From China to Australia..10 most beautiful train tracks in the world

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Train travel is one of the most civilized ways to get around and get to know a new country. Everyone has their favorite trip, be it the Alps on a cogwheel, or the rooftops of Tokyo on a futuristic Shinkansen espresso.

And train travel is also good for the planet. “If all domestic and intra-EU flights were to be replaced by those lasting less than four hours by train, we would reduce 36 million tonnes of carbon emissions a year,” Naren Sham, founder and CEO, told CNN. travel technology company Omio.

He continued: “Trains are magic. When I travel with one of them, I feel an immediate sense of calm as I look out the window. Trains are also comprehensive because they fit everyone’s needs and if you are lucky, you will sit by a window. , dreaming and enjoying the beautiful scenery. “

Here are 10 amazing trips on the to-do list for every railroad adventurer:

West Highland Railroad, Scotland, MB

Credit: Lukas / Adobe Stock

This wonderful train track has always been at the top of the most amazing trips in the world because of the wonderful views of Scotland that the tourist will enjoy seeing.

With a length of 193 km and from Glasgow to Fort William at the foot of Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the UK, the trip offers the traveler an ever-changing and colorful panoramic view of lakes, valleys, swamps and tranquil mountains .

Do you want more? There is an addition to this 66-mile train line on the west coast of Port Mellage in Scotland, where it stretches into some of the country’s most beautiful lakes and the spectacular Glenfinnan Curved Bridge.

Trans-Iran train line, Iran

The most beautiful train tracks in the world
Credit: Thomas Schulze / picture-alliance / dpa / AP

This road is unknown to many people, though its stunning engineering feat gave it a place on the UNESCO World Heritage List in July 2021, highlighting it as a world-famous site like Machu Picchu and the Galapagos Islands.

This railway connects the Gulf and the Caspian Sea. It opened in 1938, after 11 years of complex construction. Although relatively unknown outside of Iran today, it can be claimed as one of the greatest engineering achievements of the 20th century.

The length of this line is 1394 km, and passes through the cities of Ahvas, Qom and Tehran.

This train route traverses no less than 224 tunnels and nearly 400 bridges and reaches an altitude of 2130 meters on both sides of Tehran.

Gann track, Australia

The most beautiful train tracks in the world
Credit: bennymarty / Adobe Stock

The Australian Outback is great, which is not an environment to be taken lightly.

Fortunately, travelers can enjoy the stunning view of the region from within the Ghan Railway, described as one of the most fascinating rail travel in the world. The train travels 2,979 miles per week across Australia from Adelaide to the south, through Alice Springs, to Darwin in the Northern Territory.

Each trip lasts more than 53 hours and includes long stops at posts such as Coober Pedy to visit remote areas as part of organized stop tours.

Qinghai-Tibet Railway, China

The most beautiful train tracks in the world
Credit: Sino Images / 500px Asia / Getty Images

For centuries, the remote mountain plateau known as the “roof of the world” was intended only for the most adventurous and courageous travelers and adventurers, but the opening of the magnificent Qinghai-Tibet Railway in 2006 allowed permanent connection to the railway network of China.

It is sometimes called the “Paradise Train Line” and its length is 1955 kilometers. It departs from Xining in central China to Lhasa in Tibet, crossing the Tangula Tunnel at an altitude of 5,068 meters above sea level.

The railway, which cost $ 4.2 billion to build, is one of the greatest engineering feats of the early twenty-first century. Challenges included building in an area that is very high and prone to earthquakes, where temperatures are very low, atmospheric pressure is low, and the ground is constantly frozen.

Darjeeling Railway, Himalayas, India

The most beautiful train tracks in the world
Credit: Emad aljumah / Unpublished Moment RF / Getty Images

Nicknamed the “Toy Train”, the railway is a relic of the British Empire and is considered one of the largest railway experiments in the world. It rises approximately 2,134 meters on a 89-kilometer winding road between New Gallegouri and Darjeeling Hill station.

The railway was built between 1879-1881 to provide access to the coldest mountainous regions of Darjeeling in northeastern India, allowing British colonists to escape the stifling heat of Calcutta.

The railway was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1998.

Oslo-Bergen Railway, Norway

The most beautiful train tracks in the world
Credit: MariusLtu / iStockphoto / Getty Images

Travelers in Scandinavia remain confused by what to choose when it comes to scenic rail travel, but the 496-kilometer journey that connects Norway’s two largest cities is undoubtedly the biggest.

The Bergen Railway, which connects Oslo and Bergen on the west coast of the country, was completed in 1909 and traverses Europe’s largest mountain plateau, the Hardangervidda.

Bernina Express, Switzerland

The most beautiful train tracks in the world
Credit: Simone Polattini / Adobe Stock

With countless mountain railways, cable cars, cable cars, postal buses and lake steamers, Switzerland is a Disneyland for transportation enthusiasts. With so many amazing trips available, it’s hard to choose between them. However, the stunning Bernina Express is at the top of the list of tourist attractions in Switzerland.

The Bernina Pass is the highest railway crossing in the Alps, after the ancient trade route. This bridge connects Northern and Southern Europe, different cultures, linguistic traditions, moving from the high mountains and glaciers of the Swiss canton of Graubünden to the palm trees and vineyards of the Valtellina Valley in Italy.

Canadian Railways, Canada

The most beautiful train tracks in the world
Credit: Via the railway

Railways played a key role in the birth of some of the world’s largest nations, clearing large tracts of previously inaccessible land and connecting agricultural lands and forests with cities and coastal ports.

Canada is one of the most prominent examples of railway development and the latest transcontinental train to celebrate the country’s beautiful landscapes.

In four days, covering a distance of 4,463 kilometers, this Via Railroad train connects Toronto and Vancouver, crossing endless forests, lakes and meadows. But if you are heading west, the train offers the best views until the end of the journey as it climbs the rocky mountains to the final stop on the Pacific Coast.

Small yellow train, France

The most beautiful train tracks in the world
Credit: Matteo Scarano / Adobe Stock

High in the Pyrenees, where France’s border with Spain’s Catalonia is foggy, a spectacular railroad rises through narrow, deep valleys in the only French territory on the Iberian Peninsula.

Officially, the Cerdani Railway bears the name of the region in which it operates, but its most common name is the “Little Yellow Train” or even the “Pyrenees Underground”, a reference to its early beginnings as an electric train on the turn of the 20th Century.

The most exciting part of the 63-kilometer route is the passage beyond the impressive fortified city of Villefranche-de-Conflans, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to Odelo von Romo.

Built between 1903 and 1909, it was a stunning achievement of civil engineering, most notably the Pont Gisclad suspension bridge in France.

Trans Alpine Railway, New Zealand

The most beautiful train tracks in the world
Credit: Image Professionals GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo

New Zealand is not an ideal land for trains, but it is certainly home to one of the most amazing rail travel in the world.

TransAlpine connects the global city of Christchurch and Greymouth on the southern island of New Zealand, and the journey takes four and a half hours, covering only 224 kilometers.

The diverse landscape is not spared in the beauty of Canterbury plains, the snow-capped mountains of the Southern Alps and the lakes, streams and forests of the west coast of the island.

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