”

Each of the Lebanese Serena, the Jordanian Ministry and Aya, distributes their campaigns in different sections, handing out boxes for pioneer women in the Arab world to be an example to follow. Serena explains: “Every time we choose a group of successful girls from our world and in different fields. And because Zara plays basketball and is a member of the Jordan women’s team, we decided to start our campaign through sport in general. Among them are, for example, Arab sports champions, such as Sherine Abdellawi, Algerian world judo champions. Feryal Ashraf Abdel Aziz is the first Egyptian woman to win a gold medal in an Olympic match. And Ray Bassil, the Lebanese who won many awards in shooting sports, including the World Cup in 2016, has many examples and we always choose bright stars, so they are a model for (girls uniforms) that we aspire to. ”

In support of this campaign, sports teams decided to wear the slogan “Girls’ Uniforms” on their sports shirts as part of a match they are playing. Zara explains: “It is something we are proud of and it motivates us to do our best. “For sports teams from Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and others to contact us to support us by wearing T-shirts with our campaign logo is something that confirms the success of the campaign.”

The institutions of this campaign are counting on their work to develop and their artistic designs bearing the logo “Girls’ Costume”, a well-known brand in the region and in the world.

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